BOOK HIGHLIGHT — Kingdoms Apart edited by Ryan C. McIlhenny

King­doms Apart: Engag­ing the Two King­doms Perspective
edited by Ryan C. McIlhenny

336 pages | $24.99 | Paper­back | Pub­lished: 2012

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Sum­mary: The sub­ject of Christ and cul­ture has occu­pied the church since its incep­tion. Some empha­size the real­ity of redemp­tion and the imper­a­tive of cul­tural trans­for­ma­tion; oth­ers crit­i­cize this approach because of the tran­sient nature of this cur­rent life and the spe­cific func­tion of “king­dom” activity.

This project focuses on the two com­pet­ing posi­tions rooted in the Reformed tra­di­tion: neo-Calvinism, a nineteenth-century school of thought asso­ci­ated with the Calvin­ist poly­math Abra­ham Kuyper, and the Two King­doms perspective.

How you think on this issue will affect how you inter­act with the cul­ture around you. It’s an impor­tant debate because we want to speak God’s words fairly into that culture.

What Others Say About This Book:
This is not only an aca­d­e­mic debate. The out­come of the debate will have broad impli­ca­tions for Chris­t­ian schools, col­leges, sem­i­nar­ies, and churches and for Chris­tians in the acad­emy, pol­i­tics, busi­ness, the arts, and other realms of cul­tural activity.”
Gideon Strauss, Senior Fel­low, Cen­ter for Pub­lic Jus­tice, Wash­ing­ton, DC


I have prayed for wise and coura­geous schol­ars to step up—and step into—this fra­ter­nal debate within the Reformed Chris­t­ian com­mu­nity con­cern­ing Two King­doms. I am prais­ing God, there­fore, for . . . King­doms Apart.
Michael A. Mil­ton, Chancellor/CEO, James M. Baird, Jr. Pro­fes­sor of Pas­toral The­ol­ogy, Reformed The­o­log­i­cal Seminary


A very fine col­lec­tion of essays . . . a valu­able and con­struc­tive advance in the often heated debates sur­round­ing the themes it treats.”
Al Wolters, Pro­fes­sor of Reli­gion and Theology/Classical Lan­guages, Redeemer Uni­ver­sity Col­lege, Ancaster, Ontario


This book engages this con­ver­sa­tion, and deserves a care­ful hear­ing by all who believe God has made Jesus of Nazareth the right­ful and ulti­mate king of everything.”
Rus­sell D. Moore, Dean, South­ern Bap­tist The­o­log­i­cal Seminary


About The Editor:

Ryan C. McIl­henny (Ph.D., Uni­ver­sity of Cal­i­for­nia, Irvine) is Pro­fes­sor of His­tory and Human­i­ties at Prov­i­dence Chris­t­ian Col­lege in Pasadena, California.


Our mis­sion is to serve Christ and his church by pro­duc­ing clear, engag­ing, fresh, and insight­ful appli­ca­tions of Reformed theology.



The Five Points of Calvinism—50th Anniversary!


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Truly a classic—clear, con­cise, and warm in its pre­sen­ta­tion of his­toric Reformed the­ol­ogy. This lat­est edi­tion is even bet­ter than the original.”

—R. C. Sproul

Sim­ply put, The Five Points of Calvin­ism is the best and the most com­plete short intro­duc­tion to the doc­trines of grace.”

—Philip G. Ryken


NEW in The Gospel According to the Old Testament series

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Liv­ing in the Light of Inex­tin­guish­able Hope: The Gospel Accord­ing to Joseph by Iain M. Duguid & Matthew P. Harmon

The story of Joseph shows how God pre­serves his cho­sen people—despite their best efforts to destroy them­selves and each other. His work in Joseph’s fam­ily tes­ti­fies to his elect­ing grace and his build­ing of a nation out of a dys­func­tional band of broth­ers. This is a story that strik­ingly pre­fig­ures the gospel, by which God redeems and restores bro­ken and dys­func­tional sin­ners like us, remak­ing us into a fam­ily of wor­ship­ping saints.

Each Chap­ter leads us from the study—with strate­gic insights into each text’s orig­i­nal lan­guage, lit­er­ary artistry, cul­tural con­text, and inter­per­sonal dynamics—through the pulpit—with vivid artic­u­la­tion and conscience-searching appli­ca­tion to our crooked hearts and bro­ken relationships—to Jesus.”

—Den­nis E. Johnson

Iain M. Duguid (Ph.D., Uni­ver­sity of Cam­bridge) is Pro­fes­sor of Old Tes­ta­ment and Reli­gion at Grove City Col­lege in Grove City, Penn­syl­va­nia, and Copas­tor of Christ Pres­by­ter­ian Church at (ARP) in Grove City.





Matthew P. Har­mon (M.Div., Th.M., West­min­ster The­o­log­i­cal Sem­i­nary) is Copas­tor along­side Iain Duguid at Christ Pres­by­ter­ian Church (ARP) in Grove City.





PRICE 14.99 PAGES 272 ISBN 9781596385429 BINDING Paperback

Puritan Papers—All Volumes Now Available on Kindle and iTunes

The PURITAN PAPERS are seventy-six papers (four­teen by J. I. Packer) orig­i­nally given at an annual con­fer­ence that played a vital role in rein­vig­o­rat­ing evan­gel­i­cal­ism in Great Britain and beyond. All vol­umes are now avail­able for Kin­dle and iTunes.

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EXCERPT—Lifted, Experiencing the Resurrection Life

An excerpt from Lifted, Expe­ri­enc­ing the Res­ur­rec­tion Life by Sam Allberry

PRICE 9.99 PAGES 144 ISBN: 9781596384316 BINDING Paper­back KINDLE $5.99

Chap­ter 1: Assur­ance

How to shop in your PJs

I’m not a fan of shop­ping. My tol­er­ance thresh­old is approx­i­mately eigh­teen min­utes. After that I’ll buy any­thing if it means I can go home, which explains some of the clothes I wear. And so I approach shop­ping trips in the same way an SAS team approaches covert mis­sions: iden­tify the tar­get; know where it is; do not devi­ate to the left or the right; be out of the store before the next cus­tomer has even advanced to the counter.

The solu­tion to all this, of course, is online shop­ping. It is won­der­ful, for four reasons:

  1. You don’t have to go out­side. No need to face crowds, queues and tem­pers. You can do it in your paja­mas in between Scrab­ble moves on Facebook.
  2. It means you get inter­est­ing post. Now that most per­sonal com­mu­ni­ca­tion is elec­tronic, it tends to be just junk mail and bills that come through the door. There is noth­ing to look for­ward to in the post any more.
  3. By the time the pack­age arrives you can’t quite remem­ber what you’d bought. It’s like some­one has sent you a sur­prise present. And because the ‘some­one’ is you, there is no risk you won’t like it. It is me in the past send­ing gifts ahead to me in the future. It’s vir­tu­ally time travel.
  4. You get to sign for stuff. I don’t know why this makes me feel sig­nif­i­cant – it just does. It’s some­thing about some­one in uni­form pre­sent­ing me with doc­u­ments need­ing my signature.

When you think about it, this last point is quite impor­tant. If a com­pany or per­son is send­ing some­thing of par­tic­u­lar value, then it is not enough for them to know that the par­cel has been sent: they also need to know it has been received, that it’s all gone through and been completed.

Sign­ing off on Salvation

The res­ur­rec­tion of Jesus Christ is God sign­ing off on our sal­va­tion. It is the proof that sin has been paid for. The pay­ment has been made – we know this because Jesus said his death was going to be a ran­som for sin (see Mark 10:45). But we can now know that pay­ment of his blood has been received and accepted: we have God’s sig­na­ture. This is why the true sym­bol for the Chris­t­ian faith is an empty cross. A cru­ci­fix speaks of death, of a pay­ment made. But an empty cross speaks of pay­ment received: ‘He was deliv­ered over to death for our sins  and was raised to life for our jus­ti­fi­ca­tion’ (Romans 4:25, my emphasis).

The res­ur­rec­tion means that we can be assured of our sal­va­tion. It con­firms two things: that Jesus is who he says he is, and that he’s done all that he said he would. The Sav­iour is vin­di­cated in the face of all who rejected his claims. Sal­va­tion is assured in the face of all our doubts.


“Full of great images, clearly orga­nized, encour­ag­ing, humor­ous, bib­li­cal, insightful—I could go on. Read­ing this lit­tle vol­ume on this cen­tral but neglected topic will ben­e­fit your life.”

MARK DEVER, Capi­tol Hill Bap­tist Church

“After Mark Dever rec­om­mended Lifted, the pas­toral staff of Covenant Life Church all put aside time to read and dis­cuss it—you should too.”

JOSHUA HARRIS, Covenant LIfe Church

PRICE 9.99 PAGES 144 ISBN: 9781596384316 BINDING Paper­back KINDLE $5.99

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