American Reformed Biographies series

The American Reformed Biographies, coedited by D. G. Hart and Sean Michael Lucas, seeks to nurture the general interest in biographies as a way of learning about and from the past. The titles in this series feature American Reformed leaders who were important representatives or interpreters of Reformed Christianity in the United States and who continue to be influential through writings and arguments still pertinent to the self-understanding of Presbyterian and Reformed theologians, pastors, and church members. This series is designed to make available the best kind of historical writing – one that yields both knowledge and wisdom.

Robert Lewis Dabney (1820–1898) was a Presbyterian theologian and educator who served on the faculties of Union Theological Seminary in Virginia, the University of Texas, and Austin Theological Seminary. Those who knew him—both friends and foes—viewed him as larger than life, “closer to a biblical prophet than a theological professor,” writes Sean Lucas. As this biography explains, “Dabney was far more complex than either historians or admirers concede.” He was “in many ways a representative man, one who embodied the passions and contradictions of nineteenth-century Southerners.” As such he “provides a window into the postbellum Southern Presbyterian mind” and a reminder of how important nineteenth-century theology is for contemporary issues and debates.

This biography, written by a provocative, prolific historian, gives readers insights into Nevin’s critique of the revivalist tradition and shows how it applies today. Hart recovers a nearly forgotten nineteenth-century theologian and demonstrates his ongoing relevance. This book is extensively documented, and includes a substantial bibliographical essay and an index. Nevin (1803–1886) taught at Mercersburg Seminary when he wrote The Anxious Bench (1843) and The Mystical Presence (1846), volumes dealing with revivalism and the Lord’s Supper, respectively. The last ten years have seen a revival of interest in this theologian, who was a graduate of Princeton Theological Seminary and who substituted for Hodge during his two-year study-leave in Europe.

This work contributes to an understanding of Van Til and his apologetic insights by placing him within the context of twentieth century developments in North American Reformed theology, including the formation of Westminster Seminary and the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, the rise of neo-evangelicalism, and the American reception of Karl Barth.




Boyce founded the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and was a prominent Southern Baptist figure. Nettles focuses on Boyce’s struggle to establish the Seminary and the theological controversies of his times.






Charles Hodge, perhaps the most significant nineteenth-century American theologian, drove the growth of theological education and Presbyterianism’s lasting influence in public life. Learn the life, theology, and influence of this central Reformed figure.





Upcoming Titles:

John Witherspoon: Winter 2014

Geerhardus Vos: Spring 2015


NEW RELEASE: Letters to Pastors’ Wives: When Seminary Ends and Ministry Begins

Letters to Pastors’ Wives: When Seminary Ends and Ministry Begins

Although their calling is joyous, pastors’ wives encounter special challenges because of the nature of their husbands’ work. These letters from the wives of experienced and well-known pastors provide empathy, wise counsel, and encouragement.

Random little tidbit about the book-

Every once in a while at P&R, we like to pick a book that we believe would make a good “gift book” and we add a few special effects to it. We decided to go ahead and do just that with this book. This book has French Flaps, which are the folded extensions on a paperback (similar to that of having a dust-jacket on a hardcover book). Also, on the cover, the lettering of the title, author name, etc. is raised and glossy while the rest of the book has a nice, matte finish.

“At last here is a much needed guide for pastors’ wives penned by seasoned pastors’ wives! In preparing future pastors for ministry, my wife, Mae, and I have always sought to hold special teaching times for seminary wives in our home to address many of the issues that these women of God handle so well in this new P&R book. I believe this is now the standard text for seminary wives as well as those pastoral families—pastor and wife—who should set apart time to revisit the timeless themes. A few years ago I wrote a song called, “Thank God for the Pastor’s Wife.” After reading this book, I starting singing it again! I commend this wonderful collection of thoughtful and Biblical essays to the Church with joy and confidence!”

Michael A. Milton, fourth Chancellor of Reformed Theological Seminary, author, singer-songwriter


Chapters written by:
  • Catherine Stewart, wife of Dr. Neil C. Stewart
  • Margy Tripp, wife of Dr. Tedd Tripp
  • Lynn Crotts, wife of John Crotts
  • Barbara Davis, wife of Dr. Ralph Davis
  • Donna Ascol, wife of Tom Ascol
  • Shirley Rankin, wife of Dr. Duncan Rankin
  • Betty Jane Adams, wife of Dr. Jay E. Adams
  • Noelle Wilkerson, wife of Jim Wilkerson
  • Joan Hamilton, wife of Dr. Ian Hamilton
  • Mary Beeke, wife of Dr. Joel Beeke
  • Sue Rowe, wife of Dr. Craig Rowe
  • Sarah Ascol
  • Mary Somerville, wife of Dr. Robert B. Somerville
  • Shannon Baugh Onnink, former wife of Matt Baugh (in Glory) and present wife of Peter Onnink
  • Sissy Pipa, wife of Dr. Joseph Pipa
  • Janie Street, wife of Dr. John Street
  • Pam Schweitzer, wife of Dr. Bill Schweitzer
  • Kathy Wilcke, wife of Clint Wilcke

Price: $14.99 | Pages: 288 | ISBN: 978-1-59638-700-3


Catherine J. Stewart is a pastor’s wife and a graduate of Queens University in Belfast, where she studied theology. Originally from Northern Ireland, she and her husband, Neil, now live in Savannah, Georgia, with their five children.


NEW – Prodigal Press: Confronting the Anti-Christian Bias of the American News Media

Prodigal Press (Revised and Updated) Confronting the Anti-Christian Bias of the American News Media, Revised and Updated

by Marvin Olasky and Warren Cole Smith

Despite claiming to be neutral, print and TV journalists increasingly report news from an anti-Christian standpoint. Remarkably, however, leading nineteenth-century newspapers reported news from a Christian perspective. This book reveals how the American news media shifted from a Christian worldview to secular humanism, radically altering what the media covers and how it is reported.

This book was originally published in 1988 – now, 25 years later, it has been revised and updated by Marvin Olasky and Warren Cole Smith.

“The most important book about journalism I have ever read. Prodigal Press is must reading for all Christians, and all reporters, editors, journalism professors and students.”

—Dr. Clifford Kelly, Professor of Communication Studies at Liberty University. Founding Director of the Institute of Public Affairs Journalism


PRICE: $17.99 | PAGE COUNT: 368 | ISBN: 978-1-59638-597-9

Marvin Olasky (Ph.D., University of Michigan) is editor-in-chief of WORLD magazine and holds the Distinguished Chair in Journalism and Public Policy at Patrick Henry College. Olasky studied at Yale University and is the author of more than 20 books—Philanthropy magazine called his book The Tragedy of American Compassion one of “eight books that changed America.”

Warren Cole Smith is associate publisher of WORLD magazine and publisher and editor of WORLD news service. His essays, reviews, interviews, and articles have also been included in various books, including Public Relations, one of the world’s most widely used college journalism textbooks.



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The Binding of the Blade Series by L. B. Graham – sale ends 10/31/13

An original epic fantasy series based in part on the prophesy from the book of Isaiah. Recommended for ages 14 and up.

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  1. Beyond the Summerland | Page Count: 600 | ISBN: 978-0-87552-720-8
  2. Bringer of Storms | Page Count: 494 | ISBN: 978-0-87552-721-5
  3. Shadow in the Deep | Page Count: 512 | ISBN: 978-0-87552-722-2
  4. Father of Dragons | Page Count: 496 | ISBN: 978-0-87552-723-9
  5. All My Holy Mountain | Page Count: 480 | ISBN: 978-0-87552-724-6

-Read the prologue of Beyond the Summerland (Book 1): click here


“A staggering accomplishment. The vibrancy and scope of L. B. Graham’s world-building deserves highest praise. Add in well-rounded and memorable characters, thematic richness, and high adventure, and you have an unbeatable formula for success. Ranks right up there with Tolkien and Lawhead as among the best Christian novels of the fantastic ever written.” –Jan P. Dennis, discoverer of Frank Peretti, Stephen R. Lawhead, and Ted Dekker.


Thoughts from the author: “I’d like to share just two thoughts about the series. First, I would like to say that while I am often at a loss to describe what the series is about when asked, (after all, five large books are not easily summarized in a single short statement), I think it can be done. My great hope, and the hope of so many of us, is that one day all things will be made new. This is as good a description of what these stories are about as any. Second, I wanted to say that I believe fantasy literature remains a wonderful medium to communicate this hope to the world, so please join me in praying that the Lord would open doors for The Binding of the Blade to be bought and sold by those who do not have the hope that we share.”

L.B. Graham


Basics of the Faith series

Since there are so many booklets in this series (36 and counting!), I have not included much information about each title in order to keep the post a manageable length. Instead, if you are interested in finding out about a specific booklet, click on the title and you will be taken to our website where you will find price, page count, summary, endorsements, and sample chapters (some of the older booklets will only have some of this information). Or you can click here and be directed to our Basics of the Faith series page on our website.

Basics of the Faith booklets introduce readers to basic Reformed doctrine and practice. On issues of church government and practice they reflect that framework – otherwise they are suitable for all church situations.

What is a True Calvinist? by Philip Graham Ryken ~ Release Date: 5/19/03 

What is a Reformed Church? by Stephen E. Smallman ~ Release Date: 5/19/03

What is True Conversion? by Stephen E. Smallman ~ Release Date: 2/9/05

What is the Lord’s Supper? by Richard D. Phillips ~ Release Date: 2/9/05

What is the Christian Worldview? by Philip Graham Ryken ~ Release Date: 11/13/06

What Are Election and Predestination? by Richard D. Phillips ~ Release Date: 11/13/06

How Our Children Come to Faith by Stephen E. Smallman ~ Release Date: 1/10/07

Why Do We Baptize Infants? by Bryan Chapell ~ Release Date: 1/10/07

What is Justification by Faith Alone? by J. V. Fesko ~ Release Date: 2/15/08

How Do We Glorify God? by John D. Hannah ~ Release Date: 2/15/08

What is Providence? by Derek W. H. Thomas ~ Release Date: 6/2/08

What is Biblical Preaching? by Eric J. Alexander ~ Release Date: 10/1/08

What is Spiritual Warfare? by Stanley D. Gale ~ Release Date: 10/1/08

What is Perseverance of the Saints? by Michael A. Milton ~ Release Date: 2/2/09

What is Church Government? by Sean Michael Lucas ~ Release Date: 6/1/09

What is Vocation? by Stephen J. Nichols ~ Release Date: 5/1/10

What is Hell? by Robert A. Peterson & Christopher W. Morgan ~ Release Date: 6/2/10

What is Worship Music? by Paul S. Jones ~ Release Date: 6/14/10

What Are Spiritual Gifts? by Vern S. Poythress ~ Release Date: 9/20/10

What is the Atonement? by Richard D. Phillips ~ Release Date: 10/20/10

What is Man? by A. Craig Troxel ~ Release Date: 10/20/10

What is Grace? by Sean Michael Lucas ~ Release Date: 2/21/11

Why Believe in God? by Daniel R. Hyde ~ Release Date: 2/21/11

What is Discipleship? by Stephen E. Smallman ~ Release Date: 2/21/11

Why God Gave Us a Book by Gene Edward Veith ~ Release Date: 7/22/11

What Is the Doctrine of Adoption? by Michael A. Milton ~ Release Date: 1/3/12

Why Do We Have Creeds? by Burk Parsons ~ Release Date: 1/25/12

Why Do We Pray? by Stanley D. Gale ~ Release Date: 6/18/12

What Is Faith? by Guy M. Richard ~ Release Date: 6/18/12

What Is the Trinity? by David F. Wells ~ Release Date: 6/18/12

Is Jesus in the Old Testament? by Iain M. Duguid ~ Release Date: 2/4/13

What Happens after Death? by Richard D. Phillips ~ Release Date: 3/15/13

What Is Mercy Ministry? by Philip Graham Ryken & Noah J. Toly ~ Release Date: 3/15/13

Am I Called? by George W. Robertson ~ Release Date: 3/15/13

What Is the Bible? by Guy Prentiss Waters ~ Release Date: 9/4/13

What Is the Incarnation? by William B. Evans ~ Release Date: 9/4/13


Upcoming titles in BOF series with estimated releases:

What Is Regeneration? by Matthew M. Barrett ~ Estimated Release: Fall 2013

What Is Evangelism? by George W. Robertson ~ Estimated Release: Fall 2013

What is the Covenant? by J. Ligon Duncan III ~ Estimated Release: Summer 2014

What Is Male Leadership in the Church? by Richard D. Phillips ~ Estimated Release: Summer 2014

What Is the Resurrection? by Joel R. Beeke ~ Estimated Release: Summer 2014

* Price for each booklet will eventually be $4.99 each. Some of the booklets that were published a while ago (this series is now over 10 years old), are now set at $3.99, but when the time comes for these booklets to be reprinted, the price will be raised to $4.99.