James Montgomery Boice (BA, Harvard; BD, Princeton; ThD, University of Basel) was the pastor of historic Tenth Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Although he died in 2000, he can still be heard today on the radio ministry The Bible Study Hour.


1. Here We Stand!: A Call from Confessing Evangelicals for a Modern Reformation (Coeditor: Benjamin E. Sasse)

208 pages | $14.99 | Released: 2004 | Paperback

Evangelicals “have abandoned the truths of the Bible and the historic theology of the church, which expresses those truths,” writes coeditor Boice. “We are trying to do the work of God by means of the world’s ‘theology,’ wisdom, methods, and agenda instead.” Here We Stand! calls churches to return to the authority of the Bible and to apply it faithfully in their worship, ministry, policies, life, and evangelism.

2. Jesus on Trial (Coauthor: Philip Graham Ryken)

128 pages | $9.99 | Released: 2009 | Paperback

An investigation into each stage of the judicial process Jesus endured: revealing crucial details about Jewish/Roman law that you may have missed. You, the juror, get to learn what he came to do.

3. The Christ of Christmas

192 pages | $11.99 | Released: 2009 | Paperback | Sample Chapter

The Christmas story is more than sentimental: it is powerful and strikingly unusual. In this collection of Christmas insights, Dr. Boice emphasizes the incredible implications of Christ’s arrival on earth.

4. The Christ of the Empty Tomb

208 pages | $11.99 | Released: 2010 | Paperback

James Boice’s fresh, relevant meditations on Easter will revive your excitement for Jesus’ victorious resurrection. He presents the resurrection as a fact of history and focuses us on the real reason for our celebration.


The Life of Moses: God’s First Deliverer of Israel

Estimated Page Count: 432 | Hardcover | List Price: $29.99

We learn much about faithfulness, meekness, prayer, and leadership from the example of Moses, the renowned lawgiver and prophet. James Boice uncovers rich meaning and application as he delves into the narrative of Moses’ life—a story that ultimately points to the awesome power of God and the promise of a much needed, much greater Deliverer.