3 Books from our Women Theologians

Day 2 of our 5 Days of Books Giveaways features titles from our resident women theologians!

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About the Books

housewife theoloigan

While striving to find meaning amid the mundane and ordinary, many women find themselves swallowed up by culture’s expectations, trying to escape the labels that trap and define them. But Aimee Byrd is determined to reclaim terms like housewife, which have divided many women, to unite them instead in their common calling.

“This is a fine book, written with gusto and infectious enthusiasm.” Carl R Trueman, Paul Woolley Professor of Church History, Westminster Theological Seminary

joyIn twelve lessons Jane Roach takes us to different aspects of the cross, showing us what the crucifixion meant to Jesus—and what it can mean to us. Why was it necessary? Why did Jesus embrace it? And how do we take up our crosses and follow him?

“I commend this study tool to any and all readers. It is well written, pedagogically sound, theologically insightful, practically relevant, and personally penetrating.” —John Hannah, Professor of Historical Theology, Dallas Theological Seminary

judgesFollowing her mind-heart-hands model of application, Sarah Ivill’s gospel-centered Bible study provides questions and commentary to accompany a careful, redemptive-historical reading of these books in eighteen weeks (thirteen for Judges and five for Ruth). Readers will be both helped and challenged, emerging from their study with both a mastery over the subject matter and new ways to live a gospel-focused life.

“If you want to be overwhelmed by God’s faithful grace in the dark times of the Judges and the difficult personal circumstances of Naomi and Ruth, you will find much to treasure in this book.” — Iain M. Duguid, Author, Esther & Ruth (Reformed Expository Commentary) andIs Jesus in the Old Testament? 

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