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Have you ever been to a “Bible study” that didn’t have much “Bible” or “study” at all? Without a proper understanding of how to do it, students can be disappointed or scared away from studying the Bible. So what is Bible study—and can it work for high schoolers?

No stranger to teaching the Bible to teenagers, Jon Nielson confirms that real, meaningful Bible study is not only possible for students, but important. He takes students seriously and expects them to take their faith seriously. Unpacking five truths about the Bible—that it is God speaking, is powerful, is understandable, is literary, and is one story—he demonstrates how the Bible should be studied and how teenagers themselves can lead that study.

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Shawn Brower

Brower’s first book, We Became Men, is an invitation for young men who have been waiting for a guide that affirms and validates them, and empowers them to pursue manhood from a biblical perspective. This book will give young men clear vision and direction for their life in vital, life-changing areas such as performance, temptations, relationships, idols, boredom with life, and much more.

The Huddle comprehensively prepares and equips high-school and college-level athletes to be successful on the field and, using the metaphor of a team huddle, in their relationships and all of life.

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Karl Graustein with Mark Jacobsen-

Many teens are active in church youth programs, yet drop out of church later in life and never return. Other young adults rest on the merits of their parents’ faith without ever experiencing their own relationship with Jesus Christ. In this book, the authors seek to help teenagers who have grown up in Christian homes by reminding them of the blessings of growing up in a Christian home, warning them of some of the dangers they face, providing practical suggestions for avoiding these dangers, and urging them to think and live in a way that pleases God.

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Jeremiah Montgomery

An epic battle between good and evil commences in The Dark Faith, the first book in the masterful Dark Harvest Trilogy. It is a battle that will push three warrior-clerics to the very limits of their strength – and their faith – as they fight to unearth the truth of an ancient evil, a tree rooted in bloodshed, and a fabled book that holds the secrets they seek.

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Douglas Bond

Doug Bond wrote two historic novels on John Calvin (The Betrayal) and another on John Knox (The Thunder). Find out more about Bond’s books by visiting his website by clicking here.

In his Fathers and Sons books, Bond alerts young men to the dangers that face them, teaches them how to put away sin and worship God, prepares them to be leaders and fathers, and helps them be in culture, but not of culture.

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L. B. Graham

The Binding of the Blade is an original fantasy series based in part on the prophesy from the book of Isaiah. In book 1, Beyond the Summerland, the adventure begins for a band of young Novaana, eager to serve and rule the four regions of the world of Kirthanin.

Kirthanin is enjoying a time of peace, though Malek, Master of the Forge and betrayer of old, controls Agia Muldonai, the Holy Mountain. Malek’s servants are growing bolder and venturing farther from their mountain stronghold, and the fragility of Kirthanin’s peace is growing ever more apparent. Join this adventure of friendship, love, and betrayal. Ride through majestic forests, and sail the forgotten waters. Rest a while in a summer paradise and walk the streets of an ancient and forbidden city. The greatest challenge of the Novaana’s lives is only the beginning.

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