William P. Farley is the senior pastor of Grace Christian Fellowship, a nondenominational evangelical church in Spokane, Washington. This award-winning author’s writing experience is extensive and diversified. He has published articles in Discipleship Journal, Enrichment Journal, and Focus on the Family Magazine. Bill and his wife, Judy, live in Spokane, Washington. He is the author of four P&R titles.



1. Outrageous Mercy: Rediscovering the Radical Nature of the Cross

192 pages | $12.99 | Paperback

Summary — How can God demand justice and be merciful at the same time? What meeting ground exists between one who is infinitely holy and those who are utterly sinful?

The cross of Christ answers these questions—and many more—so why do we take such an important symbol so lightly? Why do we print it on bumper stickers and wear it as a fashion accessory but seldom reflect on its significance?

Bill Farley urges you to examine the cross closely and discover the rich spiritual truths deep in its grain. Journey with him to the foot of the cross and learn new, transforming lessons from Jesus’ suffering.

Whether you’re a new believer, an experienced Christian, or a veteran of ministry, making the cross central to your life will give you fresh insights into God’s purposes for you.

The spirit of the cross is revolutionary. It tells you everything you need to know about God, positively impacting your relationships with relatives, friends—even enemies.

Journey inside and see why the cross is most valuable not when worn around the neck, but when embraced by the heart.

2. Gospel-Powered Parenting: How the Gospel Shapes and Transforms Parenting

240 pages | $12.99 | Paperback

Summary — “How can I hope to be an effective parent today when attack on the family are stronger than ever before?”

The answer, says Farley, is the gospel.

Parents who claim the gospel as their own have an enormous effect on their marriage, their integrity, and their love for their children. Keeping the gospel at the forefront of every aspect of marriage helps parents fear God, sensitizes them to sin, motivates them to enter their children’s world, and causes them to preach the beauty of the gospel to their children through their marriage.

3. Gospel-Powered Humility

200 pages | $12.99 | Paperback | Sample Chapter

Summary — Humility is not a popular concept in our world today. It is seen as weakness in a culture that prizes self-esteem and validation. Unfortunately, these worldly attitudes about humility have leaked into and influenced the church, as well.

Far from being weakness, humility is the crucial virtue. Not only is it integral to the processes of conversion and sanctification, but from its soil sprout the fruit of the Spirit. Yet many Christians are unaware of this crucial connection and do not see the implications of humility in witnessing, counseling, and preaching.

Gospel-Powered Humility argues that God has designed the gospel to provoke humility. In this vital book William Farley proves that humility, often the least emphasized virtue, is in reality the chief and most necessary virtue. If humility truly matters, our Christian ministry should aim to not only encourage faith, but to encourage a faith that humbles sinners.

Read and learn how much humility does matter . . . and what we can begin to do about it.

4. Hidden in the Gospel: Truths You Forget to Tell Yourself Every Day

128 pages | $12.99 | Paperback | Sample Chapter

Summary — We live with our own thoughts 24/7—after all, we’re kind of stuck with them! But when we listen to our sinful thoughts instead of to the truth, they can carry us away into poor spiritual decisions all too easily.

Does this sound familiar? How can we start changing this? How can we start living lives that are influenced by gospel thinking moment by moment?

William Farley argues that, whether we are new or seasoned believers, we can solve many of the spiritual problems in our lives by preaching the gospel . . . to ourselves!

The story of the gospel is familiar to us, but we don’t always realize that its key moments—such as Jesus’ incarnation, death, resurrection, and ascension—teach us lessons that we can apply to our lives every single day. In this user-friendly book, Farley shows us how to remind ourselves of the gospel truths that are hidden in plain sight.