As tools for biblical transformation, Reformed Expository Bible Studies are designed to help groups and individuals to study the Bible for themselves—understanding it and applying its truths to daily life.

“Having benefitted, along with many others, from the excellent and accessible Reformed Expository Commentary series, I heartily commend this companion initiative.”

—Harry Reeder
Senior Pastor, Briarwood Presbyterian Church

1 Samuel: A King after God’s Own Heart by Jon Nielson and Richard D. Phillips

First Samuel is a riveting read that introduces us to some of the most memorable figures in the Old Testament—some righteous and some desperately corrupt. The greatest of its heroes is David, a mighty man of faith who makes his distinctive contribution in preparing God’s people for the Anointed One, the Messiah who comes to rule and to save.

Ephesians: The Glory of Christ in the Life of the Church by Jon Nielson and Bryan Chapell

In his letter to the Ephesians, Paul celebrates God’s amazing grace that saves individuals, empowers the church, and, through both, transforms the world. Like the early church, we can be amazed by this truth: although the forces around us may be antagonistic to the gospel, the purposes of Christ will fill the world—he is transforming all things for you and through you.

Luke, Volume 1: Knowing for Sure (Chapters 1–10) by Jon Nielson and Philip Graham Ryken

Luke, Volume 2: Knowing for Sure (Chapters 11–24) by Jon Nielson and Philip Graham Ryken

“There are times when our faith falters, when the whole story of salvation suddenly seems quite improbable, if not impossible,” writes Philip Graham Ryken. “We still believe in Jesus, but sometimes it is hard to know for sure.”

Enter Luke’s Gospel, with its explicit and vital purpose of helping readers to be certain of the good news of Jesus’s death and resurrection. 

“I am thankful to see this development in the Reformed Expository Commentary series, allowing these excellent, pastoral commentaries to get an even wider use in the church.”

—Bryan Chapell, Senior Pastor, Grace Presbyterian Church