Despite what that professional photo shoot may lead you to believe, I myself am not a housewife. (I’m not even the same model from the front cover.) However, while helping with Aimee’s book behind the scenes did give me an insider’s perspective, I think the most important thing I can say is that although I’m clearly not the target market . . . I really like this book. I like it in particular, even as a standout from many other books. And I couldn’t be more excited that it is coming out soon.

The reason I like this book so much, even though I am not a housewife, is the same reason I think you will like it even if you aren’t a housewife. Because while Aimee speaks from a housewife’s perspective, the topics she tackles should feel familiar to us all—to women especially, but not exclusively. They are things that tie us together as humans, no matter what our daily job is: what we think about, what our culture thinks of us, our successes, our failures, our sin . . . everyday experiences that may seem very small, but can be a springboard for us to think about truths that are bigger than all of us—if we take the time to let them.

That’s what Aimee helps us to do—she reminds us that the gospel, far from being a lofty idea set apart from everyday life, is woven together with it and leaves echoes of itself everywhere. When we wonder how we measure up in our neighbors’ eyes, the gospel reminds us to think bigger, about how God sees us. When we think about the roles society has stuck us with, the gospel reminds us of the exciting role we share in God’s kingdom. Looking for these excuses to think about God is theology, and that’s what Aimee’s book offers to us all. Do you know God? Does your life show evidence of both his grace and a fallen world? Then you are already a theologian. Aimee is here to help you make it intentional!

That’s why I am excited about this book—it speaks to what we all experience, and it has something better to offer us. I hope women everywhere will pick up this book and be encouraged to focus their everyday thoughts deliberately on God and his kingdom, becoming theologians wherever they are and whatever they do.

But, I have to admit, I’m also a little nervous about something. I hope nobody debating whether to read this book will look at the title and say, “I don’t like the word housewife. It implies a lot of things I don’t like, and I’m not sure this book is for me.” If those are your thoughts, let me assure you—Aimee knows that you don’t like the word. And she knows it has picked up some unfortunate meanings from a sinful culture’s unfair stereotypes, trying (and failing) to rob the word and the role it describes of godly dignity and potential. But, rather than running away from what society has done, Aimee is determined to be proactive and redefine the word. To take it back. I hope that, instead of “running away” from her book, you will read it and learn how to do the same!

(After all, if I can set aside my dignity enough to wear an apron and put books in my refrigerator, I’m sure you can set aside your dislike for the word housewife! Take it from someone who will never be a housewife, but is starting to realize what a theologian he is—it is well, well worth it.)


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