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Concise Reformed Dogmatics

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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 940
ISBN: 9780875525778

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A full treatment of Reformed systematic theology, this volume is accessible to church officers and interested lay readers, as well as teachers and students of theology. Like the celebrated Dutch edition, it is formatted with two visually distinct levels of discussion for use either as an introduction to theology or in an advanced study.

J. van Genderen and W. H. Velema provide a complete, single-volume discussion of the many themes that belong in the dogmatics handbook: revelation, God, the decree of God, creation, providence, man as God's image, sin, Christ the mediator, the covenant of grace, salvation, the church, the means of grace, and eschatology. They take into account contemporary problems and deal critically with views of modern theology.

Doctrine and life form a unity, the authors believe, and the knowledge and study of theology are of direct importance to ethics, preaching, and the life of faith.


“This translation is a most welcome example of contemporary conservative dogmatic theology in our post-conservative age.”

—Derek W. H. Thomas

“For all but a few English speakers, insight into the world of contemporary confessional Dutch Reformed theology is limited to occasional glimpses. This translation opens a helpful, orthodox, window on discussions in the Netherlands and beyond and is a welcome contribution to the renaissance of Reformed dogmatics in our time.”

—R. Scott Clark


The Authors

W.H. Velema

W.H. Velema

Dr. W. H. Velema is a professor emeritus at the Theological University of the Christian Reformed Churches in the Netherlands in Apeldoorn. He taught, among other subjects, apologetics, ethics, and homeletics.

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J. Van Genderen

J. Van Genderen

Dr. J van Genderen was a professor at the Theological University of the Christian Reformed Churches in the Netherlands in Apeldoorn. He taught dogmatics, the history of doctrine, and symbolics (the creeds).