We are excited to release 4 new titles today!

  1. Jazz, Blues, and Spirituals: The Origins and Spirituality of Black Music in the United States, New Edition
  2. Respect the Image: Reflecting Human Worth in How We Listen and Talk
  3. Same Lake, Different Boat: Coming Alongside People Touched by Disability, Revised and Updated
  4. The Song of Songs

Jazz, Blues, and Spirituals: The Origins and Spirituality of Black Music in the United States, New Edition by Hans Rookmaaker

248 pages | $19.99 | SAMPLE CHAPTER | Mobi: $9.99 | ePub: $9.99


At a time when many white Europeans and Americans dismissed the artistry of African-American music, Dutch art professor Hans Rookmaaker wrote in praise of its merits. This musical history explores the development of jazz, blues, spirituals, and gospel music from its earliest days until the 1950s—describing, as Dr. Rookmaaker understood them, the origins, rationale, and interplay of diverse new genres.

This new edition features a preface by William Edgar, an accomplished jazz pianist and a professor at Westminster Seminary.


“The fundamental admiration of African American creativity shining through oppression is Rookmaaker’s view woven through every paragraph of this research. Though written in 1960, this is an example that the twenty-first-century educated musician should follow.”

—James Ward, Recording Artist, Singer-Songwriter

“A robust and diverse contribution to the world of music comes out of the Black experience in America. . . . Hans Rookmaaker gives us this American story through the lens of God’s work among a people. We are brought into the beauty that springs out of joy and sorrow intimately tied to a hope rooted in God.”

—Irwyn L. Ince, Director, GraceDC Institute for Cross-Cultural Mission

“Hans Rookmaker is a fascinating man who played an important role in the development of a neo-Calvinist vision of the arts. Now that it is available once again, may this volume remind a generation of Christians that no musical form is neutral or without meaning. May it stimulate further work across a variety of musical genres.”

—Mark P. Ryan, Director of the Francis A. Schaeffer Institute, Adjunct Professor of Religion and Culture, Covenant Theological Seminary, St. Louis

Respect the Image: Reflecting Human Worth in How We Listen and Talk by Timothy M. Shorey

208 pages | $15.99 | SAMPLE CHAPTER | Mobi: $9.99 | ePub: $9.99


We humans talk a lot, so you’d think we’d be good at communicating with one another. But . . . well, we’re not. And the result is hurt, misunderstandings, frustration, division, and sometimes all-out war.

Yet whether we’re trying to repair a relationship, interact on social media, or understand someone whose beliefs differ from our own, there is hope! The people around us bear God’s image. As we learn to treat them accordingly, our communication will become a powerful means of showing God’s love to them.

Laying out eleven key principles for loving conversation, Pastor Tim Shorey guides us to a memorable, scriptural approach to communication that can transform our relationships.


“A focused and helpful plea for greater listening and learning in all our relationships.”

—Ruth Naomi Floyd, Vocalist; Lecturer on African-American Spirituals and Resident Artist, Temple University

“Expertly crafted, this rich biblical treatment of relational and racial unity is a blessing and an encouragement.”

—Diane Hunt, Counselor; Editor and Coauthor, Crossing the Jordan

“Helps us all precisely because Tim aims to make every truth transformative and every story connect to the truth.”

—Jeffrey S. Black, Professor and Chair of the Department of Counseling and Psychology, Cairn University

Same Lake, Different Boat: Coming Alongside People Touched by Disability, Revised and Updated by Stephanie O. Hubach

272 pages | $16.99 | SAMPLE CHAPTER | Mobi: $9.99 | ePub: $9.99


In a fallen world, we all experience brokenness. In our humanity, we all experience limited ability. We’re in the same lake, sharing a common story—but because our experiences differ from person to person, we’re not in the same boat.

When it comes to people with disability, however, we often act like we’re in different lakes. Disability can seem frightening, abnormal—or even irrelevant to those who do not experience it. But Stephanie Hubach argues that there is a better way to think of disability, a better way to understand the challenges facing those touched by disability, and a better way to understand the role of the church in the lives of people with differing abilities. She pinpoints what is true about disability, in contrast to common secular views, and what we need to rethink and relearn in order to support one another and make God’s kingdom truly accessible to all.

This revised and updated edition includes new chapters on growing in grace and journeying into maturity.


“Whether you are someone who is navigating the challenges of dealing with disability in your own family or someone who can’t imagine . . . the difficulties faced by families touched by disability, this book is for you.”

—Nancy Guthrie, Author, Hearing Jesus Speak into Your Sorrow

“Steph Hubach is an exceptional Christian leader whose honest, wise, and hope-filled book has helped Christians worldwide. . . . It remains the first resource I recommend to anyone who wishes to demonstrate the love of Christ in response to human disability.”

—Philip Graham Ryken, President, Wheaton College

“Delightfully engaging. Personal and poignant. Same Lake, Different Boat is a must-read for anyone who wants to make the church as God has designed it to be . . . beautiful.”

—Emily Colson, Author, Dancing with Max

“Hubach reminds us of God’s clear call to become communities of belonging for individuals with disabilities and their families. And she equips us with the perspectives and practices needed to move in this direction.”

—Erik Carter, Cornelius Vanderbilt Professor of Special Education, Vanderbilt Kennedy Center

“Stephanie Hubach’s book shines the light of biblical truth on many of the disability-related conversations and current words and trends to give us a well-articulated place where Christians can plant their feet.”

—Barbara J. Newman, Director of Church Services, All Belong

The Song of Songs by G.I. Williamson

112 pages | $9.99 | SAMPLE CHAPTER | Mobi: $6.99 | ePub: $6.99


These eight sermons became a landmark in Rev. Williamson’s preaching ministry to his congregation and are presented here as a source of blessing to others.

“In my early ministry, I said one time that the whole Bible is the Word of God, and we should not be afraid to preach on any part of it, and I’m willing to do it. And what do you think happened then? Right away somebody said, ‘Okay, preach on the Song of Solomon.’ I can understand why preachers tend to shy away from it—because it’s not easy to preach on a book about sex and marriage. It’s especially difficult when you face a whole congregation of people of different ages. But I had to keep my word, and I’m glad I did!

In my half-century of experience in the ministry I still look back on that series of sermons as unique. Through the entire series the eyes of the people were riveted on their preacher. You could hear a pin drop in the auditorium. And everyone—from eight to eighty—was there to hear these sermons. I cannot adequately express the sense of wonder that I felt in preaching these messages.” — G. I. Williamson