This week’s author interview is with Sean Perron. He is coauthor (along with Spencer Harmon) of Letters to a Romantic: On DatingLetters to a Romantic: On Engagement.

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  • Question #1—Tell us a little bit about yourself: where you’re from, family, job, personal interests, unique hobbies, what you do in your spare time, etc.

I grew up in Tennessee, spent 7 years in Kentucky, and now live in Florida. I am fully committed to the sunshine weather and have a hard time understanding why anyone would be opposed to living in Florida (especially Spencer Harmon).


  • Question #2—Have you always enjoyed writing?

My favorite kind of writing is creative writing. I would love to write a novel one day.


  • Question #3—What inspired you to write this book, about this topic? 

Our two books really came out of a personal blog series. Jenny and I were in a relationship and I wanted to write about issues that we were experiencing. We received wonderful pre-marriage counseling and it was natural to jot down information, emotions, and our personal thoughts as we went through each romantic season.


  • Question #4—Do you have a favorite movie? What is it and why?

Valkyrie – I love the conviction and determination to remove evil. Even though they were unsuccessful, they had moral clarity and were willing to try.


  • Question #5—What has been the toughest criticism given to you as an author? 

The only criticism I have received has centered around the “kissing” chapter in the dating book and the “birth control” chapter in the engagement book. I readily admit the chapters are controversial, but we went through great effort to be winsome, gentle, and sensitive. I think those chapters are important.


  • Question#6—Favorite sport?

Paintball. For a short season of my life, I played on a traveling speedball tournament team.


  • Question #7—What famous person (living or dead) would you like to meet and why?

Jim Elliot – I love reading his journals. Whether it is about his romance with Elizabeth or his missionary sacrifice, his story has always gripped me.


  • Question #8—If you have a favorite book of the Bible, what is it and why?

Right now it is the Gospel of John. I am planning on writing my Ph.D. dissertation on it. It is a simple and complex book. I cherish it’s wonderful truths and I have much to learn from it. Always will.

How can readers discover more about you and your work?