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Calvin and Commerce

The Transforming Power of Calvinism in Market Economies

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Format: Paperback, eBook
Pages: 256
ISBN: 9781596380950

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Is capitalism dead? Beyond recovery? Our current economic climate is leading more and more people to think so.

But here, Hall and Burton ardently defend capitalism as both consistent with biblical teaching and also sensible. They draw on John Calvin's insights from Scripture and their own expertise in theology and finance to highlight a way out of our economic morass.


"The first time you read this book, you'll be amazed at its breadth and scope. Then, on your second and third reading—and you'll find it that compelling—you'll be amazed at the awareness and application of Calvin's thinking on literally hundreds of details regarding business, commerce, and stewardship. Especially for a nation drifting rapidly toward socialistic assumptions, this is crucial reading."

—Joel Belz

"What we really need now, more than any time in the last fifty years, is a thorough renewal of our understanding and commitment to a Reformed worldview on the markets. Carefully opening up Calvin's radically Biblical, Christ-centered application of the creation, fall and redemption motif to the matter of market economies, this very readable book enables the reader to navigate the infamous criticisms and frequent misunderstandings of free markets to discover a truly free market model."

—Michael A. Milton

The Authors

Matthew  Burton

Matthew Burton

Matthew D. Burton (BS Business Administration, Samford University; MBA, Georgia State University) is founder and president of Narwhal Capital Management.

David W. Hall

David W. Hall

David W. Hall was senior pastor of Midway Presbyterian Church in Powder Springs, Georgia, from 2003 to 2008. He founded the Kuyper Institute and the Center for the Advancement of Paleo-Orthodoxy in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, in 1994.