Stephen Smallman served for over forty years in pastoral ministry. He is an urban missionary serving with CityNet Ministries and is assistant pastor of New Life Presbyterian Church in Glenside, Pennsylvania. He is also the author of the following books and booklets:


1. The Walk: Steps for New and Renewed Followers of Jesus

224 pages | List Price: $12.99 | Paperback

Summary – The Walk assumes no prior understanding of discipleship but helps those interested in following Jesus. Can be used as a workbook or discussion group guide.

2. Beginnings: Understanding How We Experience the New Birth

208 pages | List Price: $12.99 | Paperback

Summary – This study of real-life conversion stories explores the ways people experience being “born again” and shows how Christians can best serve others as spiritual midwives rather than spiritual salespeople.

3. Forty Days on the Mountain: Meditations on Knowing God

160 pages | List Price: $12.99 | Paperback

Summary – Do you want to know God deeply? Try learning from someone who spoke to him face to face. This forty-day journey alongside Moses points to God’s glory revealed in Christ.

4. Understanding the Faith ESV Edition: A Workbook for Communicants Classes and Others Preparing to Make a Public Confession of Faith

96 pages | List Price: $11.99 | Paperback/Saddle Stitch

Summary – For those who want to join a church and profess their faith publicly. Smallman walks us through the essentials of the Christian faith using the Westminster Shorter Catechism.

5. What is a Reformed Church?

32 pages | List Price: $12.99 | Booklet | Basics of the Faith series

Summary – An introduction to the Reformed view of Scripture, divine sovereignty, the covenant of grace, the law of God, the church, and the kingdom of God.

6. What is True Conversion?

32 pages | List Price: $4.99 | Booklet | Basics of the Faith series

Summary – Whether a new convert or a longtime believing Christian, this booklet will help to bring you to a place where you entrust yourself to the care of the Savior.

7. How Our Children Come to Faith

32 pages | List Price: $4.99 | Booklet | Basics of the Faith series

Summary – A booklet written to Christian parents about how to raise their children in a spirit of faith rather than anxiety.

8. What is Discipleship?

32 pages | List Price: $4.99 | Booklet | Basics of the Faith series

Summary – How, practically, do we “go and make disciples”? Using ten building blocks, Stephen Smallman offers a framework for designing and implementing a theologically sound strategy for disciple-making.