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Here are some great books you won’t want to miss!




New Booklet Series — The Faithful Learning Series

The Faith­ful Learn­ing series invites Chris­t­ian stu­dents to dive deeper into a mod­ern aca­d­e­mic dis­ci­pline. The authors, schol­ars in their fields, believe that aca­d­e­mic dis­ci­plines are good gifts from God that, when under­stood rightly, will give stu­dents the poten­tial to cul­ti­vate a deeper love for God and neigh­bor. Each of these book­lets are $4.99.


1. Soci­ol­ogy by Matthew S. Vos
48 pages
Sum­mary: Christ asks us to be in the world but not of it. Matthew Vos shows us how soci­ol­ogy strength­ens our under­stand­ing of the world’s issues and our rela­tion­ships within it.
2. Phi­los­o­phy by James S. Spiegel
48 pages
Sum­mary: Does phi­los­o­phy have any value for our faith? James Spiegel insists that Chris­tians need phi­los­o­phy to dis­cern wrong ideas and shows us how it can enhance bib­li­cal faith and living.
3. An Invi­ta­tion to Aca­d­e­mic Stud­ies by Jay D. Green
40 pages
Sum­mary: Can aca­d­e­mic study cul­ti­vate and nour­ish our faith, as well as the other way around? Jay Green shows how to embrace aca­d­e­mic study for its poten­tial in study­ing God’s world.
4. Lit­er­a­ture by Clif­ford Foreman
48 pages
Sum­mary: Chris­tians don’t always trust lit­er­a­ture, but God used it to reveal him­self. This explo­ration of lit­er­a­ture and its forms, using respected authors’ exam­ples, shows us its beauty and scrip­tural value.


About the Authors:

Green_Jay Jay D. Green (MA, Trin­ity Evan­gel­i­cal Divin­ity School; PhD, Kent State Uni­ver­sity) has been pro­fes­sor of his­tory at Covenant Col­lege in Look­out Moun­tain, Geor­gia, since 1998. Jay is also the Faith­ful Learn­ing series editor.



Matthew S. Vos (MEd, Uni­ver­sity of Ten­nessee at Vos_MatthewChat­tanooga; PhD, Uni­ver­sity of Ten­nessee at Knoxville) is pro­fes­sor of soci­ol­ogy at Covenant Collge in Look­out Moun­tain, Georgia.



Spiegel_Jim James S. Spiegel (MA, Uni­ver­sity of South­ern Mis­sis­sippi; PhD, Michi­gan State Uni­ver­sity) is pro­fes­sor of phi­los­o­phy and reli­gion at Tay­lor Uni­ver­sity in Upland, Indiana.




Clif­ford W. Fore­man (MA, PhD, Boston Uni­ver­sity) is pro­Foreman_Cliffordfes­sor of Eng­lish and mod­er­a­tor of the fac­ulty at Covenant Col­lege in Look­out Moun­tain, Geor­gia, where he has taught since 1986.


Read An Excerpt from the 1 Year Devotional — The Story: The Bible’s Grand Narrative of Redemption

The Story: The Bible’s Grand Nar­ra­tive of Redemp­tion, One Year Daily Devo­tional for Stu­dents, is tar­geted towards high school and col­lege stu­dents. It will take you through the entire story of the Bible in one year. You won’t read every sin­gle chap­ter of the Bible, but you’ll read at least por­tions from every part of the devel­op­ing story of God’s sal­va­tion for his peo­ple. Each day, you’ll read a Scrip­ture pas­sage — usu­ally one chap­ter or so and some­times just a few verses. After read­ing the pas­sage, you’ll read an expla­na­tion of the pas­sage, which will seek to make the pas­sage clear, remind you of its place in the story, and make an appli­ca­tion to your life.

Read a sam­ple devo­tional below: Day 323*

Colossians 1: 15-23

Jesus is Lord, and Jesus is enough. You could prob­a­bly sum up the mes­sage of the book of Colos­sians with that sim­ple sen­tence. To put it in more tech­ni­cal terms, Colos­sians argues for the supremacy and the suf­fi­ciency of Jesus Christ. Jesus is supreme — the infi­nitely holy, wise, and pow­er­ful God of all cre­ation. Jesus is suf­fi­cient — more than enough to not only save and for­give peo­ple but also to sus­tain and empower them for the Chris­t­ian life. Paul’s goal in the let­ter to the church at Colos­sae is to lift Jesus high — to exalt him as the glo­ri­ous Lord who is more than enough for his peo­ple. But why does Paul feel the need to send this mes­sage to this church?

It seems that as this church grew, cer­tain peo­ple who were oppo­nents of the true gospel of grace began to creep into the com­mu­nity. This hap­pens a lot in the New Tes­ta­ment churches; that should be a les­son for us today! While the essence of the “Coloss­ian heresy” is debated, it seems most likely that it was some kind of Jewish-related mys­ti­cism — a strange spir­i­tu­al­ity that promised deeper holi­ness, truer knowl­edge, and a more advanced level of spir­i­tual devel­op­ment. Paul’s goal in this let­ter is to counter this heresy by show­ing that noth­ing more than Jesus is needed — either for sal­va­tion or for the Chris­t­ian life.

In the glo­ri­ous pas­sage you read today, you saw Paul lift­ing up Jesus as, first, the Cre­ator of the world. Jesus — the eter­nally exis­tent sec­ond per­son of the Trin­ity — was active in cre­ation. We must not for­get that! Next, Paul points us to the pri­macy that Jesus has in rela­tion to the church of God. “And he is the head of the body, the church,” writes Paul; he is also the “first­born from the dead” (1:18). More than all this, Jesus is the one who brings eter­nal sal­va­tion, peace, and for­give­ness through his work on the cross. It is in Christ that we are rec­on­ciled to God, because of the “blood of his cross” (1:20). Jesus — Cre­ator, head of the church, bearer of the cross. It’s as if Paul is shout­ing, “Why would you want or need any­thing else?”

Do you really — prac­ti­cally — believe that Jesus is enough? Enough to say no to sin? Enough to fill you will ulti­mate joy, sat­is­fac­tion, and peace? Paul tells us to believe that Jesus is suf­fi­cient for us in every way. Today, pray that you would believe this. Ask God to help you rest in your Sav­ior even more!


*Excerpt taken from page 339 of The Story: The Bible’s Grand Nar­ra­tive of Redemp­tion, One Year Daily Devo­tional for Stu­dents by Jon Niel­son, copy­right 2014, P&R Pub­lish­ing, Phillips­burg, NJ.

BOOK HIGHLIGHT — Taken: The Quest For Truth, Book 1 by Brock Eastman

Taken: The Quest for Truth, Book 1 by Brock East­man

320 pages | $12.99 | Paper­back | Pub­lished: 2011 | Series: The Quest for Truth

We’re out of here!”

Suit up! Jump into hyper flight with the four Wikk kids! Forced into a high stakes hunt for their miss­ing par­ents by the sin­is­ter Cpt. Vedrik, the sib­lings’ only hope is their par­ents’ Archeos e-journal. Can Tiffany deci­pher the clues within it? As time runs out, it’s all up to Oliver and his Fed­er­a­tion train­ing to fly the Phoenix and pro­tect his crew. But twins Mason and Austin endan­ger the mis­sion when they unex­pect­edly meet . . . the blue boy!

About the Series:

The Quest for Truth series unfolds as the four Wikk kids are thrust into a des­per­ate race to find the mys­te­ri­ous planet Ursprung and stop the Übel rene­gades from mis­us­ing its long-lost secrets. Ancient cities, treach­er­ous vil­lains, high-tech gad­gets, the Phoenix—encounter all of these and more on this futur­is­tic, inter­plan­e­tary adventure!

Taken — Book 1

Risk - Book 2

Unleash - Book 3

The last 2 books in the series are on sched­ule to be avail­able in 2015 and 2016.

About the Author:

Eastman_Brock 2 Brock D. East­man is twenty-nine years old and lives at the base of America’s Moun­tain with his wife and two daugh­ters. He has the plea­sure of work­ing for Focus on the Fam­ily and on the Adven­tures in Odyssey brand as a Pro­ducer. He loves movie nights with his wife and their stove-popped pop­corn, as well as play­ing pre­tend or read­ing with his daughters.

Brock started writ­ing his first series, The Quest for Truth, in 2005 and five years later with his wife’s encour­age­ment signed a pub­lish­ing deal. He has since pub­lished Sages of Dark­ness and a book in The Imag­i­na­tion Sta­tion series. He’s always think­ing of his next story and totes a thumb drive full of ideas. Stay tuned for more from Brock and get con­nected with him through Face­book, twit­ter, YouTube, Pin­ter­est, Google +, or here on Word­Press click below.

What Others Say About This Book:

Taken wastes no time thrust­ing its read­ers head­long into the begin­ning of what promises to be an epic saga.” - Christo­pher Miller, Coau­thor of the Award-winning Code­bear­ers Series

Taken is a riv­et­ing tale of just how far mankind is will­ing to go . . . for the ulti­mate prize.” — Wayne Thomas Bat­son, Best­selling Author of The Door Within Trilogy


Our mis­sion is to serve Christ and his church by pro­duc­ing clear, engag­ing, fresh, and insight­ful appli­ca­tions of Reformed theology.


BOOK HIGHLIGHT — Addictions: A Banquet in the Grave by Edward T. Welch

Addic­tions: A Ban­quet in the Grave: Find­ing Hope in the Power of the Gospel by Edward T. Welch

320 pages | $16.99 | Series: Resources for Chang­ing Lives | Pub­lished: 2001

Sum­mary: Scrip­ture reveals addicts’ true con­di­tion: like guests at a ban­quet thrown by “the woman Folly,” they are already in the grave. (Prov. 9:13–18) Can we not escape our addic­tions? Fol­low­ing Jesus, we have “immense hope that God can give power so that we are no longer mas­tered by the addiction.”

About the Author:

Edward T. Welch (PhD, Uni­ver­sity of Utah) serves both the Chris­t­ian Coun­sel­ing and Edu­ca­tional Foun­da­tion (CCEF) and West­min­ster The­o­log­i­cal Sem­i­nary. At CCEF, he is direc­tor of coun­sel­ing and aca­d­e­mic dean, as well as a coun­selor and fac­ulty mem­ber. At West­min­ster, he is pro­fes­sor of prac­ti­cal the­ol­ogy. He is author of Blame It on the Brain and When Peo­ple Are Big and God Is Small and has con­tributed to sev­eral other books and jour­nals, includ­ing the Jour­nal of Psy­chol­ogy and Chris­tian­ity.

What Others Say About This Book:

One of the most help­ful books pro­vid­ing prac­ti­cal the­ol­ogy on addic­tions. Welch’s assess­ment of addic­tions as a prob­lem that pro­ceeds from the heart, involv­ing issues of wor­ship and idol­a­try, is cen­tral to help­ing peo­ple grow and change. This is vital read­ing for church lead­ers, and for friends and fam­ily desir­ing to help those strug­gling with addic­tions.” — John Free­man, Har­vest USA

Destroys the myth that addic­tion is a dis­ease and sin is a sick­ness. Welch shows that the hope­less cycle of ‘sick­ness, recov­ery, and relapse’ must be replaced with the bib­li­cal view of sin, sal­va­tion, and sanc­ti­fi­ca­tion. As a pas­tor, bib­li­cal coun­selor, and redeemed (not recov­er­ing) ex-heroin addict, I believe Welch has given every pas­tor, parish­ioner, and any­one caught in the bondage of idolatry/addiction a bib­li­cal road map to last­ing free­dom.” — Peter Garich, Dayspring Cen­ter for Bib­li­cal Counseling

Bib­li­cally sound, prac­ti­cal, filled with Christ-like com­pas­sion. . . . This much-needed book offers real hope and the promise of vic­tory in Jesus to those strug­gling with addic­tion.” — Robert A. Emberger, Whoso­ever Gospel Mission



Our mis­sion is to serve Christ and his church by pro­duc­ing clear, engag­ing, fresh, and insight­ful appli­ca­tions of Reformed theology.