Getting the Message: A Plan for Interpreting and Applying the Bible by Daniel M. Doriani

272 pages | Direct Price: $16.99 $13.00 | Published in 1996

Summary: Presents solid principles and clear examples of biblical interpretation. Doriani summarizes the main principles for interpretation in a single, easily remembered acronym: CAPTOR.


About the Author:

Doriani_DanDaniel M. Doriani is vice president of strategic academic projects and professor of theology at Covenant Theological Seminary. Previously he was senior pastor of Central Presbyterian Church in Clayton, Missouri.



What Others Say About this Book:

“For all those who fear that the Bible is a mysterious labyrinth through which they cannot find their way, Doriani provides wonderful guidance. Written with craft and wit, this highly readable book combines great biblical insight with marvelous practical wisdom. The ‘how to’ guidelines and examples for interpreting Scripture are so clear that even those new to Scripture will say, ‘Hey I can do that, too.’ This first-rate scholar writes from a pastor’s heart to put a scriptural feast within reach of us all.”

Bryan Chapell

“. . . a faithful, sane, readable, practical guide to effective Bible study. Though based on good scholarship, this book is, in the best sense, a simple guide for the serious Bible student.”

—John H. White

“. . . the best nontechnical approach I have seen for teaching the skills of biblical interpretation. Based on sound principles, it is balanced, clear, contemporary, realistic, and Christ-centered. The practice exercises set this book apart from virtually everything else available.”

Dennis E. Johnson