A Brief History of P&R

In 1930, Samuel G. Craig and several others including J. Gresham Machen and James Schrader, founded a new publishing company – Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing. P&R started out by publishing a periodical called Christianity Today. Later, P&R began publishing books when Samuel Craig’s best friend, Oswald T. Allis needed a publisher for his two manuscripts.

Below, the first two books published by P&R and written by author Oswald T. Allis: The Five Books of Moses (Left), Oswald Allis (center), and Prophecy and the Church (right):

“Dr. Allis had two manuscripts ready for publication: his authoritative defense of the Mosaic authorship of the Pentateuch, The Five Books of Moses, and Prophecy and the Church, a classic critique of dispensationalism . . . Dr. Allis, having some difficulty finding a suitable publisher, discussed the problem with my father . . . At some time in their discussion they became aware that the charter and bylaws of Christianity Today were broad enough to permit the publication of books. So as an experiment it was decided to publish these two books. The result was highly gratifying and the Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Company was on its way.”

—Charles H. Craig, son of Samuel G. Craig


Today we have over 600 titles in print and have an estimated 50 new titles per year. The following are the subject areas of P&R’s books:

  • Apolo­get­ics & Evangelism
  • Bible Study
  • Bib­li­cal Reference
  • Chris­t­ian Living
  • Church Min­istry
  • Coun­sel­ing
  • Reformed Tra­di­tions
  • The­ol­ogy
  • Women’s Resources
  • World­view & Ethics
  • Youth & Fiction

Below, Samuel G. Craig (Left) and Charles H. Craig (Right).


The Unfolding Mystery—25th Anniversary Edition

P&R released a new edition of The Unfolding Mystery, now with study and application questions by Eowyn Jones Stoddard, the author’s granddaughter.

Have you ever wondered what Christ said to his disciples on the Emmaus road—making their hearts burn? Follow Ed Clowney through the Old Testament as he shows how all the Scriptures point to Christ. As you explore Old Testament characters and events, you’ll be inspired by the many specific insights they give us into Jesus’ character and lordship.


“Dr. Clowney’s admirable treatment should be greatly valued . . . Expect your heart to be stirred, as well as your head cleared.”

– J. I. Packer, Board of Governors’ Professor of Theology, Regent College, Vancouver, British Columbia

“Edmund Clowney has guided thousands of readers along the same path through the Old Testament on which Jesus led [two downcast disciples], replacing shattered dreams with confident joy.”

– Dennis E. Johnson, Professor of Practical Theology, Westminster Seminary California

“This wonderful book is both a fitting legacy for [Clowney] and an inspiring introduction to his work for a new generation of Christians.”

– Iain M. Duguid, Professor of Biblical and Religious Studies, Grove City College, Grove City, Pennsylvania

PRICE $12.99 PAGES 224 ISBN 978-1-59638-892-5 BINDING paper

Edmund Clowney was an influential pastor, theologian, and educator, both in church settings and several leading seminaries. The author of acclaimed works such as The Unfolding Mystery, Dr. Clowney completed How Jesus Transforms the Ten Commandments shortly before his death in 2005.

Now Available: Extravagant Grace by Barbara Duguid

Why do Christians—even mature Christians—still sin so often? Why doesn’t God set us free? We seem to notice more sin in our lives all the time, and we wonder if our progress is a constant disappointment to God. Where is the joy and peace we read about in the Bible?

Barbara Duguid turns to the writings of John Newton to teach us God’s purpose for our failure and guilt—and to help us adjust our expectations of ourselves. Her empathetic, honest approach lifts our focus from our own performance back to the God who is bigger than our failures—and who uses them for his glory. Rediscover how God’s extravagant grace makes the gospel once again feel like the good news it truly is!


“If you desire to follow Jesus but still feel like such a sinner, this is the perfect book for you.” ~ Edward T. Welch, author of When People Are Big and God Is Small, Addictions: A Banquet in the Grave, and Blame It on the Brain?

“I cannot commend this book enough. We need more and more books like this that remind us that the focus of the Christian faith is not the life of the Christian, but Christ.” ~ Tullian Tchividjian, Pastor of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church and author of Jesus + Nothing = Everything

“Buy this book. Buy one for a friend and live in the freedom that only the good news of the gospel can bring.” ~ Elyse Fitzpatrick, author of Idols of the Heart

“Barb tells the story of God’s unrelenting compassion toward sinners like us with profound wisdom.” ~ Michael Horton, J. Gresham Machen Professor of Systematic Theology and Apologetics, Westminster Seminary California

Sample Chapter | Table of Contents

Read more about Extravagant Grace on P&R’s website by clicking here.

Barbara Duguid is a counselor and ministry assistant at Christ Presbyterian Church (ARP) in Grove City, Pennsylvania, where she crafts the weekly liturgy. She is a pastor’s wife and the mother of six children, and she holds an advanced certificate in biblical counseling from the Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation in Glenside, Pennsylvania.


Just In: Housewife Theologian by Aimee Byrd

This book is for women—for all women who want to explore beneath the superficial and get to know God, and themselves, better.

While striving to find meaning amid the mundane and ordinary, many women find themselves swallowed up by culture’s expectations, trying to escape the labels that trap and define them. But Aimee Byrd is determined to reclaim terms like housewife, which have divided many women, to unite them instead in their common calling.

What is this calling, and how can women rise above what the world offers? By taking back another term—theologian—and knowing God intimately. Aimee will help you evaluate your Christian life and see your world from a different perspective. Great for journaling and for group discussion.

What are people saying about Aimee's book?

“Aimee Byrd has created a resource that will benefit women tremendously. . . [and] will certainly facilitate some fantastic discussions in your small groups.”

– Gloria Furman, author of Glimpses of Grace: Treasuring the Gospel in Your Home

“With wisdom, warmth, and wit, Aimee challenges women to think biblically about all of life. She connects sound doctrine to daily life in a way that inspires us to intentionally live out the gospel.”

– Susan Hunt, Author and Women’s Ministry Consultant, Christian Education and Publications, Presbyterian Church in America

“Aimee Byrd turns the word housewife on its head, bringing it back to life.”

– Trillia Newbell, author, writer, Editor of Karis, the Women’s Channel at The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood

Sample ChapterTable of Contents | Check out Housewife Theologian on P&R’s site

Aimee Byrd is just an ordinary mom of three living in Martinsburg, West Virginia. Aside from that amazing gig, Aimee has made a fool of herself in martial arts training, survived college, dabbled in ceramics, owned a coffee shop, braved leading the youth group with her husband, become a Bible study teacher and blogger, and done a little speaking on the side. Since her children’s schedules have majorly cut into her social life, she has resorted to writing.

Interested in Aimee’s blog?  Check it out here!

New Series Release – Christian Answers to Hard Questions


When faced with hard questions, how do you even begin to answer? Partnered with Westminster Theological Seminary, P&R Publishing presents its new booklet series which kicks-off with 6 new booklets. Ranging from 32-48 pages, these booklets include biblical and scholarly reasoning from authors who have been addressing these hard questions for years. Written to equip and strengthen laypeople in their defense of the faith, Christian Answers to Hard Questions challenges contemporary opposition to Christianity with concise, practical answers. Be on the lookout for upcoming booklets in the series!

Christian Interpretations of Genesis 1 by Vern S. Poythress

Several interpretations of Genesis and scientific evidence endeavor to demonstrate harmony: among them young-earth creationism, mature creation, the day-age theory, the analogical-day theory, and the framework hypothesis. Vern Poythress explores which is best.

Christianity and the Role of Philosophy by K. Scott Oliphint

“The role of philosophy must be subservient to theology,” says Scott Oliphint, who demonstrates that it is only when we begin with God and his Word that we engage in true philosophy.

Creation, Evolution, and Intelligent Design by Gonzalez & Richards

What are creationism, evolution, and intelligent design really about? Has materialism displaced God as the best explanation for our existence? Jay Richards and Guillermo Gonzales serve up a guide for the perplexed.

Should You Believe in God? by K. Scott Oliphint

People increasingly demonstrate a disbelief in God. In a conversational style, apologist Scott Oliphint discusses why belief is still a preferable and more coherent position than unbelief and answers common objections to Christian belief.


The Morality of God in the Old Testament by G. K. Beale

Can God be morally good if he commanded the Israelites to exterminate the Canaanites? G. K. Beale tackles troubling passages in the Old Testament to show that Scripture can be true and God still good.


Was Jesus Really Born of a Virgin? by Brandon D. Crowe

Do you know why the virgin birth of Christ is a significant doctrine? Seven objections to the virgin birth are considered, along with an investigation of the relevant biblical texts.


Price: $4.99 per booklet Pages: Range between 32 and 48 pages each Binding: Paper
Series Editors: Peter A. Lillback and Steven T. Huff