2011 Top 5 Books

Equipping Counselors for Your Church

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Bob Kelleman’s book “Equip­ping Coun­selors for Your Church” listed as #4 in David Murray’s top five books of 2011.

Bob Kelle­men shifted my think­ing with this vision­ary yet prac­ti­cal book. I prob­a­bly don’t reach up to Bob’s opti­mism about this task (who could!), but he cer­tainly made me hope and work towards a much greater role for every-member coun­sel­ing min­istry in the local church.”

—David Mur­ray


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Adventures in the American Revolution

The Adven­tures in the Amer­i­can Rev­o­lu­tion series (short-listed for the Crown Book Awards), fol­lows the life of Annie Henry, daugh­ter of Patrick Henry, and gives young adults an excit­ing look at life dur­ing America’s War of Independence.

Susan Olasky

Susan Olasky co-founded and chaired the Austin Cri­sis Preg­nancy Cen­ter in Austin, Texas. She is the book review edi­tor and a senior writer for WORLD magazine.

As she grows from a young girl to a teenager, Annie Henry’s char­ac­ter remains gen­uine in the six-year span cap­tured so beau­ti­fully by Susan Olasky in her Amer­i­can Rev­o­lu­tion series . . . At times her faith is tested, but in the process she learns to trust in God anew.”—San­dra Mor­row, Awards Direc­tor, Triple Crown Award


Adventures in the American Revolution Series Pack

Also avail­able is the com­plete four-book series in a prepack­aged set

ICRS Book Signings and Blue People!

Author Brock East­man and, “Obbin” the blue boy from ‘Taken,’ took pic­tures with guests at ICRS 2011.

Events on day two of ICRS were full and plenty. P&R hosted three of their more recent authors to come out to the booth for author book signings.






Susan Olasky started off the day at 10 am, sign­ing her book Annie Henry and the Secret Mis­sion to pro­mote her reprinted children’s series, “Adven­tures in the Amer­i­can Revolution.”

This his­tor­i­cal fic­tion series, writ­ten for chil­dren ages 8–14, is based on the real life daugh­ter of Amer­i­can Rev­o­lu­tion fig­ure, Patrick Henry. The series takes the young Annie Henry through her grow­ing up, as the Rev­o­lu­tion­ary war is wag­ing and tells of how she copes with events tak­ing place around her and her faith in and rela­tion­ship with God.


Kath­leen Niel­son fol­lowed up at 1 pm to sign and pro­mote her new title Bible Study, which is a how-to guide on the approach to study­ing God’s Word.

Kath­leen now has 8 dif­fer­ent bible study titles pub­lished through P&R in a series called Liv­ing Word Bible Stud­ies. A 9th study, Nehemiah, will be com­ing out in the fall!


Brock East­man stole the spot­light in his book sign­ing at 3 pm Tues­day after­noon. Brock brought on board a young lad who was will­ing to cover him­self in blue body paint to mimic one of the main char­ac­ters in the book Taken. From young to old, peo­ple were lined up for a lit­tle inter­ac­tion and a signed copy of Brock’s newest book. Taken is the first of a 5 book series called The Quest for Truth and is sure to bring a lot of excite­ment and adven­ture to our younger audiences.

Co-published with Focus on the Fam­ily, you can be sure of a good, clean adven­ture mixed with plenty of action and a mes­sage of truth and hope to keep young minds want­ing more! On a side note, the young par­tic­i­pant who painted his body blue, came to dis­cover that the paint needed a primer layer before apply­ing to the body. Need­less to say, the removal process was far off from pleas­ant. Inter­est­ingly enough, the young boy is our VP of editorial’s grand­son and we are all now in trou­ble . . . :P


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WORLD Magazine Book of the Year!


WORLD Mag­a­zine announced its annual “Book of the Year” award for 2011. This year P&R Publishing’s Should Christian’s Embrace Evo­lu­tion? was one of two books selected for this hon­orary award.

Pre­vi­ous book awards include:
2008: The Rea­son for God by Tim Keller 2009: The ESV Study Bible 2010: The Bat­tle by Arthur Brooks

To see the fea­tured arti­cle from the lat­est edi­tion of WORLD Mag­a­zine: Click Here

Should Chris­tians Embrace Evo­lu­tion? is now avail­able in most stores wher­ever Chris­t­ian books are sold.

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