Philip Graham Ryken is president of Wheaton College. He is Bible teacher for the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals, speaking nationally on the radio program Every Last Word. Dr. Ryken was educated at Wheaton College, Westminster Theological Seminary, and the University of Oxford, where he received his doctorate in historical theology. He and his wife, Lisa, have five children.


Philip Ryken is the author or co-author of the following books:

1. The Communion of Saints: Living in Fellowship with the People of God

Released: 2001 | 240 pages | Paperback | $14.99

This biblical and practical guide, complete with leader’s guide and spiritual gifts questionnaire, guides those united in Christ toward life in the Christian community.

2. My Father’s World: Meditations on Christianity and Culture

Released: 2002 | 272 pages | Paperback | $13.99

Ryken analyzes current events and popular trends from a biblical viewpoint. He covers nine different areas, from marriage and family to church history, from science and technology to holidays.

3. What is a True Calvinist?

Released: 2003 | 32 pages | Booklet | $4.99 | Basics of the Faith series

This practical introduction to Reformed spirituality encourages a God-centered mind, penitent spirit, submissive will, holy life, and glorious purpose. Brief, easy to read, and easy to understand.

4. Give Praise to God: A Vision for Reforming Worship, Celebrating the Legacy of James Montgomery Boice   Co-edited with Derek W. H. Thomas and J. Ligon Duncan III

Originally released in 2003 as a hardcover, Re-released as a paperback in 2011 | 536 pages | $22.99

Old, Mohler, Clowney, Godfrey, Horton, and others write on the Bible and worship, elements of worship, preparing for worship, and worship history and culture.

5. The Church: One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic   Co-authored with Richard D. Phillips and Mark E. Dever

Released: 2004 | 160 pages | Paperback | $9.99

Three pastor-scholars explore the meaning for evangelicals today of the Nicene Creed’s affirmation of the church as “one, holy, catholic, and apostolic.”

6. Galatians

Released: 2005 | 312 pages | Hardcover | $24.99 | Reformed Expository Commentary series

Philip Graham Ryken interprets Galatians in line with Reformation teaching on this epistle, especially with respect to the doctrine of justification by faith alone.

7. Art for God’s Sake: A Call to Recover the Arts

Released: 2006 | 64 pages | Paperback | $6.99

Ryken brings into sharp focus a biblical view of the arts and the artists who make art for God’s sake.

8. When You Pray: Making the Lord’s Prayer Your Own

Released: 2006 | 208 pages | Paperback | $13.99

Looks at the power and truth in the phrases of the Lord’s Prayer, compares them with other biblical parallels, and shows you how to make this prayer your own.

9. What is the Christian Worldview?

Released: 2006 | 48 pages | Booklet | $4.99 | Basics of the Faith series

What does Christianity have to do with life? Ryken reveals the basis of a Christian worldview and describes how it affects one’s view of God, the family, and other issues.

10. 1 Timothy

Released: 2007 | 328 pages | Hardcover | $29.99Reformed Expository Commentary series

A commentary on 1 Timothy, emphasizing the defense of the faith. Other themes include qualifications of elders and deacons, care for church members, and proper conduct of public worship.

11. The Incarnation in the Gospels   Co-authored with Daniel Doriani and Richard D. Phillips

Released: 2008 | 240 pages | Hardcover | $22.99 | Reformed Expository Commentary series

Studies on Bible passages that talk about Advent by three respected pastors. An ideal resource for the pastor planning to preach on Advent or others wanting to study this subject.

12. Jesus on Trial   Co-authored with James Montgomery Boice

Released: 2009 | 128 pages | Paperback | $9.99

Provides details about the law in Jesus’ time and how it compares to our legal system. You will develop a new perspective on how and why he died for you.

13. Luke: 2 Volume Set

Released: 2009 | 1,488 pages | Hardcover | $59.99 | Reformed Expository Commentary series

Luke provides an orderly account of the life of Jesus that helps people understand that his death and resurrection are good news. This redemptive-historical commentary enlarges on that theme.

14. Courage to Stand: Jeremiah’s Message for Post-Christian Times

Released: 2009 | 208 pages | Paperback | $12.99

Lessons from Jeremiah’s life and ministry; down-to-earth help on how to live, think, and feel in a godless culture; and encouragement to proclaim God’s truth—regardless of cost.

15. Discovering God in Stories from the Bible

Released: 2010 | 240 pages | Paperback | $14.99

The thirteen Bible stories explained in this book are full of exciting truths about God’s nature and character that bear beneficial implications for us in our relationship with God.

16. Written in Stone: The Ten Commandments and Today’s Moral Crisis

Released: 2010 | 240 pages | Paperback | $14.99

Ryken offers basic principles for interpreting and applying the Ten Commandments—explaining each one, illustrating each with a biblical account, and relating each to the person and work of Christ.

17. 1 Kings

Released: 2011 | 636 pages | Hardcover | $34.99 | Reformed Expository Commentary series | SAMPLE CHAPTER

First Kings is a biblical, doctrinal, practical, and Christological commentary on the book of 1 Kings. The book falls into three parts, focusing on the gospel of Jesus Christ.

18. What Is Mercy Ministry?

Released: 2013 | 40 pages | Booklet | $4.99 | Basics of the Faith series | SAMPLE CHAPTER

Many people around us have desperate needs, and the Holy Spirit will not let us sit by and do nothing. This booklet encourages believers to act by pursuing a mercy ministry for their church.


19. 2 Kings | Hardcover | Reformed Expository Commentary series

He is also a contributor to the following books:

1. Assured by God: Living in the Fullness of God’s Grace, with Study Questions

Released: 2007 | 208 pages | Paperback | $12.99

Nothing stimulates Christian service more than the assurance of God’s saving grace. Although many are immobilized by doubts, these writers show where assurance lies in relation to other biblical doctrines.

2. Solid Ground: The Inerrant Word of God in an Errant World

Released: 2012 | 176 pages | Paperback | $13.99Best of Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology (PCRT) series | SAMPLE CHAPTER

Many evangelicals are questioning the authority of the Bible and the glory of its Author. Here eight leading pastor-scholars argue for the inspiration and inerrancy of the Word.

3. The Triune God

Released: 2014 | 352 pages | Paperback | $14.99 | Best of Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology (PCRT) series | SAMPLE CHAPTER

The persons of the Trinity appear throughout Scripture, and knowing them helps enrich our love for our triune God. Here leading pastors and preachers examine each member’s qualities and roles.

4. The God We Worship: Adoring the One Who Pursues, Redeems, and Changes His People

Released: 2016 | 184 pages | Paperback | $14.99Best of Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology (PCRT) series | SAMPLE CHAPTER

It’s possible to go to church without ever going to God. What makes the difference? God does. Noted pastor-scholars show how God pursues, redeems, and profoundly changes his worshipers.