There are now 9 booklets in our Christian Answers to Hard Questions series with a new one expected to be released this July. This series is published in partnership with Westminster Seminary Press.

Written to equip and strengthen laypeople in their defense of the faith,
Christian Answers to Hard Questions challenges contemporary
opposition to Christianity with concise, practical answers.


1. Christianity and the Role of Philosophy by K. Scott Oliphint

Sample Content | 40 pages | $4.99

Summary: “The role of philosophy must be subservient to theology,” says Scott Oliphint, who demonstrates that it is only when we begin with God and his Word that we engage in true philosophy.


2. Should You Believe in God? by K. Scott Oliphint

Sample Content | 32 pages | $4.99

Summary: People increasingly demonstrate a disbelief in God. In a conversational style, apologist Scott Oliphint discusses why belief is still a preferable and more coherent position than unbelief and answers common objections to Christian belief.


3. Was Jesus Really Born of a Virgin? by Brandon D. Crowe

Sample Content | 32 pages | $4.99

Summary: Do you know why the virgin birth of Christ is a significant doctrine? Brandon Crowe considers seven objections to the virgin birth and investigates the relevant biblical texts.


4. Creation, Evolution, and Intelligent Design by Guillermo Gonzalez & Jay W. Richards

Sample Content | 32 pages | $4.99

Summary: What are creationism, evolution, and intelligent design really about? Has materialism displaced God as the best explanation for our existence? Jay Richards and Guillermo Gonzalez serve up a guide for the perplexed.


5. Christian Interpretations of Genesis 1 by Vern S. Poythress

Sample Content | 32 pages | $4.99

Summary: Scholar of science and theology Vern Poythress examines which of the contemporary interpretations of Genesis are most consistent with scientific evidence and careful biblical interpretation. He presents the case for young-earth creationism, mature creation, the day-age theory, the analogical-day theory and the framework hypothesis to see which of them stand up to scrutiny.


6. The Morality of God in the Old Testament by G. K. Beale

Sample Content | 48 pages | $4.99

Summary: Can God be morally good if he commanded the Israelites to exterminate the Canaanites? Beale tackles troubling passages in the Old Testament to show that Scripture can be true and God still good.


7. How Did Evil Come into the World? by William Edgar

32 pages | $4.99

Summary: In our world things are not the way they are supposed to be. If God is perfect, loving, and powerful, why does he allow this world to be so painful and imperfect? Scripture provides satisfying answers to these questions.


8. Did Adam Exist? by Vern S. Poythress

40 pages | $4.99

Summary: Can we still believe in a historical Adam? Vern Poythress offers a theologically and scientifically informed evaluation of the claims that genetic analyses show Adam could not have existed.


9. How Can I Know for Sure? by David B. Garner

32 pages | $4.99

Summary: To many, the only remaining certainty in our world is uncertainty. Pluralism has convinced us that unchanging truth, if it exists at all, is entirely beyond our grasp. All we are left with is a circular argument in which all the answers come from us. Only the authoritative voice of Scripture can dispel such clouds of doubt and confusion. Garner shows us that we can know truth, and know it with assurance.



Peter A. Lillback and Steven T. Huff are series editors.


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