New Resources for Teens and Young Adults

1. The Story: The Bible’s Grand Nar­ra­tive of Redemp­tion, One Year Daily Devo­tional for Stu­dents writ­ten by Jon Niel­son

384 Pages | $14.99 | Paperback

Sum­mary: This year­long, daily study of God’s Word guides stu­dents through five acts of his grand story of redemp­tion. Daily Scrip­ture and devo­tional read­ings will equip stu­dents to under­stand the unity and devel­op­ment of God’s story and to grow in their per­sonal dis­ci­pline of Bible study and prayer.


2. Chris­tian­ity and World Reli­gions: An Intro­duc­tion to the World’s Major Faiths writ­ten by Derek Cooper

240 Pages | $19.99 | Paper­back | Text­book Lay­out with Color Illustrations


Sum­mary: Derek Cooper exam­ines the rival world­views found in Hin­duism, Bud­dhism, Con­fu­cian­ism and Tao­ism, Judaism, Islam, and irre­li­gion. He engages these world­views from a Chris­t­ian per­spec­tive, first by show­ing how the bib­li­cal authors engaged other reli­gions and then by sur­vey­ing the way Chris­t­ian the­olo­gians have done so. Each chap­ter con­tains six parts: (i) a cre­ation story, (ii) the religion’s his­tor­i­cal ori­gin, (iii) its beliefs, (iv) reli­gious writ­ings, (v) wor­ship prac­tices, (vi) as well as Chris­t­ian reflec­tions on the reli­gion. For those who would like to read more, the appen­dix includes lists of help­ful pri­mary and sec­ondary books.


3. Bible Study: A Student’s Guide writ­ten by Jon Niel­son

224 Pages | $12.99 | Paperback


Sum­mary: Have you ever been to a “Bible study” that didn’t have much “Bible” or “study” at all? With­out a proper under­stand­ing of how to do it, stu­dents can be dis­ap­pointed or scared away from study­ing the Bible. So what is Bible study—and can it work for high schoolers?

No stranger to teach­ing the Bible to teenagers, Jon Niel­son con­firms that real, mean­ing­ful Bible study is not only pos­si­ble for stu­dents, but impor­tant. He takes stu­dents seri­ously and expects them to take their faith seri­ously. Unpack­ing five truths about the Bible—that it is God speak­ing, is pow­er­ful, is under­stand­able, is lit­er­ary, and is one story—he demon­strates how the Bible should be stud­ied and how teenagers them­selves can lead that study.


4. The Hud­dle: Becom­ing A Cham­pion for Life writ­ten by Shawn Brower

224 Pages | $14.99 | Paperback


Sum­mary: Noth­ing can moti­vate, chal­lenge, and inspire a team to great­ness more than team­mates who are fully ded­i­cated to each other. But this rela­tion­ship doesn’t hap­pen on its own. Shawn Brower calls on his 20 years of high school and club coach­ing expe­ri­ence to demon­strate the secrets to train­ing and build­ing bet­ter per­for­mance as a team. In this guide­book, teams will find:

  • True accounts and quotes from famous Chris­t­ian athletes
  • Per­sonal eval­u­a­tion ques­tions to help play­ers focus on both their indi­vid­ual and team performance
  • Scrip­ture quo­ta­tions that have inspired real athletes
  • Exam­ples from a wide vari­ety of sports, apply­ing the lessons to any team

Learn from Coach Brower how to develop the dis­ci­pline you will need to suc­ceed both as an ath­lete and in the rest of life.


5. The Doc­trines of Grace: Stu­dent Edi­tion writ­ten by Shane Lems

144 Pages | $10.99 | Paperback


Sum­mary: A guide for young teens explain­ing in twelve lessons the bib­li­cal and his­tor­i­cal basis of TULIP (Total deprav­ity, Uncon­di­tional elec­tion, Lim­ited atone­ment, Irre­sistible grace, Per­se­ver­ance of the saints). Includes appli­ca­tion, dis­cus­sion ques­tions, and class resources.


6. We Became Men: The Jour­ney into Man­hood writ­ten by Shawn Brower

240 Pages | $14.99 | Paperback


Sum­mary: Life is a jour­ney — a jour­ney of adven­ture, dis­cov­ery, risk, and rev­e­la­tion. Yet, if you are like most young men, you have never been invited to set out on this jour­ney — have never been guided to dis­cover who you are, what you should pur­sue, and who you can become.

This book is the invi­ta­tion you have been wait­ing for: a guide that affirms and val­i­dates young men and empow­ers them to pur­sue man­hood from a bib­li­cal per­spec­tive. It will give you clear vision and direc­tion for your life in vital, life-changing areas such as per­for­mance, temp­ta­tions, rela­tion­ships, idols, bore­dom with life, and much more. Take on the chal­lenge to be a coura­geous man of action and feel more free and alive than you have ever imagined.



The Dark Har­vest Tril­ogy writ­ten by Jere­miah W. Montgomery

1. The Dark Faith: Book One

368 Pages | $14.99 | Paperback


Sum­mary: An epic strug­gle against evil com­mences as Moru­mus, a devout monk, seeks to unearth the truth of the Dark Faith. But while he seeks a weapon against it, dark cur­rents drag him toward a dan­ger­ous conspiracy . . .

2. The Scar­let Bishop: Book Two

304 Pages | $14.99 | Paperback


Sum­mary: War looms as Moru­mus and Oethur, nar­rowly escap­ing the Red Order, seek Urien’s help to deci­pher the secret of the ancient Bone Codex. All the while the Dark Faith’s shadow con­tin­ues to spread . . .


3. The Three­fold Cord: Book Three

To be released July 2014...



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Upcoming Reformed Expository Commentary (REC) Books

We’ve had quite a few peo­ple ask us about which books of the Bible are next for our REC series. So, if you were won­der­ing this, here you go!

1. John (2 Vol­ume Set)

Author: Richard D. Phillips

Esti­mated Page Count: 1,500 total for both volumes

Price: $59.99

Release Date: August 2014

2. Eccle­si­astes

Author: Dou­glas Sean O’Donnell

Esti­mated Page Count: 256

Price: $22.99

Release Date: Octo­ber 2014

3. 1 Peter

Author: Daniel M. Doriani

Esti­mated Page Count: 304

Price: $24.99

Release Date: October/November 2014



2014 P&R Pastors’ Conference—THE FAITHFUL SHEPHERD

P&R Pub­lish­ing is part­ner­ing with The Alliance of Con­fess­ing Evan­gel­i­cal to spon­sor a pas­tors’ con­fer­ence at Har­vey Cedars Bible Con­fer­ence. The con­fer­ence theme is The Faith­ful Shep­herd: Per­se­ver­ing in Your Church and Ministry.



This is an excel­lent oppor­tu­nity to take time away from your daily sched­ule to rest, reflect on God’s Word, and learn from top-notch speak­ers as they deliver pastor-to-pastor mes­sages. Dur­ing the con­fer­ence you will be able to fel­low­ship with other pas­tors and elders in a scenic loca­tion and enjoy an oppor­tu­nity to share and grow together.

SPEAKERS (from left to right):

Harry L. Reeder III is senior pas­tor of Bri­ar­wood Pres­by­ter­ian Church in Birm­ing­ham, Alabama, and also speaks daily on the radio pro­gram In Per­spec­tive.

Edward T. Welch is direc­tor of coun­sel­ing and aca­d­e­mic dean of the Chris­t­ian Coun­sel­ing and Edu­ca­tional Foun­da­tion (CCEF), as well as a coun­selor, fac­ulty mem­ber, and author.

Tim­o­thy Z. Wit­mer is founder of The Shep­herds’ Insti­tute, an orga­ni­za­tion advanc­ing the cause of shep­herd­ing among church lead­ers, and author of The Shep­herd Leader.

Steve Estes is pas­tor of Com­mu­nity Evan­gel­i­cal Free Church in Elver­son, Penn­syl­va­nia, and coau­thor with Joni Eareck­son Tada of A Step Fur­ther and When God Weeps.


All atten­dees will receive the fol­low­ing free audio CDs, books, and book­lets at the retreat ($192 value).

Audio CDs:





Upcoming 2014 Titles



Here is a list of our new books for 2014.

What book are you most excited about?

  • Dis­cov­er­ing the Joy of a Clear Con­science by Christo­pher B. Ash
  • The Imi­ta­tion of Christ in the Gospel of Luke by Clarence DeWitt Agan III
  • God’s Solu­tions to Life’s Prob­lems by Wayne A. Mack and Joshua Mack
  • Encoun­ter­ing God Together by David G. Peterson
  • Sex and Vio­lence in the Bible by Joseph W. Smith III
  • Courage by Wayne A. Mack and Joshua Mack
  • The Tri­une God edited by Ronald L. Kohl
  • The Story by Jon Nielson
  • The Heart Is the Tar­get by Mur­ray Capill
  • John Frame’s Selected Shorter Writ­ings by John M. Frame
  • Grace Works by Dou­glas E. Bond
  • Time Travel to the Old Tes­ta­ment by Chris Sinkinson
  • On the Brink by Clay Werner
  • God with Us by Glenn R. Kreider
  • Get­ting a Grip by Lou Priolo
  • Min­istries of Mercy, 3rd Edi­tion by Tim­o­thy J. Keller
  • Hid­den in the Gospel by William P. Farley
  • Make Every Effort by Lou Priolo
  • Par­ent­ing Is More than a For­mula by Jim Newheiser
  • Raid­ing the Lost Ark by Jonty Rhodes
  • Con­fes­sions by Bar­bara Duguid and Wayne Houk
  • Apolo­get­ics to the Glory of God, 2nd Edi­tion by John M. Frame
  • The Prob­lem of Good edited by D. Mar­ion Clark
Forth­com­ing Series Titles:
Basics of the Faith:
  • What Is the Res­ur­rec­tion? by Joel R. Beeke
Christian Answers to Hard Questions:
  • How Did Evil Come into the World? by William Edgar
  • Did Adam Exist? by Vern S. Poythress
  • How Can I Know for Sure? by David B. Garner
The Dark Harvest Trilogy:
  • The Three­fold Cord by Jere­miah W. Montgomery
NEW SERIES! Faithful Learning:
  • An Invi­ta­tion to Aca­d­e­mic Stud­ies by Jay D. Green
  • Lit­er­a­ture by Clif­ford W. Foreman
  • Phi­los­o­phy by James S. Spiegel
  • Soci­ol­ogy by Matthew S. Vos
The Gospel According to the Old Testament:

  • Recov­er­ing Eden by Zack W. Eswine
  • From Bondage to Lib­erty by Anthony T. Selvaggio
  • Study Guide to Gre­gory — Gospel Accord­ing to Zechariah by Matthew P. Harmon
  • Incon­spic­u­ous Prov­i­dence by Bryan R. Gregory
The Gospel For Real Life:
  • Roman­tic Con­flict by Brad C. Hambrick
  • Self-Centered Spouse by Brad C. Hambrick
Guided Tour of Church History:
  • Old Prince­ton by Gary L.  Steward
NEW SERIES! Lifelines:
  • HELP! I Can’t Con­trol My Anger by Jim Newheiser
  • HELP! I Am So Lonely by Deb­o­rah Howard
  • HELP! I Am Being Deployed by Bar­rett D. Craig
  • HELP! Some­one I Love Com­mit­ted Sui­cide by Bruce A. Ray
  • HELP! My Friend Is Sui­ci­dal by Bruce A. Ray
  • HELP! I Am in a Con­flict by Ernie Baker
Living Story:
  • Lov­ing in God’s Story of Grace by Eliz­a­beth Reynolds Turnage
Making Him Known:

  • God’s Wis­dom by Sally Michael
  • Stand­ing Strong by Sally Michael
  • Jesus Is Most Spe­cial of All by Sally Michael


The Quest For Truth:
  • Tan­gle by Brock D. Eastman
Reformed Expository Commentary:
  • John by Richard D. Phillips
  • Eccle­si­astes by Dou­glas Sean O’Donnell
  • 1 Peter by Daniel M. Doriani

  • 1 & 2 Samuel by Kay Gabrysch
  • Judges & Ruth by Sarah E. Ivill


NEW SERIES! Westminster Perspectives:
  • Com­puter Sci­ence by Jonathan R. Stoddard
  • Every Mem­ber Mat­ters by A. Craig Troxel
  • The Heart of the Gospel by Sin­clair B. Ferguson
  • No Adam, No Gospel by Richard B. Gaf­fin Jr.
  • Piety by Joel R. Beeke



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Upcoming Titles to be Released in November and December

Stay tuned for these new titles to come out in Novem­ber and Decem­ber. To learn more about a spe­cific book, click on the title to be directed to our website.

What Is Regeneration?

Author: Matthew Bar­rett

Series: Basics of the Faith

To Be Released: Novem­ber 2013

Pages: 32

Price: $4.99


The Bible is clear that we can­not ini­ti­ate our sal­va­tion; we are spir­i­tu­ally dead. Bar­rett explores the doc­trine of regen­er­a­tion to show us what truly hap­pens when we are saved.


What Is Evangelism?

Author: George W. Robertson

Series: Basics of the Faith

To Be Released: Novem­ber 2013

Pages: 32

Price: $4.99


Is there one “right way” to evan­ge­lize? No! Robert­son describes five author­i­ta­tive approaches to evan­ge­lism, giv­ing us flex­i­bil­ity as we win­somely present the good news that can answer any need.


By Faith, Not by Sight: Paul and the Order of Salvation

Author: Richard B. Gaf­fin Jr.

To Be Released: Novem­ber 2013

Pages: 160

Price: $14.99


Sam­ple Chapter

Table of Contents

Sum­mary: How does an indi­vid­ual receive sal­va­tion? Does Paul dis­tin­guish between sal­va­tion accom­plished (his­to­ria salutis) and sal­va­tion applied (ordo salutis)? Gaf­fin argues that under both exists a deeper, more fun­da­men­tal issue—our union with Christ.


Thy Word Is Still Truth: Essen­tial Writ­ings on the Doc­trine of Scrip­ture from the Ref­or­ma­tion to Today

Edi­tors: Peter A. Lill­back and Richard B. Gaf­fin Jr.

To Be Released: Novem­ber 2013

Pages: 1,440

Price: $59.99


Sam­ple Chapter

Table of Contents

Sum­mary: This is a new col­lec­tion of Reformed thinkers’ writ­ings, from the Ref­or­ma­tion to today, on the inerrancy of Scrip­ture. To these texts con­tem­po­rary schol­ars add com­men­tary reflect­ing the stance of West­min­ster The­o­log­i­cal Seminary.


Sys­tem­atic The­ol­ogy: An Intro­duc­tion to Chris­t­ian Belief

Author: John M. Frame

Fore­word by J. I. Packer

To Be Released: Novem­ber 2013

Pages: 1,280

Price: $49.99


Sum­mary: A bib­li­cal, clear, cogent, acces­si­ble, com­pre­hen­sive, and prac­ti­cal sum­mary of Chris­t­ian belief by one of the most impor­tant and orig­i­nal Amer­i­can the­olo­gians of the last hun­dred years.


Jesus and His Enemies

Author: Paul Yeulett

To Be Released: Novem­ber 2013

Pages: 304

Price: $12.99


Sum­mary: Paul Yeulett exam­ines the oppo­si­tion Jesus encountered—demonic, polit­i­cal, reli­gious, emo­tional, phys­i­cal, and spiritual—and helps us under­stand why it faced him and con­tin­ues to face us today.


Antin­o­mi­an­ism: Reformed Theology’s Unwel­come Guest?

Author: Mark Jones

To Be Released: Novem­ber 2013

Pages: 176

Price: $17.99


Sum­mary: Antin­o­mi­an­ism has a long and com­pli­cated his­tory, but help is here! This book is the first to exam­ine antin­o­mian the­ol­ogy from a his­tor­i­cal, exeget­i­cal, and sys­tem­atic perspective—with a key empha­sis on Christology.


The Doc­trines of Grace: Stu­dent Edition

Author: Shane Lems

To Be Released: Novem­ber 2013

Pages: 128

Price: $10.99


Sum­mary: A guide for young teens explain­ing in twelve lessons the bib­li­cal and his­tor­i­cal basis of TULIP (Total deprav­ity, Uncon­di­tional elec­tion, Lim­ited atone­ment, Irre­sistible grace, Per­se­ver­ance of the saints). Includes appli­ca­tion, dis­cus­sion ques­tions, and class resources.


Recov­er­ing Eden: The Gospel Accord­ing to Ecclesiastes

Author: Zack Eswine

Series: Gospel Accord­ing to the Old Testament

To Be Released: Novem­ber 2013

Pages: 224

Price: $14.99


Sum­mary: Eccle­si­astes shows a frank, unafraid famil­iar­ity with trans­parency, beauty, and ugli­ness. Eswine’s study helps us address these top­ics boldly our­selves and grounds them in the per­son and work of Jesus.


From Bondage to Lib­erty: The Gospel Accord­ing to Moses

Author: Anthony T. Selvaggio

Series: Gospel Accord­ing to the Old Testament

To Be Released: Novem­ber 2013

Pages: 208

Price: $14.99


Sum­mary: In Exo­dus, Num­bers, and Deuteron­omy, Moses is not just God’s cho­sen leader of the Jews but also a pre­cur­sor of the future Mes­siah, Jesus. Anthony Sel­vag­gio focuses upon the redemptive-historical aspects of Moses’ life.


1 & 2 Samuel: Rise of the Lord’s Anointed

Author: Kay Gabrysch

Series: Tapes­try

To Be Released: Decem­ber 2013

Pages: 400

Price: $14.99


Sum­mary: 1&2 Samuel, where the word “mes­siah” first appears, was orig­i­nally one vol­ume. Through weekly tai­lored and “big pic­ture” ques­tions, Kay Gabrysch trains us to become con­fi­dent read­ers of scrip­tural narrative.


A The­ol­ogy of Matthew: Jesus Revealed as Deliv­erer, King, and Incar­nate Cre­ator      (cover not yet ready)

Author: Charles L. Quarles

Series: Explo­rations in Bib­li­cal Theology

To Be Released: Novem­ber 2013

Pages: 240

Price: $17.99


Sum­mary: An expla­na­tion of the pri­mary the­o­log­i­cal themes of Matthew’s gospel—and how they con­nect to the rest of the Bible.