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On the Brink / Clay Werner

"Realistic, gospel-grounded, grace-saturated encouragement for embattled and weary pastors.... The antidote to the temptation to drop out of the shepherd's costly calling is not renewal of our own teeth-gritted resolution, but a fuller view of the panorama of Jesus and his costly love for me."
—Dennis E. Johnson, PhD, Professor of Practical Theology, Westminster Seminary California
"I commend this wonderful book to the many wounded warriors in Gospel ministry I meet every day—clergy and laity."
—Michael A. Milton, Ph.D., Fourth President/Chancellor of Reformed Theological Seminary.
"A powerful reality check for those just entering the ministry, as well as a valuable source of encouragement to those who are struggling in the trenches after many years of service."
—Iain M. Duguid, Professor of Biblical and Religious Studies, Grove City College, Grove City, Pennsylvania
"This work by Clay Werner is life infusing, heart enflaming, and ministry anchoring.... Weary servants of the most high God, come and refresh in the Word as a vulnerable and exegetically grounded pastor helps you see Him and yourself. You will find this book is strong medicine for the hard places in ministry and life."
—Joe Novenson, Senior Pastor, Lookout Mountain Presbyterian Church, Lookout Mountain, Tennessee

Pagan Heart of Today's Culture / Peter Jones

Although the three “Isms” of postmodernism, polytheism, and the ancient heresy of Gnosticism seem unrelated, this booklet shows that all three are part of the ancient religious worldview of Creator-denying "Oneism"—that seeks to impose significant elements of a pagan civilization on our once "Christian" Western culture. Peter Jones, a commentator on pagan influences in our culture, shows us what these three “-Isms” are, how they have morphed into new forms in modern culture, and what effects they are having. With a clearer understanding of the coherence of this opposing spiritual system, which comes in many forms, Christians will be empowered to make a clear and fearless declaration of the superiority of biblical "Twoism"—that God is utterly separate from his creation—and promote the gospel of reconciliation with the personal Creator through the atoning blood of the only mediator, Jesus.

Philosophy / James S. Spiegel

Christians often doubt whether studying philosophy has any value for our faith or is worth the danger of being used wrongly. After all, doesn’t the apostle Paul say, “See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy”? Yet James Spiegel insists that rigorous philosophical study is actually crucial for following Paul’s counsel, for only when we understand philosophy well can we discern when its ideas are deceptive. After exploring the historical context of philosophy, he applies Christian inquiry to its main subject areas, explaining basic concepts and terms for those new to the subject. And in addition to newcomers, seasoned philosophers will also see how philosophy can enhance biblical faith and living.

Time Travel to the Old Testament / Chris Sinkinson

'In an easy style, Chris Sinkinson shows how the books of the Old Testament are realistic and relevant for today. Without avoiding difficulties, he demonstrates how modern archaeological discoveries aid understanding of the Bible.'
—Alan Millard, Emeritus Rankin Professor of Hebrew and Ancient Semitic Languages, The University of Liverpool<

What Is Resurrection? / Joel R. Beeke

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