Scripture calls us to learn and rehearse God’s story of grace, because doing so calls us to live a life of faith, hope, and love – the essence of worship.

These Living Story Bible studies aim to bring the transforming power of the gospel to bear on your life. As you interact with this material, we hope you will experience the freedom to live in God’s story of grace with deeper faith, greater hope, and more passionate love. The format is designed to take you into the grand narrative of Scripture, your story, and others’ stories by giving you opportunities to pray and live what you are studying. The following sections are found in each chapter to help you go deeper:

Engaging Scripture: Here you will focus on a passage or story from Scripture and answer questions for insight, reflection, and discussion. This draws us to worship God and follow Christ.

Theological Theme: This section discusses a theme that God consistently reveals through Scripture.

Entering Your Story: This section takes the passage and shifts the focus to what God is writing in your story. Here you will be given opportunities to wrte and tell your story.

Living Story: This section invites you to reflect on how you will live out the gospel in the topic being explored.

Praying Story: The final section offers an opportunity to write or say prayers regarding the story.


1. Learning God’s Story of Grace

ISBN: 978-1-59638-243-5

Released: 5/27/2011

Page Count: 128

Price: $12.99




An introduction to the grand story of Scripture. Learn how shalom, the ultimate peace was wrecked, restored, and will finally reign supreme—and how your own life story fits and finds meaning in it all.


2. Living God’s Story of Grace

ISBN: 978-1-59638-439-2

Released: 6/25/2012

Page Count: 144

Price: $12.99





An encouraging, vital study of the redemption stories in Scripture. If you have already learned God’s story of grace, find out what it means to live in his story in faith and hope.


3. Loving in God’s Story of Grace

To be released: Spring 2014




Elizabeth Reynolds Turnage is the founder of Living Story LLC and Redeemed Hearts Ministry and shares her deep passion for God’s story of grace through conferences, curriculum-writing, and coaching.

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