The Heart Is the Target: Preaching Practical Application from Every Text by Murray Capill

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Pages: 272


Summary: God’s Word is powerful, and when preached clearly and applied this impact. When it is concerned merely with teaching information, it can leave congregations unmoved, and when it sacrifices substance for relevance, it shortchanges the power of the text.

For preaching to truly change lives, biblical faithfulness and insightful application must work together—a powerful combination.

Murray Capill helps preachers to shape sermons that impact lives with lasting application. He takes preachers through the “living application” preaching process—moving the Word of God, via the life of the preacher, to the lives of the hearers. His model avoids the pitfalls of tacked-on application and enables preachers to aim at the heart from start to finish, and he outlines how they can do so in some specific preaching challenges. Here are the tools to systematically explore the application potential of any text, in any situation.

About the Author:

MURRAY CAPILL (D.Min., Westminster Theological Seminary, California) has pastored churches in New Zealand and Australia and is principal at the Reformed Theological College in Geelong, Australia, where he lectures in preaching and pastoral ministry.


What Others Are Saying About this Book:
“Experienced preachers are well aware of the pitfalls that pervade the terrain of application in preaching. . . . The Heart is the Target not only provides biblical and theological correctives to such errors and imbalances, but also offers practical guidance in preparing sermons that serve the transformative purposes of the Bible.”
Dennis E. Johnson, Professor of Practical Theology, Westminster Theological Seminary, California


“Murray Capill has obviously thought deeply and long about sermon application and clearly has a passion for it—one that is highly appealing to the reader. There is a sensitive awareness of the situation of the ‘average preacher.’ . . . I wish I had had this text in my hands when I began preaching over fifty years ago.”
— Bruce Milne, traveling preacher and teacher of pastoral leaders


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