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P&R Pub­lish­ing Com­pany P.O. Box 817 Phillips­burg, NJ 08865



P&R Pub­lish­ing com­pany is ded­i­cated to pub­lish­ing excel­lent books that pro­mote bib­li­cal under­stand­ing and godly liv­ing as sum­ma­rized in The West­min­ster Con­fes­sion of Faith and Catechisms.

Titles on our list range from aca­d­e­mic works advanc­ing bib­li­cal and the­o­log­i­cal schol­ar­ship to pop­u­lar books designed to help lay read­ers grow in Chris­t­ian thought and ser­vice. Our mis­sion is to serve Christ and his church by pro­duc­ing clear, engag­ing, fresh, and insight­ful appli­ca­tions of Reformed theology.


P&R has approx­i­mately 700 titles in print, with an aver­age of 50 new titles per year. The sub­ject areas that are cur­rently in our cat­a­log include:

  • Apolo­get­ics & Evangelism
  • Bible Study
  • Bib­li­cal Reference
  • Chris­t­ian Living
  • Church Min­istry
  • Coun­sel­ing
  • Youth & Fiction
  • Reformed Tra­di­tions
  • The­ol­ogy
  • Women’s Resources
  • World­view & Ethics


Founded in 1930 by Samuel G. Craig and J. Gre­sham Machen.

Inter­na­tional Distributors

Canada Sola Scrip­tura Ministries 

Inher­i­tance Publications



United King­dom Evan­gel­i­cal Press www.evangelicalpress.org
Aus­tralia Reform­ers Bookshop www.reformers.org.au
New Zealand Reform­ers Bookshop www.reformers.org.au
Philip­pines Evan­gel­i­cal Out­reach, Inc. www.evangelicaloutreach.org
South Africa Good Neigh­bors 

Augus­tine Bookroom

Chris­t­ian Art Distributors

Chris­t­ian Book Discounters





Nige­ria A.C.T.S. www.africachristiantextbooks.com
Kenya A.C.T.S. Kenya www.actskenya.org


One thought on “About Us

  1. friends,

    Thanks for doing such good stuff, and, in this case, thanks espe­cially for the new “house­wives as the­olo­gians” book. I am eager to see it for a vari­ety of rea­sons. And thanks for Aaron’s good review (and funny pic­ture.) It was helpful.

    Curi­ously, for God’s King­dom,
    Hearts & Minds
    Dal­las­town, PA

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