Putting the Truth to Work: The Theory and Practice of Biblical Application by Daniel M. Doriani

352 pages | List Price: $17.99 | Paperback | Kindle | iTunes/ePub


Ideal for pastors and professors, this book explains how to apply Scripture to daily life. It identifies four categories of application and shows how they function in doctrinal passages.

Table of Contents



1. The Nature of Application

2. God-Centered Application

3. The Interpreter

4. The Seven Biblical Sources for Application

5. The Four Aspects of Application

6. Using the Four Questions

Interlude: A Brief Reminder on Interpretation and Context

7. A Plan for Applying Narrative

8. Issues in Applying Narrative Texts

9. A Plan for the Application of Doctrine

10. A Plan for the Application of Ethical Texts

11. Issues in Application of Ethical Texts

12. Christ-Centered Application

13. Selecting a Text

Index of Scripture

Index of Names and Subjects


“A great book. There is not much written that deals thoughtfully and creatively with the theory and practice of applying Scripture to today’s world. Dr. Doriani’s volume is sweeping in scope, attractively written, broadly comprehensive, and packed with useful insight. No serious expository preacher will want to be without this volume.”

D. A. Carson

“Significant fresh insights into the use of Scripture. Doriani lays an excellent foundation for a new ‘science of application’ or ‘applicatory hermeneutics.’ The book is also engaging, anticipating questions and concerns and dealing with them effectively.”

John M. Frame

“What a gift to Bible students! Dan Doriani has written a much needed antidote to the spurious belief that if one has knowledge of Scripture, one has it right. A ‘dirt under the fingernails’ book for people who are tired of knowing more than they apply, it could change your life and your church.”

Steve Brown

“As a splendid preacher and brilliant scholar, Doriani expertly and practically helps fill in the long-standing gap in our understanding of how to move from biblical interpretation to real-life application.”

Bryan Chapell

“Doriani’s book will help pastors and teachers apply Scripture in a biblically sound but relevant manner. This is the best instruction on application I have seen.”

Jerry Bridges

The Author

Daniel M. Doriani

Daniel M. Doriani (MDiv, PhD, Westminster Theological Seminary; STM, Yale Divinity School) is vice president of strategic academic projects and professor of theology at Covenant Theological Seminary. Previously he was senior pastor of Central Presbyterian Church in Clayton, Missouri.