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May 6th new releases

Chronic Illness: Walking by Faith by Esther Smith

96 pages | $9.99 | 31-Day Devotionals for Life | Mobi: $6.99 | ePub: $6.99


Is chronic illness taking over your heart as much as your body? Physical symptoms and limitations change all aspects of life, leading to losses and to unique challenges that are difficult to navigate. Writing from her own experience with these issues, Esther Smith focuses heavily on encouragement and practical application, showing you how to release guilt and shame, ask for help, balance work and rest, and get through days of difficult symptoms. Each day, you will be encouraged as you consider how God uses illness in sanctifying, kingdom-advancing ways to display his glory and work in your heart.


“You will no longer suffer alone as you take up the journey of walking with God in the pages of this book.”

—Eliza Huie, Director of Counseling, McLean Bible Church, DC Metropolitan Area; Dean of Biblical Counseling, Metro Baltimore Seminary 

“Speaks eloquently to chronic illness. . . . Gives hope and wisdom for all sufferers and for those who seek to care for them as well.”

—Andy Farmer, Pastor of Counseling and Care, Covenant Fellowship Church; Author, Real Peace: What We Long For and Where to Find It

“Simply outstanding. . . . Delivers an avalanche of hope as well as practical help about how to care for our bodies.”

—Dave Furman, Senior Pastor, Redeemer Church of Dubai; Author, Being There: How to Love Those Who Are Hurting and Kiss the Wave: Embracing God in Your Trials

“An exceptional devotional written by one who understands chronic illness. . . . A feast to savor and treasure!”

—Cindee Snider Re, Cofounder, Chronic Joy (chronic illness ministry); Author, Chronic Joy Thrive Series and Abide Series

Engagement: Preparing for Marriage by Mike McKinley

96 pages | $9.99 | 31-Day Devotionals for Life | Mobi: $6.99 | ePub: $6.99


Have your wedding plans crowded out the spiritual significance of your marital union? God created marriage as a picture that demonstrates his love and character—both to you and to those around you. Using daily devotional readings, reflection questions, and practical action points, Mike McKinley prepares your heart for the wonderful, sanctifying calling to love another person in a way that echoes God’s love for his people.


“Will recall, reinforce, refresh, and expand on relevant truths in an especially interesting and unique way.”

—Wayne Mack, Best-Selling Author, Preparing for Marriage God’s Way; Director, Association of Certified Biblical Counselors—Africa 

“The perfect premarital gift to offer to a newly engaged couple to help them to direct their gaze to what really makes marriage work: the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

—Jonathan D. Holmes, Pastor of Counseling, Parkside Church, Chagrin Falls, Ohio; Author, Counsel for Couples

“Argues that the key to marital success is to put the Lord first and to look to him, not marriage, to provide ultimate fulfillment.”

—Jim Newheiser, Director of the Christian Counseling Program and Associate Professor of Practical Theology, Reformed Theological Seminary

“Provides biblical clarity concerning what marriage is and what husbands and wives are called by God to be and to do.”

—Nick Roark, Pastor, Franconia Baptist Church, Alexandria, Virginia; Coauthor, Biblical Theology

Marriage Conflict: Talking as Teammates by Steve Hoppe

104 pages | $9.99 | 31-Day Devotionals for Life | Mobi: $6.99 | ePub: $6.99


How we communicate with one another matters—especially in a marriage. The Bible reminds us to use words that build up our spouses, not tear them down. Whether your marriage is a verbal war zone or just needs a little help in the communication arena, both you and your spouse will benefit from the encouragement in these pages. This devotional is not a program to do better; it unveils how God helps you to be better. As you read through it as a team, meditating on Scripture, praying, and using the practical questions and action steps, you will learn to communicate with Christlike love, grow in holiness, and glorify God with your words.


“Of all the marriage books I’ve read, this one has swiftly risen to the top.”

—Scott Sauls, Senior Pastor, Christ Presbyterian Church, Nashville; Author, Jesus Outside the Lines and A Gentle Answer 

“Steve’s writing is thoughtful, engaging, and biblically rich. My married counselees will love this.”

—Ed Welch, Counselor and Faculty Member, Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation; Author, When People Are Big and God Is Small

“It will bring joy, laughter, and the peace of God to your marriage.”

—Rebekah Lyons, Author, Rhythms of Renewal and You Are Free

“Through a series of specific, concise, and thoughtful reflections, you will inevitably grow in your communication with your spouse.”

—Michael Keller, Lead Pastor, Redeemer Presbyterian Church, Lincoln Square, New York

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