Have you ever tried to “read through the Bible in a year” but failed before even getting half-way through?

We’ve all been there.

You hoped to tackle the Old Testament but got bogged down at the long list of names. Maybe you made it to Leviticus but eventually bailed at the section on infectious skin diseases. Reading Scripture all the way through takes work. So much so that studies report less than 20% of Christians read their Bible consistently.

But why?

For many of us, we fail to make it through the whole of Scripture because we failed to understand the beginning – Genesis.

Keith Mathison writes:

“Understanding this first book, the Book of Genesis, is crucial to understanding the Old Testament and the entire Bible.”

If you want to understand the story of Scripture, you must understand Genesis. No wonder we fail half-way through our reading plans! Without careful study in Genesis – we never really start them.


In response, P&R is offering a FREE eCourse, 30 Days in Genesis, adapted from our yearlong devotional by Jon Nielson. This eCourse will walk you through Genesis, highlighting the major themes that reveal God’s story of redemption through Scripture.

30 Days in Genesis will provide you with the confidence and clarity to study “the whole council of God” in 2016.


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Who is Jon Nielson, and why should you trust him for 30 Days in Genesis?


Jon Nielson is the perfect candidate to serve as your tour guide. He is an expert in hermeneutics and Bible study methods. If fact, he wrote the book on it!

Jon has served as pastoral resident at Holy Trinity Church in Chicago and has worked in youth and sports ministry there. He has also worked as director of training for the Charles Simeon Trust, an organization that provides training in biblical exposition. He is currently the undergraduate ministry director for students at Princeton University.

(Sounds good, let’s do it!)

See what others are saying about The Story:

“An incredible resource for students to thoughtfully read the Bible. It’s true to Scripture, engaging, and concise yet thorough.”

—Gloria Furman, Author, Glimpses of Grace

“Your daily Bible-reading times just got better! This one-year devotional presents the big picture of the Bible in ways that press home a greater devotion to God.”

—David Helm, Pastor, Holy Trinity Church, Chicago

“Concise, clear, brief readings that will help anyone and everyone deepen their understanding of the big story of the Bible.”

—Nancy Guthrie, Author, The One Year Book of Discovering Jesus in the Old Testament