“This is the first book I would give to a scholar or layperson desiring to learn more about justification.” —Thomas R. Schreiner

PRICE $17.99 PAGES 240 ISBN 9781596380509 BINDING Paperback

Justification by Grace through Faith: Finding Freedom from Legalism, Pride, and Despair by Brian Vickers

The doctrine of justification as an alien, imputed righteousness has been under attack for several years. This biblical theology of justification traces how the doctrine unfolds in Scripture and how, in Christ, God provides everything needed for sinners to be made right with him. Whether we are struggling with legalism, lawlessness, pride, or despair, a biblical view of justification will lead us away from ourselves to the God who accepts us fully in Christ.

BRIAN VICKERS (Ph.D., The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) is Associate Professor of New Testament Interpretation at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky.

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PRICE $17.99 PAGES 240 ISBN 9781596380509 BINDING Paperback