We have two new releases today.

Ethics as Worship: The Pursuit of Moral Discipleship by Mark D. Liederbach & Evan Lenow

792 pages | Hardcover | $49.99 ON SALE FOR $27.00 from Reformation Heritage Books | Kindle: $39.99 | iTunes: $39.99 | SAMPLE CHAPTER

Often we think of ethics as a system of codified rules and behavior modification. But when ethics takes our personal, saving God into account, it rightly becomes a system in which an attitude of worship shapes our hearts and actions.   

Examining the biblical, theological, and philosophical foundations and application of Christian ethics, Ethics as Worship offers a coherent ethical system that emphasizes the worship of God as motivation, method, and goal of the ethical endeavor. It concludes with an exploration of how worship ought to shape a response to particular ethical topics and issues most relevant in our day: from justice, race, and environmental stewardship to sexuality and reproductive technologies. 

Virtue and character formation in conformity to Christ must be guided by—and wed to—the biblical ethical norms revealed in Scripture. Readers will ultimately see every aspect of their lives as a response to God’s gift of salvation.


“The very first course I taught as a newly minted Systematic Theology professor at Reformed Theological Seminary was ‘Pastoral and Social Ethics.’ I wish I had had this volume to help me put that course together. Numerous features in this book stand out to me. For one, the tables sprinkled throughout the book are especially useful, for students and teachers alike, and I can see this volume as providing great assistance to both.”

Ligon Duncan, Chancellor and CEO, Reformed Theological Seminary, in his foreword to the book

“This is ultimately a book about God, his worthiness, and the praise that he is due. . . . I hope and pray that it will become a standard in the field of ethics for years to come—it is that well done.”

—Daniel L. Akin, President, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

Ethics as Worship provides desperately needed ballast for our souls amid a sea of ethical confusion.”

—David Platt, Author, RadicalFollow Me, and Counter Culture 

“Mark Liederbach and Evan Lenow get to the heart of ethics. . . . Their work is an asset to the field of Christian ethics and will be a valuable resource for years to come.”

—Rashan Frost, Executive Director, 1 Charleston

When Prayer Is a Struggle: A Practical Guide for Overcoming Obstacles in Prayer by Kevin P. Halloran

160 pages | Paperback | $13.99 ON SALE FOR $9.81 from Westminster Bookstore | Kindle: $9.99 | iTunes: $9.99 | SAMPLE CHAPTER

“I’m not sure why prayer really matters.” 

“I don’t know what to pray about.”

“God just doesn’t seem to hear me.” 

“I’m too busy to pray.” 

“I get so distracted.” 

If you struggle to pray, be encouraged! The struggle reveals a desire to pray, and when you have that desire, you can address the obstacles to prayer by facing them head-on. Writing as a sympathetic and practical guide, Kevin Halloran helps you to pinpoint areas of weakness in your prayer life and take immediate steps to overcome them. We learnhow gospel truths speak into our common struggles in prayer

  • how gospel truths speak into our common struggles in prayer
  • how we can move forward in prayer in practical ways
  • how believers from past and present have overcome obstacles, persevered in prayer, and grown in their love for God

Examine your heart, implement practical measures, and experience the joys of faithfully drawing near to God.


“A treasure chest of wise and practical counsel. . . . This book will expand your horizons and give you a new vision for how you can pray more effectively.”

—Colin S. Smith, President, Unlocking the Bible

“Kevin Halloran’s book offers a wise combination of theological reflection and practical helps—both of which are intended to drive us to our knees in prayer to the One who knows and loves us.”

—Trevin Wax, General Editor, The Gospel Project

“We’ve been encouraged and blessed by [this] down-to-earth, relatable, and practically helpful approach to addressing the most typical hindrances to our prayer lives—and to addressing how we can grow to see prayer as a gift and joy rather than a duty or struggle.”

—Jeff and Sarah Walton, Authors, Together through the Storms

“Before I started, I wasn’t aware of how much I needed the wisdom in this book.”

—Jairo Nemnún, Director for International Coalitions, The Gospel Coalition