Psalms of Promise: Celebrating the Majesty and Faithfulness of God, 2nd ed.
by E. Calvin Beisner

304 Pages | $10.99 | Paperback | Published: 1994

Summary: “This book…is a summons to holiness, a celebration of the beauty and sweetness of God, a call to preach and teach and live the gospel in a needy world.” So writes E. Calvin Beisner in the preface to this devotional exposition of 19 select psalms. Beisner explores what the Psalms tell us about the character of God and his relationship with his people – his covenant of grace. By highlighting that covenant, Beisner shows the overarching unity of the richly varied experiences portrayed by the psalmists. The Psalms offer us not disjointed glimpses of God but a grand mosaic crafted to inspire worship and a godly walk.

About the Author:

E. Calvin Beisner (BA, University of Southern California, MA, International College) was associate Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies at Covenant College, Lookout Mountain, Tennessee from 1992-2000. He is an ordained elder in the Presbyterian Church in America and the author of several books on the application of Christian theology to life.

What Others Say About this Book:

“Cal Beisner has done us a favor in opening up select psalms to our understanding so that we can profit from them with both our heads and our hearts.” – Jerry Bridges

“No reader can study these beautifully worded meditations without being profoundly moved.” – Gleason L. Archer

Psalms of Promise is a book that should be in the library of every family and in every pastor’s study…an excellent tool of the trade for pastors who are preaching from the Psalms.” Christian Observer