World Magazine Book of the Year 2011, Should Christians Embrace Evolution? by Norman C. Nevin 9781596382305

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We are witnessing an aggressive attack on the credibility of the Christian faith. Christians are increasingly called to embrace Darwinian evolution—or acknowledge that they are altogether opposed to science.

But for the contributors to this volume, this is a false premise. Committed to the authority of Scripture, the need for careful exegesis, and the importance of rigorous scientific investigation, these thirteen scientists and theologians offer valuable perspectives on a controversial area of debate for concerned Christians who are determined to draw their own conclusions.

This is a most helpful compilation, which is designed to make one think very seriously about the whole issue of evolution and the Bible. To those who love the Scriptures, and seek to be faithful to them, this will prove enormously helpful.” —Rt. Rev. Wallace Benn

Table of Contents Foreword—Wayne Grudem Preface: A twenty-first-century challenge—Phil Hills 1. Evolution and the Church—Alistair Donald 2. The language of Genesis—Alistair McKitterick 3. Adam and Eve—Michael Reeves 4. The fall and death—Greg Haslam 5. Creation, redemption and eschatology—David Anderson 6. The nature and character of God—Andrew Sibley 7. Faith and creation—R. T. Kendall 8. Towards a science worthy of creatures in imago Dei—Steve Fuller 9. Interpretation of scientific evidence A. Homology—Norman Nevin B. The nature of the fossil record—Norman Nevin C. Chromosomal fusion and common ancestry—Geoff Barnard D. Information and thermodynamics—Andy McIntosh 10. Does the genome provide evidence for common ancestry?—Geoff Barnard 11. The origin of life: scientists play dice—John Walton Conclusion: Should Christians embrace evolution?—Phil Hills and Norman Nevin

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