We have 9 new releases today!

1. Diehard Sins: How to Fight Wisely against Destructive Daily Habits by Rush Witt

$15.99 | 216 pages | SAMPLE CHAPTERDiehard_new release_small

Commonplace, familiar sins are dangerous—they sneak in and become habits! Rush Witt defines these subtle sins that seem so unkillable, then shows how change is possible through Christ.

“A careful and refreshing resource that every Christian should read.”

—R. Albert Mohler Jr. 

“Offers more practical ways to meditate on the gospel than any book I have read in a long time. . . . Diehard Sins will repay the time you invest with a rich harvest of ways to grow in daily godliness.”

—J. Alasdair Groves

2. The Whole Counsel of God, Volume 2: The Full Revelation of God by Richard C. Gamble

$59.99 | 1,144 pages | SAMPLE CHAPTERThe Whole Counsel_new release_small

A comprehensive theological tool—combining biblical, systematic, and historical theology—that surveys the entire New Testament with themed discussions and a focus on God’s revelation and exaltation in Christ. 

“In a field dominated by higher-critical methodologies, Gamble’s work is a breath of fresh air; his approach is biblically faithful and engaging.”

—John MacArthur

“A remarkably comprehensive analysis of God’s New Testament revelation in Jesus Christ. Among the many admirable qualities of this major project are its clarity, historical accuracy, and sustained interaction with the full historical sweep of theology inclusive of the confessional Presbyterian and Reformed traditions. I highly recommend this volume.”

—Peter A. Lillback

31-Day Devotionals for Life

3. Pornography: Fighting for Purity by Deepak Reju

$9.99 | 96 pages | SAMPLE CHAPTER31_new release_2 copy

Are you caught in the “voluntary slavery” of pornography addiction? While books and monitoring software may have failed you, Deepak offers a more effective weapon: a greater love for Christ.

“Deepak Reju . . . walks alongside you throughout the month . . . [and] provides you with the necessary insight and practical application to break pornography’s hold, helping you to better glorify God in your daily living.”

—Kevin Carson

“Plainspoken, searching, practical, humble, and hopeful—this could be just what you’ve been looking for in your struggle for something better than fantasy.

—Mark Dever

4. Contentment: Seeing God’s Goodness by Megan Hill

$9.99 | 96 pages | SAMPLE CHAPTER

The world pressures us to fulfill our desires—but God tells us to master them through contentment. This practical daily devotional helps us cultivate thankfulness in situations that fuel discontent.

“Contentment is a cultivated fruit, learned through study and practice. These daily readings refocus our attention off of ourselves . . . and onto the goodness and faithfulness of our God. It’s a needed and helpful book, and I highly recommend it.”

—Melissa Kruger

“Megan Hill comes to the rescue with a practical daily devotional full of how-to’s and why-to’s [and], more importantly . . . the ‘who’ of a daily relationship with Jesus Christ.”

—David Murray

5. Doubt: Trusting God’s Promises by Elyse Fitzpatrick

$9.99 | 96 pages | SAMPLE CHAPTER31DD_series_smaller

Are you discouraged by doubt? Elyse Fitzpatrick submits evidences for belief and God’s promises to those with little faith. Gain encouragement through her takeaway truths and invitations for personal reflection.

 “Whether you consider yourself to be strong in faith or are floundering in your doubts, please read this book and gaze at the face of Christ as he is revealed in God’s Word. Elyse’s counsel is clear and compassionate, because God’s Word is clear and compassionate.”

—Gloria Furman

“Nobody who I know writes with more gospel sanity, spunk, and savvy than my friend Elyse Fitzpatrick. This little gem on doubt only confirms that conviction.”

—Scotty Smith

6. After an Affair: Pursuing Restoration by Michael Scott Gembola

$9.99 | 104 pages | SAMPLE CHAPTER

Counselor Michael Gembola offers daily guidance, reflection questions, and practical action steps for those who have repented of an affair and want to move closer to God and their spouses.

“Inviting and compelling. It is as if Michael is a good friend who knows you and knows exactly what you need. He will bring you into the meaningful words of God that give you direction, and he will set your pace so that you persevere with hope.”

—Ed Welch

“Written so that the person swirling in guilt, shame, and . . . family-altering decisions can know that God will meet them right where they are.”

—Brad Hambrick

7. Grief: Walking with Jesus by Robert W. Kellemen

$9.99 | 88 pages | SAMPLE CHAPTER Grief_interior_small

The Bible assures us it is normal to hurt—but possible to hope. This devotional helps you be honest with your grief, find comfort, and even bring comfort to others.

“Grief can become suffocating. You long for a friend to help you connect God’s Word with your overwhelming feelings of loss. Bob Kellemen is that friend, skillfully helping readers to rise above their anguish in his remarkable new book. . . . As one who understands loss, I highly recommend it!”

—Joni Eareckson Tada

“This warm devotional is helpful and encouraging. . . . Take a walk through the earthly journey of Jesus and listen to his gracious, redirecting words of hope and comfort.”

—Paul Tautges

8. Addictive Habits: Changing for Good by David R. Dunham

$9.99 | 96 pages | SAMPLE CHAPTER

Addictions begin with a choice—but come to trap and define you. These daily devotionals refocus us on the God who can restructure lives and disentangle sinners from enslavement.

“God has given Dave a tremendous gift for writing succinctly and yet powerfully, and here he keeps the gospel and God’s grace at the center of one of the greatest epidemics in our land: addiction. . . . Dave’s book is biblical, practical, hopeful, and focused on our Savior. I highly recommend it.”

—Brad Bigney

“As he writes with the warmth of a pastor’s heart, Dunham’s keen expertise in the area of addictions shines through. Carefully balancing a myriad of factors that make up addiction, David plays the part of a wise friend and helper for those who need it most.”

—Jonathan Holmes

9. Personal Counseling Journal by Rush Witt & Greg SavagePersonal Counseling Journal_to press

$7.99 | 104 pages

Specially designed to help people grow spiritually while in biblical counseling, this twelve-session journal includes space for notes, reflections, growth assignments, and worksheets—and also a topical Scripture index.