Carl R. Trueman is the vice president for academics and professor of historical theology and Church history at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His MA is in classics (Cambridge University), and his PhD is in Church history (Aberdeen University). He is the author of two P&R books and the contributor in one.


1. Republocrat: Confessions of a Liberal Conservative

142 pages | List Price: $9.99 | Paperback | SAMPLE CHAPTER

Summary – Politics has become something of a joke—but not a funny one. “Sound-bite” and “knee-jerk” have replaced reasoned debate, and the church appears to wear a one-size fits-all political jacket. Isn’t it time to think a bit deeper? Carl Trueman takes you on a readable, provocative, and lively romp through Christianity and politics.

2. Fools Rush In Where Monkeys Fear to Tread:Taking Aim at Everyone

240 pages | List Price: $14.99 | Paperback | SAMPLE CHAPTER

Summary – A pithy collection of the best of Carl Trueman’s articles on culture and the church. A compelling, challenging, and sometimes uproarious look at how the world and the church intersect. Like Luther before him, Trueman understands the power of humor because he understands the absurdity of human self-regard in the context of the fallen world. And like Luther, Trueman shows no mercy, either to his enemies or to himself. His writings are an oasis of welcome wit in what can so often seem like a desert of Protestant pomposity.

3. God, Adam, and You: Biblical Creation Defended and Applied edited by Richard D. Phillips

224 pages | List Price: $14.99 | Paperback | SAMPLE CHAPTER Best of Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology (PCRT) series

Summary – The following contributors examine what the truth of Adam means about the truth of Scripture as a whole, how he shows us what it means to bear God’s image, and what an understanding of Adam teaches us about Christ.

  • Derek W. H. Thomas: The Bible’s First Word
  • Joel R. Beeke: The Case for Adam
  • Kevin DeYoung: Two Views of the Human Person
  • Liam Goligher: Adam, Lord of the Garden
  • Richard D. Phillips: The Bible and Evolution
  • Richard D. Phillips: God’s Design for Gender, Marriage, and Sex
  • Derek W. H. Thomas: Differing Views on the Days of Creation
  • Joel R. Beeke: Christ, the Second Adam
  • Richard D. Phillips: From God’s Garden to God’s City
  • Carl R. Trueman: Original Sin and Modern Theology

Learn what difference the historical Adam makes to us today, as followers of the second Adam, the Lord Jesus Christ.