Since there are so many booklets in this series (36 and counting!), I have not included much information about each title in order to keep the post a manageable length. Instead, if you are interested in finding out about a specific booklet, click on the title and you will be taken to our website where you will find price, page count, summary, endorsements, and sample chapters (some of the older booklets will only have some of this information). Or you can click here and be directed to our Basics of the Faith series page on our website.

Basics of the Faith booklets introduce readers to basic Reformed doctrine and practice. On issues of church government and practice they reflect that framework – otherwise they are suitable for all church situations.

What is a True Calvinist? by Philip Graham Ryken ~ Release Date: 5/19/03 

What is a Reformed Church? by Stephen E. Smallman ~ Release Date: 5/19/03

What is True Conversion? by Stephen E. Smallman ~ Release Date: 2/9/05

What is the Lord’s Supper? by Richard D. Phillips ~ Release Date: 2/9/05

What is the Christian Worldview? by Philip Graham Ryken ~ Release Date: 11/13/06

What Are Election and Predestination? by Richard D. Phillips ~ Release Date: 11/13/06

How Our Children Come to Faith by Stephen E. Smallman ~ Release Date: 1/10/07

Why Do We Baptize Infants? by Bryan Chapell ~ Release Date: 1/10/07

What is Justification by Faith Alone? by J. V. Fesko ~ Release Date: 2/15/08

How Do We Glorify God? by John D. Hannah ~ Release Date: 2/15/08

What is Providence? by Derek W. H. Thomas ~ Release Date: 6/2/08

What is Biblical Preaching? by Eric J. Alexander ~ Release Date: 10/1/08

What is Spiritual Warfare? by Stanley D. Gale ~ Release Date: 10/1/08

What is Perseverance of the Saints? by Michael A. Milton ~ Release Date: 2/2/09

What is Church Government? by Sean Michael Lucas ~ Release Date: 6/1/09

What is Vocation? by Stephen J. Nichols ~ Release Date: 5/1/10

What is Hell? by Robert A. Peterson & Christopher W. Morgan ~ Release Date: 6/2/10

What is Worship Music? by Paul S. Jones ~ Release Date: 6/14/10

What Are Spiritual Gifts? by Vern S. Poythress ~ Release Date: 9/20/10

What is the Atonement? by Richard D. Phillips ~ Release Date: 10/20/10

What is Man? by A. Craig Troxel ~ Release Date: 10/20/10

What is Grace? by Sean Michael Lucas ~ Release Date: 2/21/11

Why Believe in God? by Daniel R. Hyde ~ Release Date: 2/21/11

What is Discipleship? by Stephen E. Smallman ~ Release Date: 2/21/11

Why God Gave Us a Book by Gene Edward Veith ~ Release Date: 7/22/11

What Is the Doctrine of Adoption? by Michael A. Milton ~ Release Date: 1/3/12

Why Do We Have Creeds? by Burk Parsons ~ Release Date: 1/25/12

Why Do We Pray? by Stanley D. Gale ~ Release Date: 6/18/12

What Is Faith? by Guy M. Richard ~ Release Date: 6/18/12

What Is the Trinity? by David F. Wells ~ Release Date: 6/18/12

Is Jesus in the Old Testament? by Iain M. Duguid ~ Release Date: 2/4/13

What Happens after Death? by Richard D. Phillips ~ Release Date: 3/15/13

What Is Mercy Ministry? by Philip Graham Ryken & Noah J. Toly ~ Release Date: 3/15/13

Am I Called? by George W. Robertson ~ Release Date: 3/15/13

What Is the Bible? by Guy Prentiss Waters ~ Release Date: 9/4/13

What Is the Incarnation? by William B. Evans ~ Release Date: 9/4/13


Upcoming titles in BOF series with estimated releases:

What Is Regeneration? by Matthew M. Barrett ~ Estimated Release: Fall 2013

What Is Evangelism? by George W. Robertson ~ Estimated Release: Fall 2013

What is the Covenant? by J. Ligon Duncan III ~ Estimated Release: Summer 2014

What Is Male Leadership in the Church? by Richard D. Phillips ~ Estimated Release: Summer 2014

What Is the Resurrection? by Joel R. Beeke ~ Estimated Release: Summer 2014

* Price for each booklet will eventually be $4.99 each. Some of the booklets that were published a while ago (this series is now over 10 years old), are now set at $3.99, but when the time comes for these booklets to be reprinted, the price will be raised to $4.99.