We have 3 titles that have been released today. The Christ of Wisdom by O. Palmer Robertson, Divided We Fall by Luder G. Whitlock Jr., and The Triune God of Unity in Diversity by Timothy E. Miller.

The Christ of Wisdom: A Redemptive-Historical Exploration of the Wisdom Books of the Old Testament by O. Palmer Robertson

432 pages | List Price: $19.99 | Paperback


How do we walk in the way of wisdom? How should we respond to suffering? How can we cope with life’s frustrations and sorrows? How ought we to weep? How ought we to love?

The answers can be found in the great “how-to” books of Scripture—the Old Testament’s wisdom literature—but unfortunately, these books are frequently overlooked in biblical theology, despite their immense significance for God’s people. O. Palmer Robertson introduces the concept of biblical wisdom before providing a redemptive-historical analysis of Job, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs, and Lamentations. These neglected books offer the contemporary reader inspired insight (and a solid dose of godly realism) into every major realm of human existence: from love and intimacy to grief and calamity.


“Robertson’s book is the best I know of on this subject. It focuses on what the Bible itself says about wisdom, particularly in the wisdom literature. I have learned much from it, and I hope that many others will as well.”

—John M. Frame, Professor Emeritus of Systematic Theology and Philosophy, Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando

“A major contribution to Christian understanding of wisdom in the Old Testament. As always, Palmer Robertson’s work is firmly rooted in the full authority of Scripture and in the supremacy of Christ over all creation. . . . He not only addresses academic issues, but also provides enormously helpful insights into the practical application of biblical wisdom to modern life.”

—Richard L. Pratt Jr., President, Third Millennium Ministries

“Many pastors and teachers still find it difficult to preach Christ from the Old Testament wisdom books. This is why Robertson’s work is so greatly needed.”

—John Scott Redd Jr., President and Associate Professor of Old Testament, Reformed Theological Seminary, Washington, DC

“O. Palmer Robertson explores the wisdom literature of the Old Testament, opening up new vistas of study and understanding of this part of Scripture, which until recently was undervalued and sometimes even neglected in Old Testament research. . . . The reading of this book is a joyful experience.”

—Eric Peels, Professor of Old Testament Studies, Theological University, Apeldoorn, The Netherlands

About the author

O. Palmer Robertson (ThM, ThD, Union Theological Seminary, Virginia) is director and principal of African Bible College, Uganda. He previously taught at Reformed, Westminster, Covenant, and Knox Seminaries.

Divided We Fall: Overcoming a History of Christian Disunity by Luder G. Whitlock Jr.

248 pages | List Price: $14.99 | Paperback


Throughout the centuries, Christians have longed to be united with one another—supporting each other and working in harmony. But our reality is very different, and we need only to read the New Testament to realize that disunity has been with us from the start.

What can we do to foster unity and deeper community in a world where so many relationships are fractured and fractious? Luder Whitlock Jr. explores God’s desire for unity in the church, overviews the history of global Christianity with an eye on its schisms and agreements, and points us toward the necessity of God-honoring fellowship, laying out steps we can take to increase trust and develop understanding, especially within the church.

As governments grow increasingly unsupportive of Christianity, it is even more important for us to listen to each other and work together for the common good—despite our many differences.


“Luder Whitlock’s book is something of a cri de coeur for greater unity in the church. At a time when Christian leaders are almost obsessed about the culture, this book rightly argues that we will shape the broader society only to the degree that we make the Christian church what it should be. And in our present moment, the unity of the church is both a witness to the world and a necessity for its strength and vitality. Luder’s appeal comes from long experience and membership in several denominations. He marshals evidence for his contentions from the Bible, theology, history, and organizational literature. Not everyone will agree with every proposal or every argument, but overall the book makes a compelling case.”

—Timothy Keller, Senior Pastor, Redeemer Presbyterian Church, New York City

“Whitlock is a trusted voice for Christians because he evidences deep wisdom, compassion, and maturity, as well as intellect and skill. This book calls the church to gospel unity in ways that will provoke you to think, ponder, and pray.”

—Russell Moore, President, Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission

“An unusually helpful challenge to follow Christ as head of the church. Biblically rooted, historically informed, and pastorally helpful, this book gracefully fulfills its purpose of strengthening unity and community in Christ’s church.”

—Mark A. Noll, Author, The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind 

“As the relevance of the church is increasingly called into question, visible unity becomes essential to the fruitful witness of Christ’s people. . . . A must- read for all those interested in experiencing the joy of real community with fellow believers.”

—Carmen Fowler LaBerge, President, Presbyterian Lay Committee

“If you’ve ever wondered why the church is so fragmented, Luder Whitlock, one of America’s premier ecclesiastical statesmen, provides a compelling answer. If you’ve longed for greater unity in the body of Christ, here is balm for your soul. Whitlock’s Divided We Fall issues a gracious plea for renewed concern for biblical unity. His thoughtful analysis of the church’s ages-long proclivity for disunity is convicting yet encouraging as it challenges us to pursue a fresh commitment to Christian community. This is a much-needed study for both leaders and congregants, especially for us in the Reformed and Presbyterian traditions. Divided We Fall will help you to reassess and address the spirit of partisanship, independence, and schism that lurks within our hearts and the culture of our churches.”

Peter A. Lillback, President, Westminster Theological Seminary

About the Author

Luder G. Whitlock Jr. served as president of Reformed Theological Seminary from 1978–2001, where he had previously been a professor. Today he is executive director of the CNL Charitable Foundation and the JMS Foundation; president of Excelsis; and minister at large for the First Presbyterian Church of Orlando. He and his wife, Mary Lou, have three children and eleven grandchildren.

The Triune God of Unity in Diversity: An Analysis of Perspectivalism, the Trinitarian Theological Method of John Frame and Vern Poythress by Timothy E. Miller

384 pages | List Price: $49.99 | PaperbackReformed Academic Dissertations series


Timothy Miller defends and further develops the foundationally Trinitarian, multiperspectival theological method of John Frame and Vern Poythress, an eminently useful, historically Reformed tool for understanding all created reality.


“This is a highly stimulating work that makes a very helpful and useful contribution in its argument for utilizing the Trinitarian processions in a Frame/Poythress perspectival account of knowledge and apologetics. In terms of originality, I think the meat of the work lies there, and good meat it is too.”

—Mike Ovey, Principal, Oak Hill College, London, England

“Triperspectivalism is a theological method based on the Bible’s teaching about the one God in three persons. Tim Miller’s book presents an accurate formulation of this method and explores in depth the origin of the method in the doctrine of the Trinity. I recommend the book highly to those who aspire to be serious students of theological method and of the Trinity itself.”

—John Frame, Professor Emeritus of Systematic Theology and Philosophy, Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando

“Clear and helpful for readers. . . . a valuable resource on the subject. I am grateful that someone with Miller’s ability has seen fit to offer the first published book-length study of triperspectivalism, and a good book at that.”

—Vern S. Poythress, Professor of New Testament Interpretation, Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia


Timothy E. Miller (M.A., Maranatha Baptist University; M.Div., Calvary Baptist Theological Seminary; Ph.D., Westminster Theological Seminary) is assistant professor of systematic theology and apologetics at Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary. He previously taught for four years at Maranatha Baptist University and was an assistant pastor in Philadelphia.


P&R’s Reformed Academic Dissertation (RAD) series consists of top-tier dissertations (Ph.D., Th.D., D.Min., and Th.M.) that advance biblical and theological scholarship by making distinctive contributions in the areas of theology, ethics, biblical studies, apologetics, and counseling. Dissertations in the RAD series are carefully selected, on the basis of strong recommendations by the authors’ supervisors and examiners and by our internal readers, to be part of our collection. Each selected dissertation provides clear, fresh, and engaging insights about significant theological issues.

Other books in the series:


Examining techniques used by the US government between 2002–6, Harlow argues from Scripture that Christians should not employ interrogation methods that violate the image of God in man.

Eric Lehner explores Jonathan Edwards’s theology of Christian assurance in terms of his theological method—examining Edwards’s use of philosophical, historical, and biblical sources for A Treatise Concerning Religious Affections.

Jeffrey Stivason explores celebrated Reformed theologian B. B. Warfield’s personal theological journey with regard to God’s mode of communication—explaining his theological and diagnostic contribution and continued relevance.