New Release by Marvin Olasky — Lament for a Father: The Journey to Understanding and Forgiveness

Lament for a Father: The Journey to Understanding and Forgiveness by Marvin Olasky

120 pages | List Price: $12.99 | SAMPLE CHAPTER

Marvin played catch with his father, Eli, only once—it didn’t end well. Eli never laughed, rarely spoke with his son, and was periodically lambasted by his wife for his lack of ambition. How had a Harvard graduate failed to achieve all that he had once hoped for?

Now an experienced investigative journalist, Marvin Olasky uncovers the true story of his father’s past in his most personal work to date—facing Eli’s pain and his own in order to understand and forgive. He follows Eli from his Orthodox Jewish childhood in Boston to his days as a commuter student at Harvard to his traumatic experiences in Germany following World War II to his embrace of Reconstructionist Judaism, describing the many cuts that led to Eli’s “spiritual and psychological death”—and discovering what he himself owes to his parents.


“A poignant, intimate, and engaging memoir . . . with honest meditations on themes ranging from anti-Semitism to redemption. Beware: this book is addictive.”
—Robert A. Sirico, Founder, Acton Institute

“The work of a brilliant writer and thinker, Marvin consoles those who have had difficult parents and shows through his own experience they do not have to determine the course of the lives of their children.”
—Cal Thomas, Syndicated Columnist

“A sense of longing and loss pervades Marvin Olasky’s tribute to his father—a reckoning with his Jewish heritage that remains sensitive to time and culture, faith and freedom. A beautiful lament.”
—Trevin Wax, Author, Rethink Your Self

“Anyone who has experienced a difficult parent-child relationship will appreciate the wisdom in this book.”
—Wayne Grudem, Distinguished Research Professor of Theology and Biblical Studies, Phoenix Seminary

The Author

Marvin Olasky (PhD, University of Michigan) is editor in chief of World and the author of over twenty books, including Prodigal Press and The Tragedy of American Compassion. He is also dean of the World Journalism Institute and an elder in the Presbyterian Church in America. He was a Yale Daily News and Boston Globe reporter and has published articles in The Wall Street JournalThe New York TimesThe Washington Post, and Fortune. He taught journalism for twenty-five years at The University of Texas.

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4 New Reformed Expository Bible Studies

As tools for biblical transformation, Reformed Expository Bible Studies are designed to help groups and individuals to study the Bible for themselves—understanding it and applying its truths to daily life.

“Having benefitted, along with many others, from the excellent and accessible Reformed Expository Commentary series, I heartily commend this companion initiative.”

—Harry Reeder
Senior Pastor, Briarwood Presbyterian Church

1 Samuel: A King after God’s Own Heart by Jon Nielson and Richard D. Phillips

First Samuel is a riveting read that introduces us to some of the most memorable figures in the Old Testament—some righteous and some desperately corrupt. The greatest of its heroes is David, a mighty man of faith who makes his distinctive contribution in preparing God’s people for the Anointed One, the Messiah who comes to rule and to save.

Ephesians: The Glory of Christ in the Life of the Church by Jon Nielson and Bryan Chapell

In his letter to the Ephesians, Paul celebrates God’s amazing grace that saves individuals, empowers the church, and, through both, transforms the world. Like the early church, we can be amazed by this truth: although the forces around us may be antagonistic to the gospel, the purposes of Christ will fill the world—he is transforming all things for you and through you.

Luke, Volume 1: Knowing for Sure (Chapters 1–10) by Jon Nielson and Philip Graham Ryken

Luke, Volume 2: Knowing for Sure (Chapters 11–24) by Jon Nielson and Philip Graham Ryken

“There are times when our faith falters, when the whole story of salvation suddenly seems quite improbable, if not impossible,” writes Philip Graham Ryken. “We still believe in Jesus, but sometimes it is hard to know for sure.”

Enter Luke’s Gospel, with its explicit and vital purpose of helping readers to be certain of the good news of Jesus’s death and resurrection. 

“I am thankful to see this development in the Reformed Expository Commentary series, allowing these excellent, pastoral commentaries to get an even wider use in the church.”

—Bryan Chapell, Senior Pastor, Grace Presbyterian Church

BOOK HIGHLIGHT — Systematic Theology: An Introduction to Christian Belief by John M. Frame

Systematic Theology: An Introduction to Christian Belief by John M. Frame

1,216 pages | P&R Direct Price: $54.99 $41.00 | Audio Book | Mobi: $29.99 | ePub: $29.99 | SAMPLE CHAPTER


Systematic Theology is the culmination and creative synthesis of John Frame’s writing on, teaching about, and studying of the Word of God. This magisterial opus—at once biblical, clear, cogent, readable, accessible, and practical—summarizes the mature thought of one of the most important and original Reformed theologians of the last hundred years. It will enable you to see clearly how the Bible explains God’s great, sweeping plan for mankind.


“Many times in the past I have grown in my understanding of Scripture and benefited in my practice of ministry as a consequence of John Frame’s written reflections on God’s Word. Now the opportunity to draw upon that thought from a work that expands and systematizes his reflections from a lifetime of study and devotion is a great treasure for the church and a great gift to all in ministry.”—Bryan Chapell

“John Frame’s Systematic Theology is an important landmark in one-volume treatments of the major loci of doctrine. Frame’s signature is readily apparent on every page: commitment to Scripture for everything he writes, accessible philosophical analysis of difficult questions, and, yes, triperspectivalism. This volume ranks as the most recommendable single-volume systematic theology of our time.” —Derek W. H. Thomas

“John Frame the author has in Systematic Theology captured comprehensively and with clarity what many of us have benefited from in the classroom through John Frame the professor and teacher. His biblical precision and personal passion is spread on every page, which you will quickly desire to turn in order to get to the next page as he allows and propels us to see the singular glory of the triune God revealed in his Word as Creator, Redeemer, and Sustainer.” —Harry L. Reeder

“Hurray for John Frame! At a time when systematics has been shoved into a corner by biblical theology in many seminaries, John has published what I can only hope will be an alternative to that imbalance. Not since A. A. Hodge’s Outlines, Buswell, Reymond, and Grudem has a truly substantive systematic theology appeared. I expect Systematic Theology to become a classic, and I look forward to its publication with the greatest anticipation.” —Jay E. Adams

“Here, at last, is John Frame’s magnum opus—the fruit of fifty years of teaching theology and training ministers of the gospel. Few other contemporary theologians have influenced me as much as Dr. Frame, and I am eager to see this culmination of his theological labors under the lordship of the triune God make its way into the heads, hands, and hearts of Christians around the world.” —Justin Taylor

“Few in our day champion a vision of God as massive, magnificent, and biblical as John Frame’s. For decades, he has given himself to the church, to his students, and to meticulous thinking and the rigorous study of the Bible. He has winsomely, patiently, and persuasively contended for the gospel in the secular philosophical arena, as well as in the thick of the church worship wars and wrestlings with feminism and open theism. He brings together a rare blend of big-picture thinking, levelheaded reflection, biblical fidelity, a love for the gospel and the church, and the ability to write with care and clarity.” —John Piper

About the Author

John M. Frame (AB, Princeton University; BD, Westminster Theological Seminary; MA and MPhil, Yale University; DD, Belhaven College) holds the J. D. Trimble Chair of Systematic Theology and Philosophy at Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando and is the author of many books, including the four-volume Theology of Lordship series.

BOOK HIGHLIGHT: Strengthening Your Marriage by Wayne A. Mack

Strengthening Your Marriage by Wayne A. Mack

208 pages | P&R Direct Price: $11.99 $9.00 | Mobi: $7.99 | ePub: $7.99


For better or for worse? Whichever term describes your marriage, there are ways to make it (even) better. That’s because God has designed marriage to be a relationship of deep unity and strength. Despite the challenges that couples face today, marital harmony need not be considered an impossible ideal.

Wayne A. Mack recognizes the challenges before us, and shows us how to meet those challenges with growing success. In this book, he has gathered a wealth of biblical insight and practical information on marital roles, communication, finances, sex, child rearing, and family worship. Both as a counseling aid and as a guide for husbands and wives to study together, this book offers true hope and help where couples need it most.

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The Author

Wayne A. Mack is professor of biblical counseling at Strengthening Ministries Training Institute and director of Association of Certified Biblical Counselors—Africa. He has written over twenty-five books, including Preparing for Marriage God’s Way.


“I love you, O LORD, my strength. The LORD is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer, my God, my rock, in whom I take refuge, my shield, and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.” (Ps. 18:12)

After being chased by enemies and betrayed by people he loved, David begins here: I love you, Lord. That isn’t always my go-to prayer when relational disappointments leave me feeling frustrated, left out, and hurt! My inner passive-aggressive, pain-avoidant girl nags me to let her out. I can stress and turn inward, which usually results in self-pity. Surely I deserve relief, right, Lord?! Surely you want me to be loved as I want to be loved, right, Lord?!

Ouch. How did my relational motivations get so tangled up in me? I want to love Jesus and people with a sincere heart. When I’m disappointed, it’s easy to forget the most foundational and beautiful truth of my identity—I’m loved and known by God. God’s love for me in Christ enables me to love people rather than demand they love me.

When we forget who we are and who God is, it’s easy to rush after earthly relationships that seem to promise escape from all pain and disappointment. Sometimes certain people stir a desire in us to have them meet all our needs, soothe our hearts, or save us in some way. Relationships are a good gift, but even the most loving, well-meaning people can’t ultimately deliver us from inner pain or provide unfailing love. Not really.

David, like us, needed to learn that only the Lord is a constant safe place, a refuge in this life of storms and unexpected relational weather we can’t control. Look at his descriptions of the Lord: my strength, my rock, my fortress, my deliverer, my shield, my stronghold.

David’s use of the word my brings a personal and specific touch to his heartfelt cries. The Lord isn’t only the most trustworthy refuge; he is your and my faithful shelter.

Do you turn to the Lord for help regarding your relational struggles, or do you look elsewhere? God is our safe harbor in our relational storms. He changes our hearts to love him more than we love what people can give to us. He is tender toward us when we’re weary, unsure if we can really overcome long-held unhealthy relational patterns. Even when we forsake him and insist on seeking security in the companionship and attention of people, the Lord doesn’t tire of pursuing us. Unlike weak and sinful humans, his bandwidth for loving us is unfailing and inexhaustible!

I love you, Lord. Turn toward him and begin here today. Through Christ, God delivers us from unhelpful (and unholy) patterns in our relationships and strengthens us to trust him.

Toxic Relationships: Taking Refuge in Christ by Ellen Mary Dykas

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