Promo ContentIsaiah contains some of the most beautiful poetry in the Bible and is a theological masterpiece, presenting God’s redemptive plan. This study guide gives you both depth and a clear overview, as Kathleen encourages and enables you to read the book with growing understanding and joy.

Isaiah marks the 8th title in the Living Word Bible Study series. Later this year (August), P&R will be publishing the 9th title in the set—Nehemiah.

“Are you tired of fill-in-the-blank Bible studies? Dr. Nielson drives you closer to the heart of God and His Word through her thoughtful studies. If you don’t want to read a lecture in the form of a commentary, but want to relish the sweeping expanse of Scripture within a book through private inquiry, here is your source.” —Diane Poythress

Promo Content Kathleen Nielson (Ph.D. in Literature, Vanderbilt University) has served as an English Professor, conference speaker and author. She and her husband, Dr. Niel Nielson, President of Covenant College, have three sons.

Available: Beginning of June ISBN-13: 978-1-59638-250-3 List Price: $12.99 Sample Chapters Kathleen Nielson at WTS Books Author Website/Blog