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Christ and the Kingdoms of Men: Foundations of Political Life by David C. Innes

264 pages | $19.99 | SAMPLE CHAPTER | Kindle: $9.99 | iTunes: $9.99


What are a Christian’s civic responsibilities, and why? David Innes provides a principled political theology for understanding our civic “life together” in God’s world. God calls our human officeholders and their civic business to a high moral purpose. His involvement in earthly rule reveals the nobility of political life—a practice it rarely conforms to but to which we should aspire.


“Dr. Innes is far wiser than those such as former Rep. Barney Frank, quoted within as saying, ‘Government is simply the name we give to the things we choose to do together.’ Christ and the Kingdoms of Men shows that we have many ways to do things together: all who read it will learn which activities should involve government, and which should not.”

—Marvin Olasky, Editor-in-chief, World magazine

“At once learned and lucid, sophisticated and accessible, the book certainly serves its principal audience—students and the reading public—exceedingly well. But teachers and Christian intellectuals should not be misled by the word Foundations in the subtitle. The book is a formidable synthesis of deep scriptural and theological learning, on the one hand, and a broad and rich understanding of the history of political philosophy, on the other. We will long be in Professor Innes’s debt.”

—Joseph M. Knippenberg, Professor of Politics, Oglethorpe University

“This book is long overdue and much needed. . . . The Lord of heaven desires that we serve him in the governmental-political-legal realm here on earth, and this book helps us know how to do that. In addition, it enables us to ask the important questions that might take us deeper into this most crucial subject. Dr. Innes has given all of us, of whatever theological stripe, a critical work at a critical time.”

—Kevin L. Clauson, Director, Center for Faith, Freedom, and the Constitution, Bryan College

David C. InnesThe Author

David C. Innes (PhD, Boston College; MDiv, Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary) is professor of politics and chairman of the program in politics, philosophy, and economics at The King’s College.


Created to Care: God’s Truth for Anxious Moms by Sara Wallace

160 pages | $15.99 | SAMPLE CHAPTER | Kindle: $9.99 | iTunes: $9.99


Young motherhood is a flurry of activity and endless laundry.

God created moms with a heightened sense of awareness in this precious season. Our hearts are uniquely vulnerable to joy and fear at the same time. Between experiencing real trials and just-as-stressful hypothetical ones, we’re a mess. We need an anchor. We need something to tether our minds to when the waves of anxiety threaten our joy.

If you struggle with anxiety as a mom, Sara Wallace wants you to know you’re not alone. What’s more, God’s Word has specific, practical comfort that will help you to embrace this season with peace and confidence. Sara shows how we can learn to have peace in ten critical areas—from our personal insecurities to the spiritual well-being of our children—and provides practical tips from other moms.


“The gospel is the foundation for what it means to be a mother. It is always through this lens that Sara’s wisdom comes shining into our everyday lives, where joining all the dots can be tricky.”

—Kristyn Getty, Soloist; Composer; Hymnwriter; Coauthor, Sing!

“Sara shows anxious moms the great care God has for them and their children. Through personal stories, insightful reflections, and the truth of God’s Word, she points readers to the truth of who God is and what he has done.”

—Christina Fox, Speaker; Author, Sufficient Hope

“Sara Wallace hands anxious mothers a heaping helping of grace that is seasoned with practical advice and one clear message: peace. . . . All mothers should read Sara’s excellent book.”

—Melissa Edgington, Blogger, Your Mom Has a Blog

Sara WallaceThe Author

Sara Wallace is author of For the Love of Discipline and the Bible study The Gospel-Centered Mom and has written articles for the Gospel Coalition and RELEVANT magazine. She and her husband have five sons.


The Promise is His Presence: Why God is Always Enough by Glenna Marshall

200 pages | $14.99 | SAMPLE CHAPTER | Kindle: $9.99 | iTunes: $9.99


What if you didn’t have to go looking for God’s presence? What if you could enjoy it all the time?

Glenna Marshall’s awakening to God’s presence began in the depths of winter. Rereading her journal, she realized that for six months she’d been cataloging all the ways God had abandoned her. What if that . . . wasn’t true? Interweaving her own story of faith and doubt amid suffering, Glenna traces the theme of God’s presence from Genesis to Revelation and shows what it means for us in our own daily joys and struggles.

God’s presence among his people set him apart from the pagan gods of ancient times. His presence on earth as God Incarnate split history in two. And today his presence is one of the most significant means of his goodness to us.


“A truly refreshing read that has forever changed my perspective on suffering.”

—Sara Wallace, Author, For the Love of Discipline and Created to Care

“I commend this book to all those who are seeking the secret to experiencing the nearness of God in the darkest of places.”

—Brian Croft, Senior Pastor, Auburndale Baptist Church, Louisville

“A discovery of new and more meaningful ways that God is always near and good and faithful and kind and enough.”

—Kristie Anyabwile, Editor, His Testimonies, My Heritage

“I found a fellow sojourner and was reminded of a faithful shepherd in The Promise Is His Presence.”

—Gillian Marchenko, Author, Still Life: A Memoir of Living Fully with Depression

Glenna MarshallThe Author

Glenna Marshall is a pastor’s wife and mom of two boys. Through infertility, illness, and difficult ministry, she has learned that God’s presence is the answer to life’s every ache. As a writer, speaker, and musician, she loves to point women to the Bible to see God’s goodness in all of life.


We also have 3 new Reformed Academic Dissertations

P&R’s Reformed Academic Dissertation (RAD) series consists of top-tier dissertations (Ph.D., Th.D., D.Min., and Th.M.) that advance biblical and theological scholarship by making distinctive contributions in the areas of theology, ethics, biblical studies, apologetics, and counseling. Dissertations in the RAD series are carefully selected, on the basis of strong recommendations by the authors’ supervisors and examiners and by our internal readers, to be part of our collection. Each selected dissertation provides clear, fresh, and engaging insights about significant theological issues.


Do Good to All People as You Have the Opportunity: A Biblical Theology of the Good Deeds Mission of the New Covenant Community by John A. Wind

344 pages | $39.99 | SAMPLE CHAPTER


This book argues for a positive, biblically rigorous vision of the local church’s (and the individual Christian’s) weighty responsibility to do good to all people as they have the opportunity, as well as the continuing priority of the local church’s mission of verbal proclamation to those beyond the New Covenant community.


“This is an engaging book about the work of missions and raises the important questions about good deeds and lasting fruit.”

—Owen Anderson, Professor of Philosophy and Religious Studies, Arizona State University

“As evangelicals we need to think clearly about cultural and political realities and how they relate to the gospel, to the kingdom, and to evangelism. John Wind has thought carefully and deeply about these matters, and in this clearly written work he points a way forward that should be considered by all.”

—Thomas R. Schreiner, James Buchanan Harrison Professor of New Testament Interpretation, Associate Dean, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

“Verbal proclamation and social action: which is more important in the church’s mission? In his book Do Good to All People as You Have the Opportunity, John Wind helpfully surveys a very important debate in the church and creatively shows how they fit together. He also gives us a timely admonition to use our words carefully lest we dilute the gospel.”

—Donald W. Sweeting, President, Colorado Christian University

“John Wind has taken up a controversial subject with a host of practical implications for the life of the church. . . . This work will be a blessing to the church as it pursues the mission Christ has given it.”

—David Vandrunen, Robert B. Strimple Professor of Systematic Theology and Christian Ethics, Westminster Seminary California

The Author

John A. Wind (Adv. M.Div., Ph.D., The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) is assistant professor of theology at Colorado Christian University. He is a member of the Evangelical Theological Society and the Evangelical Missiological Society. He and his wife, Rachel, have five children.

I See Dead People: The Function of the Resurrection of the Saints in Matthew 27:51–54 by Raymond M. Johnson

232 pages | $39.99 | SAMPLE CHAPTER


Matthew 27:51–54 and 28:1–10 both focus on Christ’s death and resurrection—so these texts must be read together in order to understand their theological significance. However, over time, interpreters have separated these two pericopae, seeing 27:51–54 as the theological interpretation of the resurrection scene described in 28:1–10. This book instead proposes a literary reading that properly interprets Matthew 27:51–54 in light of the entire death-resurrection scene, rather than seeing it as an isolated occurrence.


“In this perceptive and thoughtful work, Dr. Johnson shows how literary sensitivity can work with theological depth, and how these together support solid historical confidence. There is so much to like here.”

—C. John (“Jack”) Collins, Professor of Old Testament, Covenant Theological Seminary

“This volume should help scholars rethink the resurrection narratives and aid pastors in preaching the riches of believing in a risen Savior.”

—Paul R. House, Professor of Divinity—Old Testament, Beeson Divinity School

“[Raymond Johnson’s] unique and outstanding contribution to the study of Matthew is a great gift to both the academy and the church.”

—Charles L. Quarles, Professor of New Testament and Biblical Theology; Director for Ph.D. Studies, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

“This work does justice to Matthew’s literary as well as historical and theological intentions, and in so doing helps all readers appreciate the richness, integrity, and coherence of Matthew’s Gospel and its singular identification of Jesus as the Son of God and Savior of the world.”

—Kevin J. Vanhoozer, Research Professor of Systematic Theology, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

Raymond M. JohnsonThe Author

Raymond M. Johnson (M.Div., Th.M., Ph.D., The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) is senior pastor at Christ Church West Chester (SBC) in West Chester, Pennsylvania. He has published with The Southern Baptist Journal of Theology as well as Currents in Theology in Mission.


200 pages | $39.99 | SAMPLE CHAPTER


There has been little interaction between the biblical counseling and church planting movements, which have been developing in parallel over the past fifty years. This book explains how to strengthen church plants by incorporating a three-part strategy for biblical counseling; how to evaluate, appoint, and train counseling leaders; and how small-group ministry helps to establish a foundation of soul-care in the new congregation.


“I wish I’d had this book as I stepped into the choppy waters of church planting more than two decades ago. If you’re just getting started in ministry or you’re frustrated by the lack of changed lives, read this book, live it out, and pass it on to others who can do the same!”

—Brad Bigney, Lead Pastor, Grace Fellowship Free Church, Florence, Kentucky

“This book demonstrates the essential nature of biblical counseling in carrying out the Great Commission while offering a strategic plan to implement it, and it would serve as an incredible blessing to any church planter.”

—Kim Kira, Primary Teaching Elder, Lighthouse Community Church, Torrance, California

“Church-planting models have historically focused heavily on identifying church planters with the gifting of entrepreneurship and evangelism. Rush Witt presents an alternative model that emphasizes the call and gifting of the church planter as shepherd and counselor.”

—Zach Nelson, Executive Director, Pillar Church Planting Network

“Rush Witt provides a needed prescription for one often-overlooked tool for bringing the Word of God to bear on unreached communities in a winsome and loving, yet truth-filled fashion through biblical counseling.”

—Matt Rogers, Assistant Professor of Church Planting, Southeastern Seminary

“An invaluable guide in establishing the rich ministry of counseling and training in the church.”

—John D. Street, Professor, The Master’s University & Seminary

Rush WittThe Author

Rush Witt (MDiv, DMin, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary) is lead pastor of Paramount Church in Bexley, Ohio, and a certified counselor.