Discovering the Joy of a Clear Conscience written by Christopher Ash

  • Pages: 208
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  • Paperback
  • ISBN: 978-1-59638-703-4

Summary: Conscience is a neglected word that not many of us take seriously. But have you ever considered examining your conscience as part of daily life? What if doing this were the only way to know the joy of feeling clean inside?

Is such joy possible without self-righteousness or even self-deception? Christopher Ash argues that it is, wonderfully possible, through the good news of Jesus Christ. Here is an invitation to rediscover your conscience and what the Bible has to say about it. Ash examines what the conscience is, what a guilty conscience tells us, the choice our conscience presents us, and the conscience’s role as a guide, to offer us the pure joy of a clear conscience day after day

About the Author:

Christopher Ash is director of the Cornhill Training Course at The Proclamation Trust—an organization with the primary aim of training preachers and Bible teachers. Previously he served on the pastoral staff of the historic St. Andrew the Great in Cambridge, England.


What Are Others Saying About This Book?

“Christopher Ash has done us a great service in writing Discovering the Joy of a Clear Conscience.  After serving as a pastor and biblical counselor for 27 years now, I found myself saying, ‘Yes, this is exactly what so many people are struggling with.’ . . . Gives a simple and biblical path that can lead confused, hurting, and guilt-ridden people back to the grace of God and the hope of the gospel.” – Brad Bigney, Senior Pastor, Grace Fellowship Church, Florence, Kentucky; Author, Gospel Treason: Betraying the Gospel with Hidden Idols

“How refreshing to see a thoughtful and richly biblical book on the conscience. Christopher Ash performs a vital service for the church by opening up God’s truth about this neglected and therefore misunderstood area of biblical truth.” – Tedd Tripp, Pastor, Author, Conference Speaker