Literature by Clifford W. Foreman

48 pages | $4.99 | Booklet | Series: Faithful Learning

Summary: Some Christians choose to study no literature except for the Bible, fearing the allure of sin in secular writing. Yet the Bible itself is a literary work; God knew we would best understand what he is like through the universal art forms of poetry and story—and so, for ourselves and those we wish to reach with the gospel, there is value in studying what literature is and how it communicates ideas.

Clifford Foreman, a respected English professor for over 25 years, takes us on an exploration of literature and its various forms, engaging the works of respected secular authors to illustrate each form and to show us the beauty and Scriptural potential of an artful use of language.

About the Author:

Clifford W. Foreman (MA, PhD, Boston University) is professor of English and moderator of the faculty at Covenant College in Lookout Mountain, Georgia, where he has taught since 1986.



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