Guided Tour series

The Guided Tour Series are biographical “tours” of the lives and thought of famous historical figures. These accounts encumber­ their life, writings, and contributions to society and the Christian faith.

1. Jonathan Edwards: A Guided Tour of His Life and Thought

Author: Stephen J. Nichols

Released: 10/12/2001

Pages: 248

Price: $14.99

Table of Contents

Summary: Jonathan Edwards, a leader in the Great Awakening during the eighteenth century, still has much to teach the church. Evangelicals are rediscovering him through the efforts of several authors (John Gerstner, Iain Murray, Harry Stout, and others) and publishers (Banner of Truth, Soli Deo Gloria, and Crossway). Stephen Nichols offers Jonathan Edwards “as an introduction, a gateway into the vast and rewarding life, thought, and writings of Jonathan Edwards.” This book is for anyone who wants to read Edwards with a little help.


2. Martin Luther: A Guided Tour of His Life and Thought

Author: Stephen J. Nichols

Released: 11/20/2002

Pages: 240

Price: $13.99

Table of Contents

Summary: An introductory guide to the life and works of reformer Martin Luther. His major works are introduced and summarized. Also discussed are his pastoral writings. Protestants of all stripes have long read at least a few of Martin Luther’s works, but 21st-century readers need guidance and encouragement. Stephen Nichols’ Martin Luther provides both. After an exciting overview of Luther’s life and theology, Nichols orients the reader to some of the Reformer’s major works: The Bondage of the Will, The Three Treatises, The Small Catechism, and On the Councils and the Church. Luther’s ethical writings, “table talk,” hymns, and sermons also receive due attention. “A Select Guide to Books by and about Luther” concludes this volume, which displays more than 20 illustrations.


3. J. Gresham Machen: A Guided Tour of His Life and Thought

Author: Stephen J. Nichols

Released: 9/3/2004

Pages: 256

Price: $13.99

Sample Chapter

Table of Contents

Summary: An introductory guide to the life and works of J. Gresham Machen. His major works are introduced and summarized. Also discussed are his pastoral writings. This is the third book in Stephen Nichols’s popular “guided-tour” series and includes 24 illustrations.


4. Anne Bradstreet: A Guided Tour of the Life and Thought of a Puritan Poet

Author: Heidi L. Nichols

Released: 1/25/2006

Pages: 216

Price: $13.99

Summary: Anne Bradstreet (1612-1669) was America’s first published poet. She lived in England and the Colonies during a remarkable historic period marked by civil and religious strife and political upheaval. Bradstreet’s life and work challenge stereotypes of Puritans, revealing her vibrant intellectualism and her outspoken love for her husband.


5. Pages from Church History: A Guided Tour of Christian Classics

Author: Stephen J. Nichols

Released: 11/13/2006

Pages: 336

Price: $15.99

SummaryPages from Church History introduces readers to major Christian classics and the people who wrote them. This book includes the entire sweep of church history through classics by Polycarp, Augustine, Anselm, Aquinas, Kempis, Luther, Calvin, Bunyan, Edwards, the Wesleys, Carey, and Bonhoeffer.


6. Katherine Parr: A Guided Tour of the Life and Thought of a Reformation Queen

Author: Brandon G. Withrow

Released: 4/27/2009

Pages: 192

Price: $13.99

Sample Chapter

Table of Contents

Summary: This book examines the life of an important, but often forgotten, Protestant Reformer. Katherine Parr, one of only a handful of women to publish in a hundred-year period in England, dared to push Henry VIII toward the Reformation, nearly losing her head as a result. This volume is a guided tour of her life, her contributions to the Reformation, and her writings. Including the full text of her two books as well as select letter, Katherine Parr presents both an intimate portrait of a woman struggling to make a difference, and a reintroduction of a classic text to the contemporary church.


7. Thomas Manton: A Guided Tour of the Life and Thought of a Puritan Pastor

Author: Derek Cooper

Released: 11/9/2011

Pages: 240

Price: $14.99

Sample Chapter

Table of Contents

Summary: Thomas Manton (1620 – 1677) was an influential Puritan preacher and an important figure in English society. Cooper writes engagingly about this pivotal figure and provides an introduction to the movement known as Puritanism within its historical, social, and political contexts.



Upcoming titles in this series:

  • A Guided Tour Through the Life and Thought of George Whitefield
  • Old Princeton: A Guided Tour of Its Leading Men and Their Writings


Explorations in Biblical Theology

The Explorations in Biblical Theology series addresses the needs for quality literature that attracts believing readers to good theology and builds them up in their faith. Each title in the series combines solid content with accessibility and readability – a valuable addition to the library of any college student, thoughtful lay reader, seminarian, or pastor.

Series Editor: Robert A. Peterson

Election and Free Will: God’s Gracious Choice and Our Responsibility by Robert A. Peterson

Released: 10/5/2007 | Pages: 224 | Price: $17.99


Summary: Traces Scripture’s teaching on election through the Bible and explains biblically the doctrine of free will. It tackles objections to predestination and concludes with applications of this neglected biblical teaching.


Anointed with the Spirit and Power: The Holy Spirit’s Empowering Presence by John D. Harvey

Released: 11/7/2008 | Pages: 240 | Price: $14.99


Summary: Traces the theme of Holy Spirit empowerment from Genesis to Revelation, giving special attention to the Spirit’s involvement in the life, ministry, and mission of Jesus Christ.


The Nearness of God: His Presence with His People by J. Lanier Burns

Released: 10/1/2009 | Pages: 272 | Price: $17.99


Summary: Christianity is unique because of the intimate nature of the relationship between God and his people. Burns develops the Christ-centeredness of God’s ‘nearness’ throughout Scripture by keynoting the Son’s incarnation in John’s gospel.


Our Secure Salvation: Preservation and Apostasy by Robert A. Peterson

Released: 11/1/2009 | Pages: 256 | Price: $14.99


Summary:This is a fresh restatement of the case for the preservation of the saints, especially valuable in light of the insecurity of much of postmodern life.


The Elder: Today’s Ministry Rooted in All of Scripture by Cornelis Van Dam

Released: 11/1/2009 | Pages: 304 | Price: $17.99


Summary: A biblical look at the office of elder from its beginnings in the Old Testament. This office blesses God’s church today if understood and enacted according to a biblical pattern.


A Theology of James: Wisdom for God’s People by Christopher W. Morgan

Released: 11/1/2010 | Pages: 240 | Price: $17.99


Summary:Arguing that it is theology applied, Morgan lays out a biblical theology of the epistle of James that connects its particulars to the big picture of the Bible.


Wisdom Christology: How Jesus Becomes God’s Wisdom for Us by Daniel Ebert IV

Released: 5/20/2011 | Pages: 240 | Price: $17.99


Summary: Christology functioned as wisdom in the early church. A study of selected New Testament texts reveals this apostolic pattern and equips Christians to follow Jesus, the wisdom of God.


A Theology of Mark: The Dynamic between Christology and Authentic Discipleship by Hans F. Bayer

Released: 4/13/2012 | Pages: 240 | Price: $17.99


Summary: Hans Bayer explores the dynamic relationship between Jesus and his disciples in Mark’s gospel—showing how Jesus radically transforms them from self-dependent to God-dependent, beginning with their hearts.


Life Everlasting: The Unfolding Story of Heaven by Dan C. Barber and Robert A. Peterson

Released: 7/23/2012 | Pages: 256 | Price: $17.99


Summary: Life Everlasting is about heaven—our final salvation. In looking forward to our participation in the new heavens and new earth, we often seek information in the wrong places, so what does the Bible actually say?


Justification by Grace through Faith: Finding Freedom from Legalism, Lawlessness, Pride, and Despair by Brian Vickers

Released: 4/15/2013 | Pages: 240 | Price: $17.99


Summary: This book defends the doctrine of monergism (the teaching that regeneration is exclusively the work of God) by demonstrating its strong biblical support and also examining Reformed theologians and confessions.


Upcoming Book in Series

A Theology of Matthew: Jesus Revealed as Deliverer, King, and Incarnate Creator by Charles L. Quarles

To be released: 11/15/2013 | Pages: 240 | Price: $17.99


Series Editor: Robert A. Peterson is professor of systematic theology at Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis, Missouri. He graduated with his BS from Philadelphia Biblical University, received his MDiv from Biblical Theological Seminary in Hatfield, Pennsylvania, and obtained his PhD from Drew University in Madison, New Jersey.


The Gospel for Real Life – Booklet Series

The Gospel for Real Life booklet series applies the timeless hope of Christ to the unique struggles of modern believers. This series is published in partnership with The Association of Biblical Counselors (ABC).


1. Abuse: Finding Hope in Christ – by John Henderson

Released: 4/23/2012 | Pages: 32 | Sample Chapter

Summary: A compassionate treatment of the problem of sexual abuse, using the example of one couple seeking counseling. See how the beauty and light of the gospel brings hope and comfort in our darkest circumstances.

2. Anxiety: Anatomy and Cure – by Robert W. Kellemen

Released: 4/23/2012 | Pages: 48 | Sample Chapter

Summary: Anxiety overtakes us all sometimes. Unfortunately, we may never have full victory over it, but we can still have victory in our anxiety. Learn how to reclaim anxiety to help in doing God’s work.

3. Borderline Personality: A Scriptural Perspective – by Cathy Wiseman

Released: 4/23/2012 | Pages: 56 | Sample Chapter

Summary: Sufferers of borderline personality disorder face disaster in their relationships as intense fears and feelings rule their hearts and choices. This detailed, thorough study explains how God’s Word can heal the havoc of borderline personality.

4. Burnout: Resting in God’s Fairness – by Brad Hambrick

Released: 4/12/2013 | Pages: 40 | Sample Chapter

Summary: Burnout discourages and drains us, and involved Christians are particularly susceptible to it. Brad Hambrick shows us how to budget our time to avoid living beyond our means or trying to gain God’s acceptance.

5. Cutting: A Healing Response – by Jeremy Lelek

Released: 4/23/2012 | Pages: 32 | Sample Chapter

Summary: Some people seek release from life’s turmoil through their own blood. Here, the direct, honest example of one young woman’s story points those in such pain to the blood of Jesus Christ for true healing.

6. Depression: The Sun Always Rises – by Margaret Ashmore

Released: 4/12/2013 | Pages: 40 | Sample Chapter

Summary: Suffering, in our fallen world, has always been part of the human condition—but Margaret Ashmore reminds us that our choices, not our circumstances, determine whether joy or depression rules our lives.

7. God’s Attributes: Rest for Life’s Struggles – by Brad Hambrick

Released: 4/23/2012 | Pages: 40 | Sample Chapter

Summary: Do you have a balanced understanding of God? Do you seek to emulate him and rest in his attributes? This booklet explores sixteen different attributes of God, providing tools for reflection and correcting lopsided views.

8. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Recovering Hope – by Jeremy Lelek

Released: 4/12/2013 | Pages: 64 | Sample Chapter

Summary: The profoundly intense responses to PTSD, while involuntary, are still responses—and different responses are possible. Jeremy Lelek shows how the gospel speaks to our experiences with danger and guides PTSD sufferers to peace.

9. Sexual Abuse: Beauty for Ashes – by Robert W. Kellemen

Released: 4/12/2013 | Pages: 48 | Sample Chapter

Summary: Sexual abuse causes unimaginable damage, but often we ignore it. Bob Kellemen uses the story of Tamar to journey into and back out of the pain of abuse, moving sufferers from victimhood to victory.

10. Vulnerability: Blessing in the Beatitudes – by Brad Hambrick

Released: 4/23/2012 | Pages: 32 | Sample Chapter

Summary: To love is to risk hurt. Yet Jesus blessed the vulnerable: the poor in spirit, the meek, the mourners. This study of the Beatitudes examines healthy vulnerability, unpacking ways to prayerfully implement it in relationships.




Series Editor: Brad Hambrick is pastor of counseling at The Summit Church in Durham, North Carolina; chief editor of the Journal of Counseling and Discipleship; and adjunct professor of biblical counseling at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.


Keep an eye open for new booklets in this series to be released in the spring of 2014!

NEW RELEASE – Preparing for Marriage God’s Way, 2nd Edition – By Wayne Mack

Preparing For Marriage God’s Way: A Step-by-Step Guide for Marriage Success Before and After the Wedding, Second Edition by Wayne Mack

Price: $16.99 | Pages: 288 | Binding: Paperback | ISBN: 978-1-59638-929-8

The decision to marry a certain person is one of the most important you’ll ever make. It’s vital to go into that marriage informed and prepared! Preparing for Marriage God’s Way is a marriage counseling resource that uses thoughtful self-examination to reveal the personalities, background, and expectations that you and your partner are bringing to your union. Through rigorous Bible study, you will learn about God’s expectations for marriage and be equipped with his solutions for dealing with typical marriage conflicts. Three follow-up lessons after your marriage help you to reflect on all that’s happened after you said, “I do.”


“Preparing for Marriage God’s Way has been the staple of my pre-marriage counseling for many years. The activities and exercises in this book help the couple to understand their families of origin and the models that they bring to their marriage. I have found that using this book also helps couples to identify the pressure points in their relationships as well as the path forward for resolving the conflicts that occur again and again. This study will get couples into the Word and engaged in conversations they would never have had without completing these studies.” – Tedd Tripp, President, Shepherding the Heart Ministries


Author bio: Wayne Mack lives in Pretoria, South Africa, where he serves as a pastor-elder with his son-in-law and teaches biblical counseling at Strengthening Ministries Training Institute to pastors and aspiring pastors in the region. He also spends about six weeks in the USA teaching at various churches. He and his wife, Carol, have four adult children and numerous grandchildren. Other books by Wayne include: A Fight to the Death, Sweethearts for a Lifetime, Homework Manual for Biblical Living Volume 1 and Volume 2, Your Family God’s Way, Strengthening Your Marriage, Life in the Father’s House (Revised and Expanded Edition), Down But Not Out, Humility, Reaching the Ear of God, “It’s Not Fair!”Maximum Impact, and the Resources for Biblical Living booklet, In-Laws.

Calvin 500 Series

The Calvin 500 Series is part of the Calvin 500 project, an international, interdenominational, and interdisciplinary celebration of the 500th anniversary of John Calvin’s birth. In this series, esteemed leaders, scholars, and ministers serve as guides to learning about this influential man, his vibrant city, and the cultural, religious, political, and economic impact flowing from his ideas.

This series includes 8 books. Read a little about each below, and if you want more information about a book, click on the title to be redirected to our website.

Sample Chapter ~ Table of Contents ~ Released: 6/2/2008 ~ Pages: 112 ~ Paperback ~ Price: $12.99

David Hall identifies ten seminal ways that Calvin’s thought transformed the culture of the West, complete with a nontechnical biography of Calvin and tributes by other leaders. The Legacy of John Calvin is brief enough for popular audiences and analytical enough to provide much information in a short space.


Sample Chapter ~ Table of Contents ~ Released: 6/2/2008 ~ Pages: 528 ~ Hardcover ~ Price: $35.99

Capturing both the best of elite scholarship, as well as exhibiting a firm understanding of and passion for Calvin’s own work, these essays by 20 elite Calvin scholars who appreciate the abiding value of Calvin’s Institutes provide definitive and section-by-section commentary on Calvin’s magnum opus.


Sample Chapter ~ Released: 5/1/2009 ~ Pages: 224 ~ Paperback ~ Price: $19.99

An anthology that promotes “a warm personal grasp” of Calvin, the man. Collectively shows the Christian life as Calvin understood it by including his prayers, poetry, and prose—and even music for his psalms.


Sample Chapter ~ Table of Contents ~ Released: 5/8/2009 ~ Pages: 352 ~ Paperback ~ Price: $19.99

Explores John Calvin’s extraordinary influence on what we consider the key elements of a modern, compassionate, and just society—particularly the fields of liberal democracy, rights, and civil liberties.


Sample Chapter ~ Table of Contents ~ Released: 10/1/2009 ~ Pages: 256 ~ Paperback ~ Price: $17.99

This fifth Calvin 500 volume analyzes the impact of Calvin’s ideas on business, economics, finance, and industry—and shows how Calvinism leads to strengths and advantages in market economies.


Sample Chapter ~ Table of Contents ~ Released: 5/13/2010 ~ Pages: 592 ~ Hardcover ~ Price: $35.99

Twenty-three leading Calvin scholars exhibit a firm understanding of Calvin’s era, theology, and the heritage he bequeathed the church. Their articles cover Calvin’s theology, soteriology, and ecclesiology, as well as his doctrines of assurance, worship, and Scripture. They examine Calvin as a Frenchman, lawyer, and liturgist. Other articles explore Calvin’s impact on the arts, Calvinism in Asia, and the influential women in Calvin’s life.


Sample Chapter ~ Table of Contents ~ Released: 6/7/2010 ~ Pages: 288 ~ Paperback ~ Price: $17.99

John Calvin preached over 2,000 times, this fitting commemoration of his 500th birthday involved some of the world’s finest Calvinian preachers speaking in Calvin’s pulpit. This is the book of those sermons.


Sample Chapter ~ Table of Contents ~ Released: 8/24/2010 ~ Pages: 352 ~Paperback ~ Price: $19.99

Calvin’s worldview extends far beyond theology. Here fourteen authors demonstrate how Calvin’s ideas have transformed many fields of human study and how his worldview continues its powerful influence to this day.