BOOK HIGHLIGHT — Ready to Restore by Jay E. Adams

Ready to Restore: The Layman’s Guide to Chris­t­ian Counseling
by Jay E. Adams

128 pages | Direct Price: $11.99 $9.00 | Paper­back | Released: 1981

Sum­mary: Jay E. Adams is a pio­neer in the field of coun­sel­ing. Here he has taken the most essen­tial ele­ments of coun­sel­ing and pack­aged them in a non­tech­ni­cal vol­ume. The result is nei­ther sim­plis­tic, nor super­fi­cial, but a com­plete, sys­tem­atic course, use­ful for study groups, bible col­leges, church lead­ers, and indi­vid­ual study.

About the Author: 

Jay E. Adams is known for his many books on coun­sel­ing and fre­quent appear­ances at con­fer­ences on Chris­t­ian liv­ing and coun­sel­ing issues. He served for many years on the fac­ul­ties of West­min­ster The­o­log­i­cal Sem­i­nary and West­min­ster Sem­i­nary in Cal­i­for­nia. He is cur­rently the dean of the Insti­tute for Nou­thetic Stud­ies, a distance-learning insti­tu­tion that pro­vides inter­na­tional train­ing in bib­li­cal counseling.


Our mis­sion is to serve Christ and his church by pro­duc­ing clear, engag­ing, fresh, and insight­ful appli­ca­tions of Reformed theology.


Recap of All 2014 New Releases

This past year has been another good one for us here at P&R. We pub­lished 47 new titles in 2014. We are so grate­ful for all of our won­der­ful authors and their hard work and com­mit­ment. We also appre­ci­ate all of you ded­i­cated P&R read­ers out there. Thank you!

I have cat­e­go­rized the new books of 2014 by cat­e­gory. The cat­e­gories included are: Apolo­get­ics, Bible Study, Bib­li­cal Stud­ies, Chris­t­ian Liv­ing, Church His­toryChurch Min­istry, Coun­sel­ing, Fic­tionThe­ol­ogy, World­view & Ethics, and Youth. I hope you have enjoyed all of the new books this year. Have a favorite? Leave a com­ment on this blog post and we will pass it along to the author.


1. How Did Evil Come into the World? by William Edgar (part of the CAHQ Series)

2. Did Adam Exist? by Vern S. Poythress (part of the CAHQ Series)

3. How Can I Know for Sure? by David B. Gar­ner (part of the CAHQ Series)

4. The Pagan Heart of Today’s Cul­ture by Peter Jones (part of the CAHQ Series)

Bible Study:

5. Lov­ing in God’s Story of Grace by Eliz­a­beth Reynolds Tur­nage (the third and final book in the Liv­ing Story Series)

6. 1 & 2 Samuel: Rise of the Lord’s Anointed by Kay Gabrysch (part of the Tapes­try Series)

7. Judges & Ruth: There Is a Redeemer by Sarah Ivill (part of the Tapes­try Series)

8. Time Travel to the Old Tes­ta­ment: An Essen­tial Com­pan­ion for the Chris­t­ian Explorer by Chris Sink­in­son

Biblical Studies:

9. Recov­er­ing Eden: The Gospel Accord­ing to Eccle­si­astes by Zack Eswine (part of the GAOT Series)

10. From Bondage to Lib­erty: The Gospel Accord­ing to Moses by Anthony T. Sel­vag­gio (part of the GAOT Series)

11. Sex & Vio­lence in the Bible: A Sur­vey of Explicit Con­tent in the Holy Book by Joseph W. Smith III

12. John: 2 Vol­ume Set by Richard D. Phillips (part of the REC Series)

13. Eccle­si­astes by Dou­glas Sean O’Donnell (part of the REC Series)

14. 1 Peter by Daniel M. Dori­ani (part of the REC Series)

15. Incon­spic­u­ous Prov­i­dence by Bryan R. Gre­gory (part of the GAOT Series)

Christian Living:

16. Dis­cov­er­ing the Joy of a Clear Con­science by Christo­pher Ash

17. Grace Works!: (And Ways We Think It Doesn’t) by Dou­glas Bond

18. Soci­ol­ogy by Matthew S. Vos (part of the Faith­ful Learn­ing Series)

19. Phi­los­o­phy by James S. Spiegel (part of the Faith­ful Learn­ing Series)

20. An Invi­ta­tion to Aca­d­e­mic Stud­ies by Jay D. Green (part of the Faith­ful Learn­ing Series)

21. Lit­er­a­ture by Clif­ford W. Fore­man (part of the Faith­ful Learn­ing Series)

22. Hid­den in the Gospel: Truths You For­get to Tell Your­self Every Day by William P. Farley

23. Prone to Wan­der: Prayers of Con­fes­sion and Cel­e­bra­tion by Wayne Duguid Houk and Bar­bara R. Duguid

24. The Prob­lem of Good: When the World Seems Fine with­out God edited by D. Mar­ion Clark

25. You Can Pray: Find­ing Grace to Pray Every Day by Tim Chester

Church History:

26. Prince­ton Sem­i­nary (1812–1929): Its Lead­ers’ Lives and Works by Gary Stew­ard

Church Ministry:

27. Encoun­ter­ing God Together: Lead­ing Wor­ship Ser­vices That Honor God, Min­is­ter to His Peo­ple, and Build His Church by David G. Peterson

28. The Heart Is the Tar­get: Preach­ing Prac­ti­cal Appli­ca­tion from Every Text by Mur­ray Capill

29. On the Brink: Grace for the Burned-Out Pas­tor by Clay Werner


30. God’s Solu­tions to Life’s Prob­lems: Rad­i­cal Change by the Power of God by Wayne A. Mack and Joshua Mack

31. Courage by Wayne A. Mack and Joshua Mack

32. Roman­tic Con­flict: Embrac­ing Desires That Bless Not Bruise by Brad Ham­brick (part of the GRL Series)

33. Self-Centered Spouse: Help for Chron­i­cally Bro­ken Mar­riages by Brad Ham­brick (part of the GRL Series)

34. Keep­ing Your Cool: A Teen’s Sur­vival Guide by Lou Pri­olo


35. The Three­fold Cord: The Dark Har­vest, Book 3 by Jere­miah W. Mont­gomery (part of the DHT Series)

The Dark Har­vest Tril­ogy by Jere­miah W. Mont­gomery (Three-Volume Set)


36. The Imi­ta­tion of Christ in the Gospel of Luke: Grow­ing in Christ­like Love for God and Neigh­bor by C. D. “Jimmy” Agan III

37. The Tri­une God edited by Ronald L. Kohl

38. John Frame’s Selected Shorter Writ­ings, Vol­ume 1 by John M. Frame

39. From Age to Age: The Unfold­ing of Bib­li­cal Escha­tol­ogy by Keith A. Mathison

40. For the World: Essays in Honor of Richard L. Pratt Jr. edited by Justin S. Hol­comb and Glenn Lucke

41. What Is Res­ur­rec­tion? by Joel R. Beeke (part of our BOF Series)

42. God with Us: Explor­ing God’s Per­sonal Inter­ac­tions with His Peo­ple through­out the Bible by Glenn R. Kreider

43. Covenants Made Sim­ple: Under­stand­ing God’s Unfold­ing Promises to His Peo­ple by Jonty Rhodes


44. God’s Wis­dom by Sally Michael (part of the MHK Series)

45. The Story: The Bible’s Grand Nar­ra­tive of Redemp­tion by Jon Niel­son

46. Jesus Is Most Spe­cial by Sally Michael

47. God’s Bat­tle by Sally Michael (part of the MHK Series)

BOOK HIGHLIGHT — Your Family, God’s Way by Wayne A. Mack

Your Fam­ily, God’s Way: Devel­op­ing and Sus­tain­ing Rela­tion­ships in the Home      by Wayne A. Mack

240 pages | $12.99 | Paper­back | Pub­lished: 1991

Sum­mary: Why do some fam­i­lies grow closer, when oth­ers fall apart?

As a hus­band, father of four, and fam­ily coun­selor, Wayne A. Mack knows what makes fam­i­lies tick. Here he offers bib­li­cal insight and prac­ti­cal wis­dom into two cru­cial areas of fam­ily life: com­mu­ni­ca­tion and con­flict res­o­lu­tion. Alert­ing us to the pit­falls of faulty com­mu­ni­ca­tion, such as “under­talk,” “overtalk,” poor lis­ten­ing, forms of false­hood, and “cir­cuit jam­mers” to com­mu­ni­ca­tion, Mack exam­ines why fam­i­lies fight and explains the key to turn­ing fam­ily dis­cord into harmony.

First­hand suc­cess sto­ries and highly prac­ti­cal appli­ca­tion ques­tions give hope and clear direc­tion to all who wish to build stronger fam­i­lies God’s way.

About the Author:

Wayne Mack lives in Pre­to­ria, South Africa, where he serves as a pastor-elder with his son-in-law and teaches bib­li­cal coun­sel­ing at Strength­en­ing Min­istries Train­ing Insti­tute to pas­tors and aspir­ing pas­tors in the region. He also spends about six weeks in the USA teach­ing at var­i­ous churches. He and his wife, Carol, have four adult chil­dren and numer­ous grandchildren.


Our mis­sion is to serve Christ and his church by pro­duc­ing clear, engag­ing, fresh, and insight­ful appli­ca­tions of Reformed theology.


BOOK HIGHLIGHT — Addictions: A Banquet in the Grave by Edward T. Welch

Addic­tions: A Ban­quet in the Grave: Find­ing Hope in the Power of the Gospel by Edward T. Welch

320 pages | $16.99 | Series: Resources for Chang­ing Lives | Pub­lished: 2001

Sum­mary: Scrip­ture reveals addicts’ true con­di­tion: like guests at a ban­quet thrown by “the woman Folly,” they are already in the grave. (Prov. 9:13–18) Can we not escape our addic­tions? Fol­low­ing Jesus, we have “immense hope that God can give power so that we are no longer mas­tered by the addiction.”

About the Author:

Edward T. Welch (PhD, Uni­ver­sity of Utah) serves both the Chris­t­ian Coun­sel­ing and Edu­ca­tional Foun­da­tion (CCEF) and West­min­ster The­o­log­i­cal Sem­i­nary. At CCEF, he is direc­tor of coun­sel­ing and aca­d­e­mic dean, as well as a coun­selor and fac­ulty mem­ber. At West­min­ster, he is pro­fes­sor of prac­ti­cal the­ol­ogy. He is author of Blame It on the Brain and When Peo­ple Are Big and God Is Small and has con­tributed to sev­eral other books and jour­nals, includ­ing the Jour­nal of Psy­chol­ogy and Chris­tian­ity.

What Others Say About This Book:

One of the most help­ful books pro­vid­ing prac­ti­cal the­ol­ogy on addic­tions. Welch’s assess­ment of addic­tions as a prob­lem that pro­ceeds from the heart, involv­ing issues of wor­ship and idol­a­try, is cen­tral to help­ing peo­ple grow and change. This is vital read­ing for church lead­ers, and for friends and fam­ily desir­ing to help those strug­gling with addic­tions.” — John Free­man, Har­vest USA

Destroys the myth that addic­tion is a dis­ease and sin is a sick­ness. Welch shows that the hope­less cycle of ‘sick­ness, recov­ery, and relapse’ must be replaced with the bib­li­cal view of sin, sal­va­tion, and sanc­ti­fi­ca­tion. As a pas­tor, bib­li­cal coun­selor, and redeemed (not recov­er­ing) ex-heroin addict, I believe Welch has given every pas­tor, parish­ioner, and any­one caught in the bondage of idolatry/addiction a bib­li­cal road map to last­ing free­dom.” — Peter Garich, Dayspring Cen­ter for Bib­li­cal Counseling

Bib­li­cally sound, prac­ti­cal, filled with Christ-like com­pas­sion. . . . This much-needed book offers real hope and the promise of vic­tory in Jesus to those strug­gling with addic­tion.” — Robert A. Emberger, Whoso­ever Gospel Mission



Our mis­sion is to serve Christ and his church by pro­duc­ing clear, engag­ing, fresh, and insight­ful appli­ca­tions of Reformed theology.


BOOK HIGHLIGHT — Step by Step James C. Petty

Step by Step: Divine Guid­ance for Ordi­nary Chris­tians by James C. Petty

282 pages | $16.99 | Series: Resources for Chang­ing Lives | Pub­lished: 1999

Sum­mary: How can I know God’s will for my life? Sift­ing through con­fu­sion about divine guid­ance, prompt­ings, “fleece,” and inner voices, Petty clearly illus­trates how to make bib­li­cally wise decisions.

About the Author:

James C. Petty (MDiv and DMin, West­min­ster The­o­log­i­cal Sem­i­nary) is Exec­u­tive Direc­tor of The Children’s Jubilee Fund in Erden­heim Pennsylvania.

What Others Say About This Book:

Step by Step is a fresh, up-to-date, bib­li­cal, edi­fy­ing, and well-written approach to the old but impor­tant Chris­t­ian ques­tion: How can I know the will of God for my life? . . . I com­mend this wise and bal­anced book to every­one.” - James Mont­gomery Boice

. . . a fine book on the wise and God-honoring way to make deci­sions.” - J. I. Packer

Dis­arm­ingly sim­ple, truly pro­found. You find your­self hit­ting your fore­head and say­ing, ‘But of course! That’s exactly what the Bible says.’” - Steve Estes

. . . avoids the mis­take of mak­ing bib­li­cal guid­ance look merely aca­d­e­mic . . . . many spe­cific exam­ples of how God leads us through per­plex­ing sit­u­a­tions.” - John M. Frame


Our mis­sion is to serve Christ and his church by pro­duc­ing clear, engag­ing, fresh, and insight­ful appli­ca­tions of Reformed theology.