The Urban Face of Mission: Ministering the Gospel in a Diverse and Changing World by Harvie M. Conn and others

384 pages | $19.99 | Paperback | Released: 2002


How do we sing the Lord’s song in “the strange land” that is now the 21st century? How do we take appropriate account of where and when we are without compromising the “old, old story of Jesus and his love?”

Harvie Conn pressed these questions while teaching missions for twenty-six years, and this volume, written by former colleagues in his honor, does the same. Contributing chapters are: Paul Hiebert, Raymond Bakke, Roger Greenway, Samuel Escobar, Charles Kraft, William Dyrness, and others. The volume begins with a previously unpublished essay by Conn on missions and theology.


Table of Contents

1. Mission, Missions, Theology, and Theological Education by Harvie Conn

Part 1: The City’s Role in Mission

2. Urbanization and Evangelism: A Global View by Raymond J. Bakke

3. The Church and the City by Manuel Ortiz

4. The Social Sciences: Tools for Urban Ministry by Susan S. Baker

Part 2: The Challenges of Globalization

5. Missions and the Doing of Theology by Paul G. Hiebert and Tite Tienou

6. New Patterns for Interdependence in Mission by Samuel Escobar

7. Diversity in Mission and Theology by William A. Dyrness

8. Generational Appropriateness in Contextualization by Charles H. Kraft

Part 3: Social Issues and How to Address Them

9. The Church and Justice in Crisis by Clinton E. Stockwell

10. Doing the Word: Biblical Holism and Urban Ministry by Mark R. Gornik

11. Jesus’ Words to the Canaanite Woman: Another Perspective by John S. Leonard

Part 4: Leadership Development to Meet New Challenges

12. Getting David out of Saul’s Armor by Roger S. Greenway

13. Seminaries: Time for a Change? by Edna C. Greenway

14. An Inquiry into Urban Theological Education by Glenn B. Smith

Part 5: God’s Message to the Nations

15. African Theology from the Perspective of Honor and Shame by Andrew M. Mbuvi

16. The Power of the Gospel in Korea (1882-1912) by Sung-Il Steve Park



“Harvie Conn’s prophetic voice continues to be heard through his own writings and through the ministries of the countless colleagues, friends, and students that he influenced. Read this book, which both honors and continues Harvie’s ministry to the church.”

Tim Keller

“Important essays by a wide range of scholars who share the late Harvie Conn’s passionate commitment to loving the whole person the way Jesus did.”

Ronald J. Sider