*Here is a list of upcoming titles to look out for this year!

What book are you most excited about?

  • Connected by Sam Allberry
  • Christianity & World Religions by Derek Cooper
  • Mark by the Book by Peter W. Smuts
  • Reclaiming Monergism by Matthew M. Barrett
  • Aliens in the Promised Land, Edited by Anthony Bradley
  • The Huddle by Shawn M. Brower
  • Extravagant Grace by Barbara Duguid
  • Housewife Theologian by Aimee Y. Byrd
  • Pure Joy by Christopher B. Ash
  • Bible Study, A Students Guide by Jon Nielson
  • Encountering God Together by David G. Peterson
  • A Big Enough Comfort by Starr Meade

Forthcoming Series Titles

NEW SERIES! Apologia:
  • Science and the Problem of Evil by William Edgar
  • Christianity and the Role of Philosophy by Scott K. Oliphint
  • Should You Believe in God? by Scott K. Oliphint
  • Was Jesus Really Born of a Virgin? by Brandon D. Crowe
  • Creation, Evolution, and Intelligent Design by Guillermo Gonzalez
  • Interpreting Genesis 1 by Vern S. Poythress
Basics of the Faith:
  • What Happens After Death? by Richard D. Phillips
  • What Is Mercy Ministry? by Philip Graham Ryken
  • Am I Called? by George Robertson
  • Is Jesus In the Old Testament? by Iain M. Duguid



The Gospel According to the Old Testament:
  • Living in the Light of Inextinguishable Hope by Iain M. Duguid
Explorations In Biblical Theology:
  • Justification by Grace through Faith by Brian Vickers
The Gospel for Real Life:
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder by Jeremy Lelek
  • Depression by Margaret Ashmore
  • Sexual Abuse by Robert W. Kellemen
  • Burnout by Brad C. Hambrick



Living Word Bible Studies:
  • Psalms, Volume 2 by Kathleen B. Nielson
The Dark Harvest Trilogy:
  • The Scarlet Bishop by Jeremiah W. Montgomery
Reformed Expository Commentary:
  • Philippians by Dennis E. Johnson
New from Sally Michael:
  • God’s Providence

*Titles are subject to change