Have you checked out the Living Story series by Elizabeth Turnage?


Book #1 – Learning God’s Story of Grace | 128 pages | $12.99

Summary: An introduction to the grand story of Scripture. Learn how shalom, the ultimate peace was wrecked, restored, and will finally reign supreme.

Book #2 – Living God’s Story of Grace | 144 pages | $12.99

Summary: An encouraging, vital study of the redemption stories in Scripture. If you have already learned God’s story of grace, find out what it means to live in his story in faith and hope.

Book #3 – Loving in God’s Story of Grace | 144 pages | $12.99

Summary: Having taught us to learn and live God’s story of grace, in this final Living Story book Elizabeth Turnage teaches us the ultimate joy: loving others as God loves us.


Check out Elizabeth Turnage’s new website by clicking HERE. While you’re there, make sure to look at her “Books” page to learn more about the Living Story series:  http://www.elizabethturnage.com/books/.