We are excited to announce the 5 books that release today!

2 Kings by Philip Graham Ryken

480 pages | $39.99Reformed Expository Commentary series | SAMPLE CHAPTER

Despite the tragic events of 2 Kings, hope remains as God holds to his promise never to forsake David’s line. This historical book has everyday relevance as it shows both the consequences of idolatry and God’s concern for people in serious hardship. Most important, it prepares us to see our need for the true and greatest Prophet and King. Tracing the overarching narrative, Philip Graham Ryken connects it to Christ and explores its applications for ordinary Christians in today’s world.

“Phil Ryken has consistently proved to be among our most trusted and most helpful contemporary biblical commentators. Each one of his commentaries is marked by faithful interpretation and explanation of the biblical text along with insightful application to today’s believers. His new work on 2 Kings is a welcome addition to his collection. . . . Whether you use it week by week to prepare Bible studies or sermons or whether you read it straight through, you’ll be both edified and encouraged.” —Tim Challies

“Phil Ryken is a model of the pastorscholar. This commentary on 2 Kings is an ornament of his skill as an exegete and preacher. I highly recommend it.” —Michael Horton

Saint Peter’s Principles: Leadership for Those Who Already Know Their Incompetence by Peter A. Lillback

632 pages | $39.99 50% off so only $19.99 currently from wtsbooks.com | SAMPLE CHAPTER

In The Peter Principle, Dr. Laurence J. Peter argued that competent employees are promoted until they reach positions where they are incompetent. Any wise leader, then, can learn from Saint Peter—a man who knew his own incompetence, trusted in Christ, and met his deficiencies through the insights of God’s Word.

In this comprehensive handbook, Peter Lillback, president of Westminster Theological Seminary, uses the apostle Peter’s life and writings to guide men and women through the details and daily challenges of leadership in any arena. Readers will think through their relationships, productivity, management style, communication, decision-making, conflict resolution, integrity, and more. Practical spiritual exercises help to put the lessons of each short section into action.

“This is a rich, wonderfully instructive and helpful compendium of wisdom on all aspects of leadership.” —Alistair Begg

“I have never read a book on leadership quite like this one. . . . A treasure-house of wisdom to be digested slowly.” —D. A. Carson

31-Day Devotionals for Life series

1. Anger: Calming Your Heart by Robert D. Jones

104 pages | $9.99 50% off so only $4.99 currently from wtsbooks.com | SAMPLE CHAPTER

Anger is arguably the most common problematic emotion we feel. It permeates our lives and hurts our most intimate relationships. Fortunately, Scripture has much to teach us about this universal problem. In this month-long devotional, counselor Robert Jones teaches you where your anger comes from, how to take it to God and deal with the underlying desires that cause it, and how to respond in Christlike ways to the situations that provoke it in you. Daily reflection questions and practical action steps show you specific godly behaviors that can replace your anger.

“Every Christian needs to read this book and heed its counsel. . . . [It] is rich in both gospel and Scripture.” —R. Albert Mohler Jr.

“This devotional gets right to the point. It [opens] Scripture passages that you might already know . . . so that you see more and are drawn right in.” —Ed Welch

2. Assurance: Resting in God’s Salvation by William P. Smith

96 pages | $9.99 50% off so only $4.99 currently from wtsbooks.comSAMPLE CHAPTER

Does God truly love you? Are you really saved? You fear that sin and suffering have a stronger hold on you than God does—but God is not threatened by your fears and questions, and he is exactly the one who can show you the heart he has for you. Drawing on his pastoral and counseling experience, William Smith provides scriptural devotions, reflection questions, and practical action points to daily increase your confidence in God’s love, promises, and care.

“If you’re holding this book because you struggle with whether you are right with God . . . you will find solid, biblical help in these pages.” —Donald S. Whitney

“Each daily reading offers fresh perspective, unshackling insights, and biblical wisdom that focuses the mind and fortifies the soul. . . . Take a month and allow Assurance to enrich your faith in God.” —Dave Harvey

3. Fearing Others: Putting God First by Zach Schlegel

96 pages | $9.99 50% off so only $4.99 currently from wtsbooks.comSAMPLE CHAPTER

Fishing for compliments, overcommitting (or never committing), keeping people at a distance . . . when we fear other people more than we fear God, we become anxious slaves to their opinions and approval. But we don’t have to compete to be loved! Zach Schlegel uses meditations on God’s Word, reflection questions, and practical suggestions for action to guide you, day by day, toward a freer way of life in service to God. Learn how to fear God alone, rest in his grace, and live in peace, joy, and confidence.

“If you fear others, this book can serve as a GPS that God will use to get you out of that person-fearing country, with Zach as a wonderful guide . . . a man who seems to know the Bible as well as he knows his own heart. Profit your soul with this book.” —Mark Dever

“Pastor Zach Schlegel has done us all a great favor by writing this book about fear and how to deal with it. His insights are biblical, and his counsel is practical. . . . A book like this . . . would have made me much more effective in my home and in the church.” —Warren W. Wiersbe