Robert A. Peterson (MDiv, Biblical Theological Seminary; PhD, Drew University) was professor of systematic theology at Covenant Seminary for more than twenty-five years. He has served seven churches as an interim pastor and is the author of five P&R titles and a coauthor of two.


1. Hell on Trial: The Case for Eternal Punishment

272 pages | $17.99 | Paperback

Summary — With extreme care and faithfulness to Scripture, Peterson sets forth the case for eternal punishment and refutes four alternative views. A timely response to current denials of the historic position.

2. Election and Free Will: God’s Gracious Choice and Our Responsibility

224 pages | $17.99 | Paperback Explorations in Biblical Theology series

Summary — Traces Scripture’s teaching on election through the Bible and explains biblically the doctrine of free will. It tackles objections to predestination and concludes with applications of this neglected biblical teaching.

3. Our Secure Salvation: Preservation and Apostasy

256 pages | $14.99Paperback Explorations in Biblical Theology series

Summary — This is a fresh restatement of the case for the preservation of the saints, especially valuable in light of the insecurity of much of postmodern life.

4. Adopted by God: From Wayward Sinners to Cherished Children

208 pages | $12.99 | Paperback

Summary — Although we live in an age of family breakdown, family imagery is never far away in the Bible. Using exegesis and personal stories, Peterson tells the wonder of biblical adoption.

5. Getting to Know John’s Gospel: A Fresh Look at Its Main Ideas

162 pages | $12.99 | Paperback

Summary — This book will enrich your understanding of John’s Gospel and invigorate your faith. Ideal for Bible classes, study groups, and individuals.


6. Life Everlasting: The Unfolding Story of Heaven coauthored with Dan C. Barber

256 pages | $14.99Paperback Explorations in Biblical Theology series | SAMPLE CHAPTER

Summary — Life Everlasting is about heaven—our final salvation. In looking forward to our participation in the new heavens and new earth, we often seek information in the wrong places, so what does the Bible actually say?

7. What is Hell? coauthored with Christopher W. Morgan

40 pages | $4.99 | BookletBasics of the Faith series

Summary — Morgan and Peterson set forth a clear biblical theology of hell, addressing the major questions people have and applying what the Bible has to say about it to Christian living.