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Celebrating the Sabbath

Bruce A. Ray

Price: 9.99
Pages: 144
ISBN: 9780875523941
Binding: Paperback
Publication Date: January 2000

This positive look at the Sabbath explains why and how to delight in that day as the opportunity reserved by God for his people to be refreshed in fellowship with him.

"Bruce Rayís book is a wise, balanced, helpful, biblical, and encouragingly fresh look at what the Lordís Day should be for every Christian. His work is meant to instruct, but also to stimulate sound thinking and encourage practical application. Each of these eight readable chapters is followed by questions to deepen the perceptions of the reader and promote a God-pleasing response. I do not know what more could reasonably be asked of a book on this subject."


"A tidal wave of anti-Sabbath influences is crashing against the modern church. . . . Pastor Bruce Ray has made a major effort to shore up our understanding and practice of Sabbath keeping. Celebrating the Sabbath is delightful reading about a recurring day of delight. How we need these principles and wise directions!"


BRUCE A. RAY (B.A., The Master's College; M.Div., Philadelphia Theological Seminary) is Senior Pastor of Juanita Community Church in Kirkland, Washington, and author of Withhold Not Correction.

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