1. The Imitation of Christ in the Gospel of Luke: Growing in Christlike Love for God and Neighbor by C.D. Jimmy Agan III

Pages: 264
Price: $17.99
Summary: Christians instinctively desire to be like Jesus. Yet evangelical and Reformed thinkers have done little to wed this desire to sound theology and responsible biblical interpretation. With careful attention to Luke’s gospel, Jimmy Agan demonstrates that we can – and must – follow Christ’s example precisely because we embrace him as Savior.


2. Discovering the Joy of a Clear Conscience by Christopher Ash

Pages: 208
Price: $12.99
Summary: Conscience is a neglected word that not many of us take seriously. But have you ever considered examining your conscience as part of daily life? What is doing this were the only way to know the joy of feeling clean inside?
Is such joy possible without self-righteousness or even self-deception? Christopher Ash argues that it is, wonderfully possible, through the good news of Jesus Christ. Here is an invitation to rediscover your conscience and what the Bible has to say about it. Ash examines what the conscience is, what a guilty conscience tells us, the choice our conscience presents us, and the conscience’s role as a guide, to offer us the pure joy of a clear conscience day after day.


3. God’s Solutions to Life’s Problems: Radical Change by the Power of God byWayne A. Mack and Joshua Mack

Pages: 384
Price: $16.99
Summary: We live in a world cursed by sin. Because of this, everyone encounters serious problems in their lives, but Christians must deal with unique challenges as well. In God’s Solutions to Life’s Problems, the Macks argue that we are not doomed to a life of failure. Instead of making excuses, we can accept God’s diagnosis of our condition and work to change it. With discipline and dedication to God’s Word and to prayer, we can flee temptation and break free of the patterns of sin in our lives.


4. God’s Wisdom by Sally Michael

Series: Making Him Known
Pages: 128
Price: $16.99
Paperback | Color Illustrated
Summary: All of us, down to the youngest child, start out on the path of foolishness because we are born with foolishness in our hearts. Only God can incline your child’s heart toward the path of wisdom – and he can use your example and diligent instruction to do it. Through these teachings and stories from the Bible, Sally Michael describes for parents and children the characteristics of the foolish and the wise, contrasts for them the way of wisdom with the way of foolishness, and shows them the end result of each path. Explore these two paths with your own child, and let the words of Proverbs encourage them on the life-giving path of wisdom.


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