Here’s another chance to win some FREE books that were written by Douglas Bond.

Hostage Lands Read-a-thon: Join Doug Bond and his son, Giles (11) as they hike 84 miles across Britain on ancient Hadrian’s Wall built AD 120-128. They will be blogging their progress daily (starting June 19) with lots of pictures, and Giles will be giving his impressions of the experience, and replying to your questions and comments.

5 people will win 1 copy of:
1 GRAND PRIZE winner will receive 1 copy of each of these:

How to get started:
1. To enter the drawing, comment on Doug’s blog post: ( This will get your name added to the drawing (subscribe to his blog so you won’t miss the latest email notifications on his progress). Tell us what you like about Hostage Lands (or other Bond books).
2. Tweet and/or share on Facebook to earn more entries. Tag Douglas Bond on Facebook shares and include @prpbooks and @bondbooks in your Tweets (and #hikehadrian). Each social media action will earn you one more drawing entry. So the more shares and tags the better (we especially like substantive thoughtful comments)!


Sample Tweet: Free books drawing! Follow author Douglas Bond @bondbooks and Giles as they #hikehadrian Wall 84 miles across Roman UK; read Hostage Lands!


Sample Facebook Post: Free books drawing! Follow author Douglas Bond @bondbooks and Giles on their 84 mile Roman route march of Hadrian’s Wall across Britain; (re)read his Roman Britain historical fiction book Hostage Lands! Find out more at his blog and follow for lots of pictures and commentary on daily progress. Ask Giles (11) questions about his experience with his dad on this epic journey!


More questions?

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